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Ice Age Bear Found
News Bytes 09/17/2020 19 Comments

Russian reindeer herders recently stumbled across a surprisingly well-preserved ancient bear carcass. The find wouldn’t be a big deal—except that this intact bear may have been chilling since the Ice Age.

Many Bible-believing creationists believe that God could and did produce conditions perfect for an Ice Age. They say that widespread volcanic activity obscured sunlight and warmed the oceans during and after the Genesis flood. Warmer oceans produced more evaporation into an atmosphere with less sunlight—so it was cooler. The evaporation condensed as snow and ice. All that worked together to help cause the Ice Age—an era of low temperatures on Earth, which expanded ice sheets and glaciers.

But evolutionists don’t accept the possible effects of a global flood. Their belief system requires lots of time (millions and millions of years!) for the huge changes in weather and geographical features that created an Ice Age.

This Ice Age bear carcass was found on Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island, one of the New Siberian Islands between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea.

North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Russia, is the premier center for research into woolly mammoths and other prehistoric species. They hail the cave bear find as groundbreaking.

Melting permafrost (continuously frozen ground) revealed the adult cave bear. Its teeth and nose were intact. Previously, scientists had discovered only the bones of more recently extinct cave bears.

In a statement issued by North-Eastern Federal, researcher Lena Grigorieva emphasizes that “this is the first and only find of its kind—a whole bear carcass with soft tissues.”

So far, only a preliminary analysis has been completed. But more is forthcoming. “It is necessary to carry out radiocarbon analysis to determine the precise age of the bear,” says researcher Maxim Cheprasov.

At about the same time as this discovery, a well-preserved carcass of a cave bear cub was also found in another area of Siberia. University scientists didn’t describe its condition in detail. But they hope to obtain its DNA.

Recent years have seen major discoveries of mammoths, woolly rhinos, an Ice Age foal, puppies, and cave lion cubs. The finds keep coming as the permafrost melts across vast areas in the Russian region of Siberia. But this bear is unusual. “It is completely preserved, with all internal organs in place, including even its nose,” Grigorieva says. “This find is of great importance for the whole world.”

(The head of an Ice Age cave bear found in northern Russia. North-Eastern Federal University via AP)

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Most recent comments

first comment

wow that's really cool

2nd Comment

Very interesting. The picture is cool and gross at the same time!

Woah!! I would've not wanted

Woah!! I would've not wanted to meet one of those guys during breakfast! LOL. That reminds me of in the 1800's, this captain dude or whatever went on an expidition to Antarctica, and NONE of them surviveded. And when they buried the dead bodies, they were so well preserved that when they were dug up years later, they still had their EYES! There're pictures on Google. (it's disgusting and VERY creepy, so I don't reccomend looking at them for the faint hearted.)

Woolly rhinos?!

"Recent years have seen major discoveries of mammoths, woolly rhinos, an Ice Age foal, puppies, and cave lion cubs."
Wait a minute. Woolly rhinos?!

This is London

Rhinos are not wholly/fuzzy lol I have no idea Riley d I agree it’s like wow and creepy at the same time

this is Mylee

the picture is creepy what year was this have they discovered. Because it can't be a billion years old. Woolly rhino what is that! lol

This is Maggie

I mean that isn't too disgusting in language arts we had to watch this man,Otzi, who is a 5,300 year old mummy get some kind of operation like thing for them to remove a arrow head that killed him. they failed because the body started to defreeze or unfreeze but almost everyone puked but these poor hikers just found him in Ice land in snow because the snow preserved his body.


Not ice land Greenland rip

That's just... wow

That is so cool and nasty at the same time, but I'm not really into creepy stuff or biology so to me that is way more nasty than cool

i have a book about it

i have a book about it


That’s crazy and creepy . I couldn’t imagine finding a ice age old bear so wow

It’s a mummified bear lol

Gross lol

I would NOT like to stumble

I would NOT like to stumble across one of those as I'm herding reindeer. That is pretty cool though that they found a bear carcass.


I think a woolly rhino is sort of like a normal rhino, but it actually had a lot hair on it, so that it could live in colder temperatures.

first of all: this is so

first of all: this is so gross. second did you know that there once were giant sloths, like bigger then a normal sized bear! So cool! #LoveSloths

It's so cool!

Ok, it's a little scary, but, it's awesome too!

The Dead Sea Scrolls were

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found by Shepherds, this was found by herders... so many things (That i wouldn't want to find because of the creepiness:) are found by accident. I wonder what else people will uncover in the future...perhaps it can help prove evolution FALSE!

could they find Dinosaurs

could they find Dinosaurs cause think about during the great flood dinos were washed every were a baby anklyosaurs got froze and then clone it and add some toad DNA all thats left name it bumpy only true jurassic park fans get that.

WOW!!..that is cool. I wonder

WOW!!..that is cool. I wonder how long it has been there......

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