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Landslide in Nepal
News Bytes 09/15/2020 9 Comments

Heavy rainfall swept through an area of Nepal on Sunday. The downpour triggered a landslide. The deadly natural hazard struck three villages in the country’s celebrated Himalayan mountains. Days later, rescuers are still searching for missing people and cleaning up a big mess.

Landslides are common in mountainous Nepal during the monsoon season, which usually ends in September. This year, landslides have battered the area—with 18 incidents so far according to the Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal.

Nepal’s Home Ministry reports that monsoon-related deaths this year have reached 351 with 85 people still missing.

The latest landslide struck early Sunday. It swept through three villages in the Sindhupalchok District before stopping at a river. Sindhupalchok is located about 75 miles east of the capital of Kathmandu, near the Nepal-China border.

Police, soldiers, and villagers have been hunting for at least 15 more people believed to be buried by the slide, government administrator Baburam Khanal said during a telephone interview. Sadly, government officials report that 11 bodies have been pulled from the debris of the weekend’s disaster.

Continuous rainfall has made the search extremely difficult for rescuers. However, conditions did improve yesterday around Sindhupalchok district. The break in the wet weather is allowing rescuers to access the higher grounds.

(Rescuers help an injured girl after a landslide struck early Sunday near Kathmandu, Nepal, on Monday, September 14, 2020. AP Photo/Niroj Chaulagai)

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Most recent comments

Oh no! That's awful! The poor

Oh no! That's awful! The poor girl (in the picture)

2nd Comment

That's terrible! I feel bad for those people! Put *** at the end of your comment if you have prayed for them! ***

I hope

I really hope it gets better so rescuers can find everyone

second comment

This is horrible! I am

This is horrible! I am praying all the week for them!!! ***

this is Mylee

that is so sad i wouldn't want that much rain . I hope they find any missing people soon . I am praying ***

That's terrible

That would be so terrifying, I can't believe there has been 18 landslides this year! And 351 deaths with 85 still missing. ***

Sad. Poor people of Nepal

I feel so bad i cant imagine losing a house or family member or friend ☹️

Oh no!

I really hope everyone is rescued. That is so scary!

Eighth Comment

I hope they can find everybody and that the land slides stop. ***

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