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Drop in Vaping by US Teens
News Bytes 09/14/2020 15 Comments

There’s been some good news coming out of this turbulent 2020. Vaping by U.S. teenagers fell dramatically this year, especially among middle schoolers, according to a federal report released Wednesday.

Experts think last year’s outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths may have scared off some kids. But they believe other factors contributed to the drop, including higher age limits and flavor bans.

In a national survey that ran from last fall to spring 2020, just under 20% of high school students and 5% of middle school students said they were recent users of electronic cigarettes and other vaping products. That marks a big decline from a similar survey the previous year. That one found about 28% of high school students and 11% of middle school students had recently vaped.

The new survey suggests that the number of school kids who vape fell by 1.8 million in a year, from 5.4 million to 3.6 million, officials say.

The national survey is conducted at schools each year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It usually involves about 20,000 middle and high school students. The survey asks students if they had used any vaping or traditional tobacco products in the previous month. The survey was cut short this year as schools closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. But that may actually influence kids even more in the healthier direction.

With fewer opportunities to gather in groups, teens experience less social pressure to participate in harmful activities that a few of their peers may encourage. Federal health officials believe measures like public health media campaigns, price increases, and sales restrictions deserve some credit for the vaping decline. The age limit for sales in now 21. But as powerful as those conditions may be, peer pressure and the desire to “look cool and fit in” are often more powerful than facts among young people.

Kenneth Warner is a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan’s school of public health and a tobacco control expert. He says the percentage drop in teen vaping was larger than expected: “This does look like a very substantial decrease in a single year, and it’s very encouraging.” But he says it will be critical to watch whether teen smoking begins rising again as fewer teens vape.

(Vaping devices on display at a store in New York. In the wake of changes in the industry, teen vaping in the United States took a sharp drop. AP/Mary Altaffer)

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1st Comment

This is good that it is dropping. But still, vaping is bad for anyone, as is smoking. Some think that vaping isn't as bad as smoking, but it is. I wish there were no such things as these two at all. Think how healthy some people would be. to vape and smoke, you are ruining the body God gave you.

I agree Riley, but you need

I agree Riley, but you need to understand that peer pressure and trying to fit in can make you decide to do bad things. So don't be too hard on kids who feel that they need to be like the "cool kids", because they feel that to be noticed and loved, you have to do certain things. (SPOILER!! To be noticed and loved by God, you don't have to do anything!! Isn't that amazing?)

I am so glad

i totally agree. Smoking and vaping is bad, but it is also very difficult to say no to peer pressure when you want to fit in.

this is great!

every time i see anyone smoking/ vaping it grosses me out, and doesn't make me think they're cool at all.

this is Mylee

i know a man that does that . It does't stink like regular cigars maybe that is why they like it more. They just added a vapor shop in town a year or two ago :( . I can't believe that kids my age do that i mean it is just as bad as cigars and don't you have to be 18 to smoke? Why can you be in middle school? that starts at 11 years old. I am glad that covid has dropped the vapor use.

This is London

This is sad. I wish smoking wasn’t a thing. Cool is definitely not smoking

Seventh Comment

I hope it doesn't go up after COVID-19.


A girl in my class at my homeschool group vapes and does drugs. My next door neighbors also vape. It does smell much better than regular smoking. But that does not make it right.

This is Mylee

Wow and homeschooled to.:(

@Carys M

Oh I am so sorry I did not mean it that way!!!! I was just saying it was bad! I understand about peer pressure. I have gone through it. Years ago my family said that us girls would only wear skirts in public, because that is what we think is modest. We only wear jeans, and loose ones, at home. We don't believe wearing skin tight ones are right. Well, when you go into this world, you get a LOT of strange looks. Believe me, i know. It can be hard sometimes.
And I can't believe a homeschooler does it!!!

me to

me to

Smoking and vaping isn't a

Smoking and vaping isn't a sin, as people make it seem. It's just bad for your health and not a wise decision. Riley d no it's fine I wasn't trying to correct you I was just saying that people need to be understanding in these kind of situations. : )

@Carys M

Ok! :) ;) :D


Im allergic to tobaco and vapeing

i saw a kid vape and its

i saw a kid vape and its never going to stop

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