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CA Wildfires Rage On
News Bytes 09/10/2020 23 Comments

Wildfires have been raging unchecked across parts of the western United States. California has already set a record with nearly 2.3 million acres burned this year—passing a record set just two years ago. And the worst part of the wildfire season is only beginning.

The last few weeks have seen the U.S. West’s seasonal blazes grow explosively. In Washington, more acres burned in a single day than firefighters usually see all year. Fires also forced people to flee in Oregon and Idaho. A temperature plunge helped contain wildfires in Colorado and Montana.

Unless God intervenes, no such relief seems in the near future for California.

More than 14,000 firefighters are currently battling fires. Two of the three largest blazes in state history still smolder and flare in the San Francisco Bay Area, though they’re largely contained after burning for three weeks.

On Tuesday, 14 California firefighters deployed personal emergency shelters as flames overtook them. The blaze destroyed a fire station in the Los Padres National Forest. The firefighters suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. (Read more about fighting fires during COVID-19 in “Fires, Fuels, and Viruses: Oh My!”)

Meanwhile, helicopter crews rescued hundreds of people stranded in the burning Sierra National Forest, where the Creek Fire has destroyed 365 buildings, including at least 45 homes. Another 5,000 structures are in danger.

In Southern California, fires burned in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. The forecast called for the arrival of the region’s notorious Santa Anas—extremely hot, dry winds whipping through at up to 50 mph.

“The combination of gusty winds, very dry air, and dry vegetation will create critical fire danger,” warns the National Weather Service.

The threat of wind damage—tearing down power lines or hurling debris into them and sparking a wildfire—prompted the state’s largest power company to shut off electricity to 172,000 customers over the weekend.

In the Sierra National Forest, dozens of campers and hikers found themselves stranded at the Vermilion Valley Resort after the only road in—a narrow route along a steep cliff—closed because of the Creek Fire.

Military helicopters helped rescue nearly 400 civilians from remote camping areas.

“This [shows] how fast that fire was moving, plus the physical geography of that environment with one road in and one road out,” says Char Miller, a professor who studies wildfires. “Unless you wanted an absolute human disaster, you had to move fast.”

(Flames lick at vehicles on Highway 162 as the Bear Fire burns in Oroville, California, on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. AP Photo/Noah Berger)

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This is terrible! California always seems to be in trouble! Praying now!!!!

That is so awful

this is one reason i never want to live in CA :(

lord help

This is a disaster, California needs prayer! Please Lord, help our brothers and sisters. Everybody would you agree with me?

yes, where I live we are in a

yes, where I live we are in a phase 1. We need to be ready to leave. Please pray. It looks like we are on Mars, the sky is a muddy orange. It is very hard to breath. Again please pray.

Oh no!! This is horrible! I

Oh no!! This is horrible! I'll be praying for CA

Wildfires are terrible.

Wildfires are terrible.



It is all because of the fall

It is all because of the fall that this is happening. So sad. Lifting our worries to you Lord.


I agree with everyone. This is very bad. God is in Control. I am praying for you Addison L! That sounds bad! Here is it cold, but we are getting a nice, slow, long, easy rain! We haven't had one of those for I don't even know how long! It always comes down hard and fast like a flash flood and just runs off and doesn't soak in.

thanks for praying every one,

thanks for praying every one, it is a little brighter outside!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

There were forest fires where I am just a few days ago, and the sky was a brownish orange color, and ash was falling from the sky. But then it snowed yesterday, so I think most of the fires here are pretty contained.

Oh my

I'm so sorry Addison L. Will be praying for you and everyone else in CA.

I don't like this weather!

As I am writing this, ash is falling from the sky outside. Everything looks yellow! I hope this all ends soon, it's really bad in CA. We were driving today and I saw the entire mountain top on fire! It was so crazy! Those fire fighters are so brave!

Go fire fighters!


That's awful! I'll be praying

That's awful! I'll be praying. I can't imagine being in a wildfire.

Me too

I’ll be praying for CA

Thanks you for prayer

I live southern CA. @ Addison L and rest of you who live is California, the sky is weird! Sunset colors in the middle of the day! We can't open our windows because of the smoke. Thank God for Air Conditioners! There's a huge fire fairly near us but we haven't needed to evacuate. I can't believe some of you are having snow and rain! Last week it was 115 degrees!
Thank you all for praying!

I still don't like the weather!

Makes me want to wear a mask!

@ Scarlett R

I know! It does!

I can hardly breathe in a

I can hardly breathe in a mask.

CA is dangerous in these

CA is dangerous in these times.

CA is actually kinda cool

Last year for the rose parade, my city's float was a fire bird. ( To honor all the firefighters. ) It was cool how fire bird ' breathed ' real fire! ( To those of you non Californians, The rose parade is where every city makes a float using mostly flowers and nature. ) Its super fun! I worked on the float once. Other than the fires, CA is a nice place to live!

But with all of these

But with all of these wildfires, it’s pretty dangerous.

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