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Shark Week!
News Bytes 08/11/2020 14 Comments

This year’s coronavirus pandemic has forced many folks to stay put. Animals, however, didn’t get the stay-at-home memo. Now scientists have a rare opportunity to study at least one scary sea-faring creature: the shark.

During the quarantine lull—without fishing boats, beachgoers, or other interruptions—ocean waters saw increased and unusual marine life behavior.

“Just the general decibel level of the oceans quieted down significantly” for the noise- and vibration-sensitive sharks, Discovery Channel’s Howard Swartz says. “It really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study these sharks without the impacts of human activity.”

Discovery Channel took advantage of the peaceful window for its 32nd annual Shark Week. The shows began Sunday and will air for eight days. The channel taped two shows during the pandemic lockdowns.

“Sharks are the stars of Shark Week. The great whites are the stars of the sharks,” Swartz says. “They’re so captivating, and they’re so beloved and interesting and, I think, mysterious to viewers.”

The Discovery program explores the Foveaux Strait, which separates New Zealand’s South and Stewart islands. The area is home to ultra-long female great whites. Those sharks are so long they’re called “747s,” after the famously long jetliner.

The episode “Shark Lockdown” is set in the strait. It studies the mystery of why females leave the area when they become large enough to bear young.

“They disappear and nobody’s really sure why they’re there and where they’ve gone,” says Swartz.

In “Abandoned Waters,” researchers observed great whites near Australia’s Neptune Islands minus the usual fishing and tourism traffic.

The team recorded the arrival of about three times the average number of female great whites mixing with males off the Neptune Islands.

Along with the scientists, local production crews scurried to take advantage of the quiet ocean before nearby nations began lifting restrictions on travel and business activity.

Researchers believe information gained from Shark Week filming could help protect the area for sharks into the future.

(A shark breaks through the water in a scene from “Shark Lockdown” during Shark Week 2020 on the Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel via AP)

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Most recent comments

I am not really a fan of

I am not really a fan of sharks, I kinda really wouldn't care if they all died out, but if they stay away from the beaches, I'm cool with it. Though that is strange that all those females leave and no one knows where...

2nd Comment

Interesting....... I don't think they should die off, but I am not a big fan. But like Cary M said, if they stay away from beaches, then great. Let them live their lives.


Please pray for rain for us. We had some a little bit ago, but it is getting dry again. We need it. Thanks!!!!! :) :) :) :)

This is London

I will pray. Every animal is in a chain so if there was no sharks there would be lots of fish and stuff. i didnt know it was shark week some people i know are going to the beach. I dont like sharks i agree just stay away from the shore.

this is Mylee

Ya i hate sharks . If they do stay away though I am fine lol. Also I will pray Riley D.

@ Riley D.

rain, rain go away
come again another day
Riley D. needs it now
rain, rain go away
p.s we'll pray :)

I'm not a fan of sharks, but

I'm not a fan of sharks, but I hope they don't die out. As long as they stay away from me I'm fine.

Riley D

I'll pray! It's really bad here too! It got up to 116 degrees this week and it is so dry.
I think sharks are cool but they freak me out.


Thanks for the prayers!!
@Emelia G: Wow! That is hot! I will pray that you get rain too! It has not been quite that hot here that I know of, but it has been in the hundreds. Phew.

My brothers were watching

My brothers were watching shark week..

I like sharks

and fish

that was N


ok heres another commet

sharks are amazing creatures. They are my favorite sea creature and are full of suprises. I plan to really look into the whole female disapearance thing, it raises a good subject of research. One thing I noticed though was that in the article they told us that the sharks are displaying a whole new side of behavior, but then they don't ever specify what some of those behaviors were. Anyway after reading the comments, I found that the majority of them are not at all big shark fans, that's really sad guys...BUT hey, I have a seriouly high opinion of you already for just being here and choosing to read this (of all the other) acticle! So yeah...KEEP ON CREATURE ADVENTURING (pleeease tell me you get that reference)

@ Mamaloukas B

I get it! Wild Kratts! Gonna go Wild, Wild, Wild Kratts, gonna go wild, wild, wild Kratts....

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