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Emus Banned in Outback
News Bytes 08/10/2020 23 Comments

Never mind masks and curbside pickup—something else is causing a stir in the Australian Outback. One local business there has banned emus. The birds are wreaking havoc with their “bad behavior.”

Emus are one of God’s strangest-looking land animals. The large, flightless birds have shaggy feathers, long almost bare necks, and small wings used for cooling their bodies in the heat Down Under.

Yaraka is a remote Queensland state outpost with a permanent population of fewer than 20 people. Emus there have long been known to steal food from locals and tourists alike.

But things took a rough turn last week when two of the birds, Carol and Kevin, discovered they could climb the front stairs of the Yaraka Hotel, the locale’s only pub.

Owner Chris Gimblett says, “They’ve learnt to walk up the front steps of the hotel, which has been causing just a few issues.” He mentions the large amount of their waste especially. Yuck.

For now, Gimblett has solved the problem by stringing a rope across the top of the stairs. A sign advises customers to replace the rope once they enter because “emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior.”

The emus aren’t clever enough to duck under the rope to get inside the pub . . . yet.

Emus are not indoor birds. “When emus get a fright, they head in a forward direction but are normally looking behind so they can’t see where they’re going, and this is where chaos can happen,” Gimblett says. “They bump into everything.”

Visitors staying at the Yaraka trailer park have been surprised by the lengths emus will go to steal food, including pecking a fried egg right off a plate.

“They will lean through the (trailer) door with their long necks and pluck toast out of the toaster,” Gimblett says.

“If you’ve got a mug of coffee on the little table by the door, they will drink all the coffee, without spilling it, I might add. You just discover that your mug’s empty,” he says. “They’re just eating machines.”

“We’re in lockdown mode,” Gimblett says of his barricaded pub. But he’s looking on the bright side: “At least it’s emus and not coronavirus.”

(A three-year-old emu named Carol walks around behind a fence in Yaraka, Queensland, Australia. Leanne Byrne via AP)

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1st Comment

Whoa! They sure sound like they can get annoying sometimes! But how exactly will they "ban" Them. Put fences up? I guess I didn't really get that part. If someone else did, please explain! thanks!

Riley D

Basically, their telling people not to let them eat your food or come into the pub. They also but a rope up so the emus couldn't get inside. They said the emus haven't figured out how to get under the rope... yet. But that is so funny! If I was at that pub, I would give them some toast!

This is London

that would be annoying. but yet maybe a bit funny i would rather have that lockdown instead of covid

This is sort of like that

This is sort of like that peacock incident, is it not?


What peacock incident? (they're known to be pests I hear)

this is Mylee

that sounds annoying . When we go to the beach the seagulls are annoying to buisnesses . they tell people to stop feedin seagulls but they dont.

In the World Teen magazine I

In the World Teen magazine I got for May/June, there was a News Byte on peacocks in Miami. I can't find it on search here though.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Not trying to be cranky or rude, but why is WorldTeen not posting very interesting stuff lately? Like shouldn't they be posting about what's happening with all the riots, a Caronavirus cure, if sports will happen, tensions in the middle east, and other things like that instead of "Emus Banned in Outback"? Maybe I'm just overreacting, or I'm just not interested in WorldTeen anymore, but......................Does anyone else think that, or is it just me?

@ Every

The News Bytes in the magazines don't show up on the website.
about the article --that's hilarious! XD



@ Every

Oh yeah, I looked in my magazine for May/June and found that story! It's so funny!

You must live a while away

You must live a while away from where I live b/c It is 2:25 right now, and you posted at 2:45!!!!!!

wait a minute, it is world

wait a minute, it is world that lives a while away... it shows that I posted at 3

That must be really annoying.

That must be really annoying. I wouldn't want to have my food stolen every time I set it down.

@ Maribelle

Where do you live? I live in Oklahoma.

this is Mylee

Janna i agree. his does seem random for what is happening. There should be a news bite about the coin shortage or roits or covid .

@ Mylee

Actually there was an article about the coin "shortage"
Sorry I can't do links on my Kindle Fire :-)


Well, they have had articles on some of the stuff you were saying. Some were news bytes, and others just monthly things. Try searching for some of them if you want ones like that. Hope that helps.

@ Mylee

Oh wait it did work! :-)

@ Mylee and Janna

Here's some more articles! :-)
COVID vaccine article:
Middle east tensions:


Oops sorry I posted the riots link for "sports". Here's the link for that:

this is Mylee


this is Mylee

also i wasnt on for awile and missed some biytes.

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