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Vaccines Show Promise
News Bytes 07/22/2020 56 Comments

Researchers around the world scrambled to create a safe and effective vaccine to protect against the novel coronavirus. Now some of those vaccines are producing results in trials. Scientists at Oxford University in Great Britain say their experimental vaccine did well in an early trial. It prompted a protective immune response in hundreds of people who got the shot.

The British researchers first began testing the vaccine in April in about 1,000 people. Such early trials are designed to evaluate safety. They also detect the patients’ immune responses. But it’s still too soon to say whether those responses provide long-term protection against the virus.

Dr. Adrian Hill is the director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford. He is cautiously optimistic about the results, which involved participants from ages 18 to 55.

“We are seeing good immune response in almost everybody,” says Dr. Hill. “What this vaccine does particularly well is trigger both arms of the immune system.”

Hill says that neutralizing antibodies are produced first in the patient. Those are molecules which are key to blocking infection. In addition, the vaccine also causes a reaction in the body’s T-cells, which destroy cells that have been taken over by the virus. That keeps the infection from spreading within the infected person’s body.

The experimental COVID-19 vaccine caused minor side effects including fever, chills, and muscle pain for a few participants.

Larger trials involving about 10,000 people in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil are underway. Another trial of about 30,000 people in the United States will start soon.

Hill says Oxford’s vaccine is designed to reduce disease and transmission. It uses a harmless cold virus known to infect chimpanzees. That virus is engineered in a lab so that it can’t spread. It carries just a part of the coronavirus with it—the spike protein that attaches to human cells when the full virus infects a person. By God’s design, the human body recognizes the foreign protein as an enemy, and that triggers an immune response designed to fight off that enemy very specifically.

Oxford has partnered with drug maker AstraZeneca to produce the vaccine globally. If trials keep coming back positive, that company has committed to making two billion doses.

Meanwhile, other groups and pharmaceuticals companies are reporting positive trials with various other vaccines against the virus.

Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, report having a vaccine that works similarly to the Oxford shot. American researchers announced last week that a COVID-19 vaccine tested in the United States also boosted immune responses in tests and would move soon into final testing. That vaccine was developed by the National Institutes of Health in cooperation with Moderna, a pharma company.

Nearly two dozen vaccines are in various stages of human testing worldwide.

(A doctor takes blood samples for use in a coronavirus vaccine trial in Oxford, England, on Thursday, June 25, 2020. John Cairns, University of Oxford via AP)

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1st Comment

It is nice that they are getting a vaccine that hopefully is working, but we do have to remember, Covid is only one of thousands of viruses out there. We just can't get a vaccine for every one of them. But hopefully it works!


That's wonderful that they are trying they're hardest to come up with a vaccine! I hope this vaccine works, since deaths and cases in the U.S are spiking.

Yes, but lets hope they don't

Yes, but lets hope they don't have an side affects. Or long term damage




Just want to say this is the first time I have been this close to 1st comment

Not sure how I feel about

Not sure how I feel about this...


I’m terrified of vaccines. If it proves effective, I will probably not get it, because children and teens are not affected by Covid-19. I am glad that they are doing it, though, for the elderly and vulnerable, though.

Carys M

Not trying to start a fight but in reality there aren't very many deaths at ALL compared to other things. In the US only about 23,430 people have died from it and only 3% of people who have had COVID have died. That is not serious compared to the more 647,000 deaths from heart disease this year, 600,000 cancer deaths this year, 170,000 car accident deaths this year, 100,000 suicides this year and approximately 125,000 abortions PER DAY! How many people do you all know that have died from COVID-19? I know NOBODY. I however have known know about 8 people that have died from cancer, 4 that have committed suicide, and I also have know many women that have abortions performed. Why can't people work on the real problems of the world instead of this over-blown virus that has killed


Oops I meant 140,000 deaths of Coronavirus.

Only 23,430 people had died

Only 23,430 people had died from like November- June. Now its 140,000 deaths in total. And still only 3% of people that are infected die. If you are scared I'm not judging you I just don't believe there's anything to be afraid of or that this vaccine is necessary at all.

@Emelia G

That’s really sad that there are approximately 125,000 abortions daily!

@ Emelia

Wow...I had no idea about all those abortions! That is so sad. :-( :-(
45,625,000 abortions PER YEAR.

@Emilia G

I agree with you. People die from a common flu and nobody cares! It is only because the media blew up the coronavirus. And that is crazy about the abortions! SOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have many younger siblings and just love babies and little kids! Why do they do such a thing! Arg!

My family won't get the shot.

My family won't get the shot. Some vaccines...well...have sad stuff in them...
If you want to know what the sad stuff is let me know

@ Kiara

I do, kind of.


They use parts of aborted babies :(

@Emelia G

It makes me so mad that they do these things! It's so against God! My family doesn't do vaccines either, but they're trying to make this one mandatory. ARG!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way, please check out Sanderson 1611 on YouTube (if you are allowed). He is a pastor out in Arizona and he is EXCELLENT! His videos are kinda funny, but they are also so truthful and just amazing.

Evelyn S

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check him out.

They used either the blood of

They used either the blood of or the saliva of a dead person who caught the disease to make vaccines 200 years ago.

@ Emelia

No!! That is so incredibly sad! :'( :'( :'(

Mandatory Vaccination

Also, I think that it’s wrong to mandate vaccines. We get most of the vaccines (please don’t be offended, I’m also pro-life) but I’m pretty sure we aren’t getting this one. It’s really sad that they put ABORTED BABIES in the vaccines. I cried when I read your comment, Emelia G. It’s so sad that people think that it’s okay.

Claire B

Oh I never judge or am offended by people that get vaccines! It's your family's choice :)
My family just does something different but that's alright :)

The really sad thing is that

The really sad thing is that doctors (some) don't believe that! :-( :-( :-( :-( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Some of those things are

Some of those things are crazy!! Wow! We get vaccines, just a few, like small pox of chicken pox or something, and maybe one or two others. But I got my last ones when I was 12, so I don't have to get anymore. I really don't mind getting shots. They don't hurt, so it is not bad. Does anyone here not like shots? Not being nosy, just curious.


Well because I don't get vaccines I've never really had to get shots for anything but I once had to get like 8 vials of blood drawn. I almost passed out. My eyes were rolling back in my head and I couldn't really breath because I was panicking. That happens to my dad but he's gotten used to it because he's a firefighter.

@ Emilia G

We have never had to dig mass graves with any other viruses.....
And hospitals were not overwhelmed with other viruses...........
And we never had to bring the hospital ships in...........
And people weren't dropping dead left and right.......
I know a few people that have died from COVID-19
It is very serious.


Ouch! I had ton have a lot of blood draws to, I was hospitalized for a while so yeah

@Nadia, and response to the vaccine situation

Nadia, I'm so very sorry that you know people who have died from Corona. That's so hard. But people aren't "Dropping dead left and right." The number of people that have actually died is a small number, when compared to the number of U.S citizens. I'm not saying that it didn't matter, it most certainly does. But it's a bit much to say that people are dropping dead left and right.

COVID is serious, yes. But the people who are not at risk (Like children, teens, and young adults) need to live their lives. If a vaccine is needed in order for us to go back to normal, then let's have a vaccine.

@ Bella

From what My family had learned and seen. People were dropping dead left and right. Thousands have died in just a few months. That is that.

Btw I had COVID I recovered,

Btw I had COVID I recovered, but still I could have spread it to others. My parents got it. And they arnt that old. My little brothers had it to, so anyone can get it. And your people HAVE died from it. Not millions but enough.

Young people not your people

Young people not your people

Nadia A

But people our age don't die. Iv'e had to too (not that bad). Most people in my family have gotten it and only my great grandma who is 80 got hospitalized but she made a fast and full recovery. The media is blowing this up. People die from the flu to but it's not blown up by the media so no one freaks out. In my opinion we do not need a vaccine but this virus (isn't fake) but is not as real as it seems.

Nadia A

Young people have died from a lot of things. And so have old people. Maybe I know more about it because I know or am related to a ton of people in the medical field. All of the nurses, doctors and firefighters I know aren't afraid because they are around everything and know the truth. Mostly the people that are still scared are just learning the facts from the News which aren't completely real.

You really can't believe

You really can't believe everything you hear. Even if you have known people that have died (which I'm very sorry about) that's only a couple out of the billions of people in the world. Also I mean have a real relationship with people that have died not just hearing about them on the news.

Nadia A

And hospitals are not overwhelmed. That's just another media lie. They were a bit crowded sometimes but during the supposedly worst months of COVID , March, April, May and June the were almost completely empty.

@Emelia G

I completely agree with you!!!!!! The media is blowing everything out of proportion. Hospitals are actually losing money because they made all these special rooms for people with COVID-19, but there is barely anyone getting sick. And also because the people who have to get "un-essential" procedures done can't. Those crafty, crafty elitists....

@Emilia and Evelyn

The fact about hospitals being overwhelmed is NOT a media lie. I agree the media is making things seem worse. But we DID have to dig mass graves, we DID have to bring out field hospitals, we DID have to bring in the hospital ships.
Now things are much better, the hospitals are getting under control again ect. Ect. But THOUSANDS of people have died within a ,matter of months.

@ Evelyn

Barley any people? Maybe now but from January to now thousands have gotten sick and died,


AMD we didnt shut down the WORLD bc "barely any people got sick"

They did it bc it was dangerous. And I'm sure the world leaders didnt get their info from the news media.

Nadia A

What I'm saying is that the leaders of the world (as well as the media) were making it seem worse. We are becoming a controlled communist country with an extremely controlling government that Is placing rules to try to control us. (I said control a lot, haha.) I'm asking all of you to please watch the video I recommended, "Understanding The Times by Robert Breaker." I would like everyone to watch it and tell me what you think. Robert Breaker is Christian by the way.

Nadia A

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE dying within a month from this virus is NOT extreme compared to other things. Like I said before, abortion, suicide, cancer, car accidents all have a higher death toll. I know lots of people that have died from each of those things and NOBODY that has died from COVId. The people that do die are either old or have underlying conditions.

And trust me I know how full

And trust me I know how full the hospitals have been.

Nadia A

On the subject of masks. The CDC has come out with many things about it because they don't actual know if masks are helping. What we do know is that you naturally build up an immunity to sicknesses. And the fact that masks are required is so stupid. How about if you are scared wear a mask and if not do what you want. IT SHOULDN'T BE A LAW. People shouldn't be forced into stuff they don't want.

I wonder how many people die

I wonder how many people die from the flu each year?

I agree with Emilia G. And

I agree with Emilia G. And honestly, I think masks are ridiculous. They nearly suffocate you when you wear them, and either they protect stuff from coming in but let stuff out, or vice versa. They are really of no use. And then if they have germs, you go to take it off, touch it, and then put your hands near your face. It is crazy you don't realize how much you touch your face until you try not to. You push your hair back, wipe sweat (i did a lot of that when we cut down 6 trees the other day :) etc. World Health Org. says that the flu kills about 650,000 people a year.

All of y'all

Ok, I agree the controlling is getting worse and that is not good.
As with the other, you have your opinion and I have mine. Done done. I realize now why I stopped commenting lol.


The whole COVID and mask thing is just a game to see who is a sheep by the elitists. The CDC has even gone back and forth on whether or not you should wear your mask. And let me say they are NOT healthy to wear. You need to breathe in oxygen not your own Co2! This entire thing is backwards and ridiculous. They don't want people to think by themselves, they want to control you through the media. DON"T YOU SEE THIS IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!!! I am not trying to be rude, I'm doing this out of love to inform people of the TRUTH. Please check out Sanderson 1611 on YouTube (if you're allowed). He is a Baptist preacher and he is EXCELLENT!

@Emelia G

Thanks, I will have to check him out! And by the way, there's a great book called The Creature of Jekyll Island, if your parents let you I would read it (even though it's almost 600 pages it is a really good book). My dad thinks that everyone should read it for school!

Nadia A

I don't want you to sop commenting! I'm not trying to attack it just appears to me that you are getting your facts from the lying media so I was trying to present you with true facts so you feel more informed. I'm sorry if I offended you though.

Nadia A

And the video I recommended is also AMAZING and super informative on this whole situation. It's also about the rapture and I fell like everyone should watch it.
Evelyn S. Exactly! And how old are you?


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