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Super Mario Sells for Big $
News Bytes 07/15/2020 13 Comments

Yahoo! Here we go! An unopened copy of a vintage 1985 Super Mario Bros. video game sold for $114,000 on Friday. The high-dollar auction underscores the enduring popularity of entertainment created decades ago.

Game experts call Super Mario Bros. one of the greatest video games of all time. As one of the game industry’s bestselling games, Mario has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Analysts say Super Mario Bros. played a large role in the rebound of a sagging video game industry. The game’s bright colors and straightforward goal (save the princess!) helped make Mario a near-instant favorite. Nintendo’s Koji Kondo wrote the soundtrack for all of the various Mario games. His music is simple and catchy—a winning combination for a simple and catchy game.

Catchy may be an understatement for a bidder who wishes to remain anonymous. The person snapped up an early version of the pioneering Super Mario Bros. game at auction.

Nintendo released the first Mario video cartridge in 1985 for its entertainment system console. The auctioned item was still sealed in its original plastic package.

Dallas-based Heritage Auctions conducted the online auction. Mario’s $114,000 price tag broke Heritage Auctions’ previous high amount for a video game—$100,150 early last year for an unopened copy of the same game.

The record-busting Super Mario Bros. copy was part of a large collection of video games from the 1980s and 1990s. The entire assortment sold to various buyers for nearly $700,000. That amount was well above Heritage Auction’s initial goal of about $500,000 for the set. Other titles auctioned off included “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!” a 1987 video game based on the former heavyweight boxing champion.

But while it’s true that Tyson once had a title, in the competitive world of video games, Mario still reigns supreme.

(The front of an unopened copy of a vintage Super Mario Bros. video game sold for at auction. Emily Clemens/Heritage Auctions via AP)

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Most recent comments

Wow. Some people sure do love

Wow. Some people sure do love their video games!

When! I like Nitendo's games,

When! I like Nitendo's games, (me and my sister love the legend of Zelda series) but I wouldn't pay that much! That person must really like Mario!

oops I meant Whew not when

oops I meant Whew not when LOL

This is Mylee

We have the old Nintendo 1980 and 1990 console. We don’t have this console though. We use to have the old game cube but we lost it. We have every single game on the old Nintendo’s 700 games. But I wouldn’t be so crazy to buy this for that much money.

Whoever bought that is crazy,

Whoever bought that is crazy, You could buy a house with that much money!

6th comment P.S. this is Caro

I think they might be able to sell it for more if it is in good condition in a couple of years. Cause it will be older

this is London

I don't like Mario that much and wouldn't buy it for that much. we have a lot of old games on Nintendo. I like games like Roblox and Minecraft

This is Mylee

Yah me too London



I don't play video games so

I don't play video games so don't have much to say on this, but one thing I do know is THAT IS A TON OF MONEY!!!

It is

It is probobly a collector trying to get a collectors item, they will pay big then sell someday for close to a million dollars.

This is Mylee

Yah you are probably right.

i love nintendo. especially

i love nintendo. especially zelda, fire emblem, and super smash bros. whoever wrote this article was smart. he knew people would read it because of it's title.

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