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Quiet Horse Race
News Bytes 06/23/2020 20 Comments

Empty grandstands. Masked jockeys. And quietness. Everything was strange about this Belmont Stakes, except the winner. Favored horse Tiz the Law claimed victory in the first race of a mixed-up racing schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Usually, the Triple Crown races begin with the Kentucky Derby. They move to the Preakness Stakes and end at Belmont. But like so many other events, coronavirus changed everything from the usual race order to the atmosphere.

The strange horse race may have been difficult for some, but trainer Barclay Tagg sees no finer way to round out a career Triple Crown. “I’m not trying to be a jerk about it,” the 82-year-old says. “But I thought the quiet, to me, was very nice.”

There were other ways this Belmont States was unlike any of the 151 before it. The race was 1/8 mile shorter because of unusual training schedules. Masks were required for all but the horses—even the jockeys wore face coverings. And only about 100 humans were present, including jockeys, media, and park staff.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the traditional “Riders, up!” call remotely via video. Longtime bugler Sam Grossman pulled down his facemask to tap out “Call to the Post.” Horses strolled onto the track to a recording of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” while an announcer introduced them to empty grandstands.

Perhaps the only thing typical was the race run by jockey Manny Franco: He stalked the pacemakers early, and then pounced on the home stretch. Tiz the Law won the 1 1/8-mile race in 1:46.53.

“It means a lot to me,” Franco says. “One leg of the Triple Crown is the dream of any jockey. I’m happy with the opportunity I have right now.”

Tagg wasn’t sure if his horse would pull it off until the final 100 yards.

“I’m just glad I lived long enough that I got another horse like this,” he says.

Tiz the Law must now prepare for the September 5 Kentucky Derby and October 3 Preakness.

(Tiz the Law, with jockey Manny Franco, crosses the finish line to win the 152nd running of the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, June 20, 2020. AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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Most recent comments

I think it's nice that they

I think it's nice that they can still race- I wonder if it's mostly disappointing to not have nearly as many people watching, or if it helps take some pressure off. It may be a mixture of both.

I love how these race horses

I love how these race horses have these interesting names. Like Man O' War and Sea biscuit. I was watching this show once, and a guy was watching a horse race and it cut to the tv, and one of the horses name was Baby Faced Assassin! I laughed so hard!

This is Mylee

I agree Lena P. It would totally take off pressure. My whole family hAs been exposed to the virus.and it is not that bad now it is over with . And we aren’t scared anymore . This is good that they could have a race. In my town they just opened the movie theatres . They are playing the wizard of oz and something else.they decided to play some oldies.

This is Mylee

Haha Carys M. That is a funny name lol.

This is London

Have anyone noticed not a lot of people are committing. I k r there names are weird xD if I had a horse I would name it penny or diamond are champ or something lol


The names are the funniest thing ever! It is good they still get to race.

Horse Racing!

I am a super big fan of horse racing! I don't watch races or anything, but just like it! I have read so many books about horse racing! I have always wanted to be a jockey! This is soooo interesting! Belmont first, then kentucky, then preakness?!?!?!? Wow! Yeah, they come up with really unique names, such as Secretariat. He was/is the greatest racehorse of all times. He won the Belmont (and triple crown bc he won the other two) by more than 20 lengths! On a scorching day! It is so intriguing!

@London S

Yeah! I noticed that too! There have hardly been more then ten these last few days! Funny!





@ noah v

r u new or do u not comment much?

@ Everyone

Has anyone noticed the horse's name? Tiz the Law? Like, It Is the Law?I

This is Mylee

No but that is funny. Our younger sister wants a horse so bad . We live like less than a quarter of a mile away from a rodeo so sometimes a night we can hear the announcers talking. Also our cousin has like 2 horses so yah. She loves horses but I am not that big off a horse fan ( no affense To horse lovers).


I noticed the name

Have you ever been to the

Have you ever been to the rodeo? I have been to multiple ones, and they are really fun!!!!!

@ Riley D.

I go to the rodeo with my grandparents and cousins (and sister). It's a tradition, and it's so fun!

This is Mylee

No we have never been to a rodeo though I could walk to it lol. Like less than a quarter of a mile away. We can hear the speakers and imagine what they are doing but for some reason we have never been.


@Lena: That is so cool! yeah, there is a big rodeo in our town once a year, and we go to it kinda like a tradition. Sometimes there are people we know that are riding, so yeah. What is your favorite competition? Mine is probably barrel racing or the bucking (bronco and bull)!
@Mylee: That is crazy you live so close and haven't been! Maybe you should try it sometime! They are a lot of fun, and sometimes they have an event for the kids in the middle, such as a nickle scramble or trying to get the ribbons off the calf that is running around the arena! Lots of fun!!!!!

This is Mylee

I know we want to go so bad . I haven’t been there for a rodeo but I have been to the arena for barrel racing. My cousin was in it she didn’t win though,and she was only ten.


Oh! That is cool! I did a barrel race once when I was like maybe 11 or something, but was no where close to winning! It was just for the fun and experience!

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