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World Watch News in 3
News Bytes 06/4/2020 21 Comments


WORLD Watch News in 3 is the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, it delivers a lively three-minute roundup of top news headlines. News in 3 is a preview of WORLD Watch, coming in August.

WORLD Watch will be a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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1st Comment
Here is the link from Worldkids.
You know, I was thinking how that policeman could be on Floyd for eight minutes without another officer seeing it or someone calling the other police. Now I see that there were others, but they didn't do anything. The thing about the trees was.... interesting. That is great that the airlines are opening back up in Italy. I have some family in Germany who are wanting to come visit like normal this summer, but when they come, they have to quarantine for two weeks, which takes up a lot of their vacation, and they don't know where they would quarantine. And then they would have to do it for two weeks when they got back. So they are not sure. We got a little sprinkle of rain again last, night. Please keep praying! Thank you! I am still praying for anyone who asked for it!

Wow, that little jellyfish is

Wow, that little jellyfish is weird! Also, I'm glad that people are doing stuff about deforestation and stealing iPhones. I'm also glad that justice is being served for the officers that were with the other officer during George Floyd's death. I think that they are in the wrong as well and deserve punishment for just standing by while a guy was being choked to death.

that tracking devise on the

that tracking devise on the phones is cool. that would scare me if i stole one... which i wouldn't, but you get the point.

4th Comment!/@everyone/@Riley D.

4th comment ever ever EVER!!!!!! ( sorry, it's just my closest comment EVER to first ) ( @Riley D. i understand now about the rain. ( good luck and i'll keep praying :) )

@ Everyone ( my prayer for America )

God bless America
land that i love
stand beside her and guide her
through the night ( COVID, riots, elections, etc., etc., ) with the light from above
( u guys know the rest but this really should be our prayer 4 America )

@ Bel

I agree!


There's a 115 year old woman in Spain that survived covid-19!

@Treion E

That's crazy! That lady must have a great immune system to live that long!


I've 113,but that's still long!

Another mistake

I've meant 113

@ Treion H

I think there was a 102-year-old lady in China who survived it too. I think.

This is Mylee

A whole nursing home survived covid -19 in the town my dad works! If I were the other police officers I would have done something now they get punished to. The tree seemed random. I am so glad airlines are opening up I think American Airlines opened back up too.The iPhone thing is cool not that they stole but that it tracks them down something that spies would do. I will keep praying ❤️Riley D.

This is Mylee

The snot thing is disgusting lol

Sad day

My mom die on June 6th 7 years ago

This is Mylee

I am so sorry about that


Wow! that is really old! My great grandma lived to be like 108 or something around that I do not exactly remember. she died quite a few years ago i was only like 8 or something. Treion H: I am sooo sorry! that must be hard!
Thank you to everyone who is praying for rain. We need it. Also, Belwyn is very right. There are so many songs we have been singing lately (hymns) and I keep going "Oh! that one is perfect for right now!"

@ Treion H.

sorry about your mom. this must be a hard time 4 u. let me know if u want me 2 pray 4 u. (can i ask how she died?)

@ Riley D.

thank u! (i do not know why i said "thank u" maybe u i felt like u were promoting my comment but..............) that really is a song/prayer we should sing/pray.

@Treion H

I was wondering the same thing as Belwyn R. I can pray too.

Who else is enjoying the

Who else is enjoying the World Watch News? i am!

@Mirela J

I watch them almost every day with my sisters. They are great!

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