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George Floyd Protests
News Bytes 06/2/2020 66 Comments

I can’t breathe. Those haunting words are reverberating across the nation. They refer to the death of a man in police custody. The circumstances surrounding the death are nothing short of horrific. A week later, protests continue to spread, and cries for justice intensify.

George Floyd was a black man in handcuffs. Police suspected him of using a counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase at a store. Mr. Floyd died after a white officer forcibly pinned him on the ground for more than eight minutes. The officer ignored bystander shouts to get off—and Floyd’s cries that he couldn’t breathe. He also ignored his police training which specifies that a subdued suspect is to be raised to a seated or standing position as quickly as possible.

A citizen captured the tragic death on video. The incident has sparked days of protests in Minneapolis and in cities around the world. The officer in the video has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

The killing of image bearer George Floyd grieves the Almighty. Our prayers should rise to the God of all comfort for his family and friends. And they should likewise extend to the police officers who participated—actively or passively—in the events that led to Mr. Floyd’s death. We are right to pray also for those charged with punishing the perpetrators of this terrible crime, as well as for all those acting now out of grief, anger, and fear—that in their anger they might not sin. Those prayers should appeal for repentance, justice, truth, impartiality, and judgment. They should also plead for redemption, peace, healing, and restoration in Jesus’ name.

An official autopsy last week “revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation” in Floyd’s death.

However, the lawyer for Mr. Floyd’s family has announced plans for the family’s own autopsy.

Across the United States, peaceful marches and “lie ins” have taken place in streets and parks. (Rather than simply sit, hundreds of distraught protesters chose to lie face down in recognition of how Mr. Floyd died.) But sadly, there have been multiple nights of violence in reaction to Floyd’s death too.

In Wisconsin, police fired tear gas as some protesters turned into rioters, throwing rocks and damaging stores following an afternoon of peaceful public protests.

In Minnesota, the driver of a semitrailer rolled into the midst of thousands of people marching on a closed Minneapolis freeway. The freeway was among many shut down in the Minneapolis area for the second night in a row. Officials there have set an 8:00 p.m. curfew to limit activity after dark.

Police officers and National Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew in Louisville, Kentucky, early yesterday. They returned fire after someone in a large group fired at them first. Horribly, they killed a man.

In San Francisco, the state Department of Human Resources ordered all California state buildings “with offices in downtown city areas” closed on Monday in hopes of calming protests.

Hundreds of people on Sunday marched down historic Route 66 in New Mexico to protest Floyd’s death. The protest turned violent early yesterday. Police say some demonstrators set small fires, and officers say they were fired upon.

Everywhere, protesters held signs, wore masks, and chanted, “Say his name: George Floyd” and “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The latter has become an appeal for calm and self-controlled treatment of non-aggressive suspects who are approached by police officers.

UPDATE: Monday evening, the Hennepin County, Minnesota, Medical Examiner's Office released a new statement about Mr. Floyd's official autopsy, classifying his death as a homicide. It referred to the initial findings as "preliminary." The updated statement says that Floyd's heart stopped while pressure was being applied to his neck. The family's indepedent autopsy concluded that he died by "asphyxiation due to neck and back compression."

(Motorists are ordered to the ground from their vehicle by police during a protest on Sunday, May 31, 2020, in Minneapolis. AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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1st Comment

Horrible!!! I can't believe that he was killed that way! Awful! So what exactly are the people marching and protesting for? Justice for what? I heard there was a big riot in Washington DC. The officers sprayed tear gas and a building was burned close to the White House. My uncle lives there, so I hope he is safe. I have a friend in San Francisco and one close to Louisville. Also, if anyone is close to the riots and wants prayer, just ask and I will pray.
Also, listen to this y'all: yesterday...... a semi truck with 50,000 pounds of string cheese had a crash. But the string cheese wasn't damaged. My grandpa went and got 1000 pounds of it and a few people got a little, but then they were going to throw the rest of it in the landfill!!!! AND WHEN THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE STARVING IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got 90 pounds from grandpa, and froze it. String cheese, anyone?

This is horrible! I knew

This is horrible! I knew about George Floyd's death and some of what was going on but I had no idea it was this bad. Between death and the coronavirus, America desperately needs prayer right now (the same can be said for the rest of the world, of course)!

I've seen some footage of the

I've seen some footage of the protests, and it's not pretty. The day-time ones are fine, but when the sun goes down, things get hairy. Buildings have been burnt down, all kind of stuff like that..... Someone actually did some graffiti on the Lincoln memorial! It said "Y'all tired yet?" Honestly. Why would someone do that?? Of course it isn't ruined forever as they can paint over it, but......

What happened was horrible,

What happened was horrible, and what that policeman did just goes to show how cruel people can be. We had a gathering of protesters near our city, but it was peaceful and everyone stayed calm. But seriously, is this going to help? I know many protests have usually worked, but with the cost of lives. What is that worth I ask you? Giving one dead man justice while others are at risk. It's risky, and I'm scared for the lives of these protesters. But I completely feel their anger and frustration of this poor man. Prayers for his family and for the safety of the protesters.

People need to calm down.

I get that everyone's mad, (I am too) but violence isn't going to help anyone; it's just going to make things worse! I think peaceful protests are great, but what's the point of that guy opening fire at the police? This really makes me want to be a police officer...



@ Porter E

I don't think I would want to be a police officer right now. Because of what one policeman did, probably most police officers are distrusted right now, and I think that's really, really sad bc there's almost no police officers that aren't our friends, trying to help us.
This is really, REALLY sad. :-(

Janna (Daniel's sister)

If you watch the World News in 3 from yesterday, you can see the video of the guy who was saying he couldn't breathe. The big city near me is going nuts with tear gas, fires, and everything else.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Also we do have to remember even though African Americans aren't treated as equally as they should be, it isn't right for them or anyone to be having such violent protests. Because everyone is equal we should make sure that happens, but not by violence. If we want equality we need to ask God to help us and we need to realize it'll take time for absolute equality. And we need to pray for our military, police officers, fire men, and all the other people helping during this time.

George Floyd

I have heard so much about this stuff and it makes me mad. They say people are trying to make a point by stealing amazon trucks, robbing jewelery stores, Screaming and yelling. Our world is so messed up. Its falling apart. I heard on the radio that if the governers wont do their job and try to protect their states, that trump will send the millitary to try to stop this nonsense. Violence is not the answer to anything people. If we would communicate like normal people, everything would be ok by now. Us whites did not know that that officer wanted to do that. Its not our fault for his death. It was the officer. Right now there is an officer in critical condition in Las Vegas. blacks die every day and we dont riot about that? The lincon memorial has some damage by people who are rioting. they are graffiting on him. IT WASNT HIS FAULT FOR GEORGE FLOYD`S DEATH!!!!!! It was the officers fault. People throwing unknown objects is not the answer. Peace. If only people knew what peace was. Thsi whole carona virus has made us crazy. The officer was arrested and is charged for 3rd degree murder and being put in jail. Isnt that what these people want??? We need to stand together as America.

My mom says that even though

My mom says that even though people may look different on the outside, we are same on the inside. I'm half black and my mom and dad are white (I'm adopted). One of our black friends (adult) once asked my dad if his mom taught him as a kid to not put his hands in his pockets in a store. My dad was like, no why would I not put my hands in my pockets? He ( the friend) said because people would automatically suspect him of stealing just because he is black.

@Everyone/@Riley D

I live in Illinois and there is a group of people who are acting like they are "doing this for black rights" but aren't really. There was a threat yesterday that the people were going to wreck stores (we have them all in one area kinda) but the police were prepared and they didn't come which is good because my mom's cousin (I think) has a store and my grandma and grandpa work at one of those stores in the area.

Thats racist.

Thats racist.


Dont let people let you down because your part black. they are just plain mean.

This is CRAZY!!!

It was 100% murder what that police man did, but he has been justly punished! There is no point to completely cleaning out stores(stealing), burning police cars, hurting police, and burning things in the streets. Police men are not the enemy! One of them was unjust, but all the rest are just trying to keep the peace! It frustrates me so much!

Soooo, a man gets killing and

Soooo, a man gets killing and you think violence is going to help!!! My mom says it is all political and stuff. I even heard that the democrats planed his death for a reason to riot!! This is crazy!!!! Praying for everybody!!

@Kiria J.

I am half black too!! (Not adopted) And my dad grew up in Illinois. We were there visiting my aunt sortly before the death of George Floyd. We had riots 2 days ago where I live. I am praying for you! Please pray for me!! And my family

That's is so sad about what

That's is so sad about what happened to that man. The police officer is punished so why are people destroying stuff?! I think that if they want to protest do it peacefully.

It's so sad how far off we go

It's so sad how far off we go without God.

What would Jesus do if He were here on Earth right now?

It's sad how people respond to problems. I wonder why the policeman did that. Was it because he was racist or for a different reason? I wonder how people would be responding if it was a white man that died.

To above

I agree wit Ian and many others. Violence is NOT the way to go about this. The policemen (most) are our friends and they protect us! We don't need to be trying to kill them! My best friend's dad is a policeman! I am praying for everybody near the riots! Alaina H: IKR?!?!?!?!?!

@Alaina H

Whoa! Where do you live? I saw your comments were at like 2:30!

@ Alaina H.

My mom told me that the police officer that killed George Floyd had a history of brutality. That's all I know, though.

Oh man, I just saw part of

Oh man, I just saw part of that World Watch News video with the clip from the George Floyd video. That's really disturbing. I feel so, so bad for George Floyd and his family.

@ Lena P

Yeah, I saw the clip on the news a few days ago. Really, really, disturbing and sad.

Tear gas is horrible!

Did you know that tear gas is illeagle in war? And did anyone hear about the peaceful protesters in front of the church?

This is Caroline btw

This is Mylee

Horrible this is awful,a riot broke out 45 min. Away in a small town were my friend lived. And I agree what are they marching for? It doesn’t make since. My parents were watching the news on night and my little sister came into the room and saw a police shove two men away from him because the police did not want covid my sister was crying so hard.

This is Mylee

Correction my friend lives there not lived

This is London

This is awful I don’t think African Americans are treated bad this could be like 1963 all over again like when they marched for freedom some towns by us are having protest and rioting please pray

@ Everyone

THIS IS SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i know this was ( and is ) a violent thing but i don't think there should have such a violent photo on the front of the article ( i almost
didn't read it even though i knew what it was about )




This is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! It dose make me mad! why are people making it worse??? We had riots in my city to. That officer was very wrong but the people are making it worse. In the day time, the normal people come and I have no problem with that, but when the bad people come out...then it gets bad. And then the TV crews come out. I wish they would tape more of the peace.
America, America. Didn't we learn a lesson with the coronavirse??? That God can shut down the whole world in a matter of seconds? I don't get it. I think part of it is that people are exploding after months of quarantine.


We all bleed the same blood but it does not matter of the color of our skin and there is some police who would protect us but we are seen in Gods eye the same

2nd comment to G F P

What the cop did was wrong but they are suppose to protect us and not all cops are same or are going to hurt us but will protect us

peaceful protests are fine

peaceful protests are fine but a protest is not a reasn to steal and brake thing

@Riley D

I'm not able to reveal where I live, but I'll just say that there's a big time difference.

@Lena P


@Alaina H

I understand! ok!
I would suggest reading or singing America the Beautiful. Especially the second verse.


I can't believe people are still treating black people differently. THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God tells us to look at what is on the inside, not the outside.

@ Everyone

God Bless America
land that i love
stand beside her and guide her
through the night ( COVID, riots, etc.,etc., ) with the light from above

@ Above



I am byricaial (my dad's from south America) It is not right to treat people,of different race badly or better than anyone else.
They don't know what are they doing to America....

I think the rioting is super

I think the rioting is super silly. People are actually hurting black people by rioting. I heard that the rioters burned down a building that a black man had worked his whole life to buy and start a business there.

I agree that black lives

I agree that black lives matter but I don’t think the answer is violence

This is Mylee

Blacks can do anything whites can do we have had black president a;d blacks who are doctors and important things. They are macking a big deal out of nothing The police officer could of killed a white person just as easily.


I agree


WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!!! Black people and people of different nationality should be treated the same! We as Christians should set an example! how about this very important piece "All men are created EQUAL" (I emphasized equal) That comes from way back in history. They pushed it away during the civil war are are still pushing it away!

This is Mylee

I agree Riley D.

@ Riley D.

i agree, 2




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