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WORLD Watch News in 3
News Bytes 05/29/2020 25 Comments


WORLD Watch News in 3 is the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, it delivers a lively three-minute roundup of top news headlines. News in 3 is a preview of WORLD Watch, coming in August.

WORLD Watch will be a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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1st Comment

Sad about the Boeing and Amtrak. Ive been on many airplanes, but only one or two trains while in Germany. Anyone else ever ridden trains? Those bones were interesting, and the kookaburra was just plain funny!!!


sorry guys I was going to put a link to it somewhere besides YouTube, but i couldn't find it on Vimeo or Worldkids! Sorry! :( Maybe they will put it on one of those later!

Cool, but I don't get the

Cool, but I don't get the point of the Kookaburra. What is its purpose exactly?

@Lena P

I think it is just supposed to make people laugh.

@ Riley D.


adding on to my above comment...

I watched that part of the video and it makes a bit more sense now.

That's sad

With so many people losing their jobs, this is really going to effect lots of people.

8th comment! P.S. This is Caro

Did anyone watch to the very end of the video? It was super funny!

@Riley D

I have ridden on TONS of airplanes bc we used to live in China. I've also been on a train a few times (in China). 14 hour flights are not very fun. Thats cool about the mammoth. I think I'm about to learn about paleontology in science (Apologia Middle School General Science [3rd Edition])

This is Mylee

I have never been on a real train before,but I have been on an airplane a couple of times. The mammoth bones were cool! The Kookaburra was funny I bet people inside thought it was funny.

i know this is random but....

....does anyone know if new news bytes are posted on sat. and sun.? We just started doing Worldteen and wondered if anyone knew:)!

@Belwyn R

News Bytes are only posted on weekdays. The World Watch videos are also only on YouTube on weekdays.
@Caro. I did watch until the end. It was really funny!

Air travel

I have been on an airplane a bunch of times, but all of them have been between the same two airports. They were all about three and a half hours in length.
Here is the one from WORLDkids!
@Caro: I did! I just laughed. It was funny! "you can leave now, its over! Subscribe!" Lol!! hahaha!
@Belwyn R: Yeah, like Cortney said, it is only on weekdays. They put a world watch usually every friday.

@Cortney K. and @ Riley D.

Thank you guys so much!!! :-) :-) :-)

@Belwyn R

You're Welcome!!! And so I feel really, really, really, really, really, really really, dumb and awkward asking this, but are you a boy or a girl, because I could see the name going both ways. Sorry! Like I said, I feel weird asking that sort of question. NO OFFENCE!!!!!

@Riley D and Belwyn R

Same here!
(Honestly though, I would like to know that about both of you. No offense!)

@Cortney K

You're fine!!!!!! I am a girl! Sometimes I feel so weird asking that, you know!?!?!


Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with a bunch of used shotgun shells? I have lots of them and thought it would be neat to make something out of them, but can't think of anything useful, cool looking, and that would work! Help! The colors are red and yellow.

@Cortney K. and @ Riley D.

we're girls. belwyn is part my name and part her name. when i ( bel ) comment i put @ everyone and when she ( wyn ) comments she puts :) :) :) :). so now you know
( and don't feel awkward ;) ) ( @ Riley we've always ( sorry i know i just said don't feel awkward but right now i kind of do :) ) wondered the same about you :) :) heheheheheheheheheheheheheh )

@Cortney K. and @ Riley D.

oh and we are sisters :) !!!!!

@Belwyn R

Ok! Glad to know! Thanks! Yeah, Riley can be boy or girl, but I am a girl!

@Belwyn R

But aren't we all brothers and sisters in Christ? It is awesome that we are!

@Riley D

I know, it's great! Most of the people that use this site are Christians, because all of the content on here comes from a Christian worldview.

@ Cortney K.

i'm soooooo glad there is a place 4 christian teens to come and keep up 2 date w/ the world. don't u? and safely too!

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