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WORLD Watch News in 3
News Bytes 05/22/2020 37 Comments


WORLD Watch News in 3 is the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, it delivers a lively three-minute roundup of top news headlines.

News in 3 is a preview of WORLD Watch, coming in August. WORLD Watch will be a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

(Winds at 100 miles per hour met water to create Cyclone Amphan, which hit hard in India and Bangladesh.)

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1st comment!!!

Yay! Finally it's on here!

These Articles

I think they are just posting these when they don't have anything to write an article on.

To above

It seems like they only post them on Fridays instead of a news byte.

@Kara N

I agree. It seems that they post these every Friday.


I don't think it's that. They're just doing their job and giving us variety.


Yay for variety!!!

Good video!

Good video!




They do these everyday on YouTube but just Friday on here.

This is Mylee ❤️

This is sad about the flood. The baby thing is sad too my family is going on 8 and too the world that is crazy. Abortion and tubal reversals are so sad. My grandfather has a spot in that grave yard reserved for him when he dies. He was a spy in the Navy.

Every Friday

They put them on here every Friday. Mylee, that is neat about your grandpa. I have a cousin once removed in the Navy. I have been to Arlington and seen the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is sad about the baby thing. My family is big like yours, and like you said, most people think that it is so crazy and how can you do so many kids? They are a gift from God!!!!!!! Also, could y'all pray for my grandma she is in the hospital. Her legs are really hurting her she had a fever and really red, swollen spots on her legs. She can take a lot of pain, and it got too bad for her she went to the ER this morning. I don't think it is critical, but still...... thanks!!!

This is Mylee

I will pray


Thanks!! :) She is out now and is going to get some antibiotics. I just hate that she is in pain all the time. Her knees are bad, so it is hard for her to walk. Thanks again! :) :) :)

This is Mylee

Your welcome

I can't watch the video but

I can't watch the video but @Riley D: This is kinda random but I have 7 (including my siblings) biological siblings but in different parts of the country/state.

@Riley D

Please see the Van Gogh Painting Stolen article again. :)

@Kiara J

sorry i am really bad at this stuff, but what is a biological sibling and how can they be in different parts of the state? Sorry if that sounds super dumb! :)

@Cortney K


World watch
Here is the Memorial Day video. It is a good one. I wonder if they will put it on later today like what happened on Friday. I got it from World kids. It does not have any bad music or night music, FYI NA. :) Has anyone ever thought about being in the military? I have. It would be kinda cool. And the reason the most Americans died in the Civil War was because it was Americans fighting Americans, where as the World Wars or the Revolution, we were fighting against a different country/countries.

@Riley D

Thanks for posting!
Several years ago when I was at Sam's Club, someone gave me and my sister a fake red poppy so I'm guessing that was Memorial Day.
I've always kind of wondered what Decoration Day is in old books but now I know!

This is Mylee

Thanks Riley D. I love that video. I would never want to be in the military. Even if I love my country I would not.

@Riley D

So can you imagine with me? Let's say that your mom had you but LEGALLY gave you (as a baby) to other parents. Now let's say your mom had more children. Those parents (that took you) took some of those kids but parents in...Georgia took some of those other kids. Now all the kids (that the parents in Georgia took) and your birthmother are related BY BLOOD. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I'll see if I can make it easier to understand. That's basically adoption but it's all legal.


Riley you are fine! Not a lot of people understand adoption and that's fine.

@Kiara J

I love adoption. It is one of the most beautiful and compassionate things a person can do. I mean, adoption is taking a child without a real home and taking them as your own. It is so special.


I am not adopted, just so you know, but I have an uncle that was adopted.

@Kiara J

Thanks for explaining! I think I understand now! So the kid is adopted, but when their mother has more kids, they are not necessarily adopted into the same family; they can be adopted into other families. Is that correct? So are you the one adopted or do you have a sibling who is? I love how adoption works. I have a cousin who is adopted. He has some physical problems, but is soooo cute!!!!!! He is in his early years yet!
Your welcome to anyone who thanked me for posting the link!

I don't have time now but

I don't have time now but tomorrow I will see if I can put a good poem on the reminds me of Memorial Day!

The Unknown Soldier

(sorry this will be long it is a poem:)

There's a graveyard near the White House
Where the Unknown Soldier lies,
And the flowers thre are sprinkled
With tears from mother's eyes.

I stood there not so long ago
With roses for the brave,
When suddenly I heard a voice
Speak from out the grave:

"I am the Unknown Soldier,"
The spirit voice began.
"And I think I have the right
To ask some questions, man to man.

"Are my buddies taken care of?
Was their victory so sweet?
Is that big reward you offered
Selling pencils on the street?

"Did they really win the freedom
They battled to achieve?
Do you still respect the Croix de Guerre
Above the empty sleeve?

Does a gold star in the window
Now mean anything at all?
I wonder how my old girl feels
When she hears a bugle call.

"And that baby who sang
"Hello Central, give me no mans land-"
Can they replace her daddy
With a military band?

I wonder if the profiteers
Have satisfied their greed?
I wonder if a soldier's mother
Ever is in need?

"I wonder if the kings, who planned it all
Are really satisfied?
They played their game of checkers
And eleven million died.

" I am the Unknown Soldier,
And maybe I died in vain,'
But if I were alive and my country called,
I'd do it all over again."

Like I said, sorry that was really long!!!! I just think it is such a good one. I recited it at our Veteran's Day service in November. It is called "The Unknown Soldier" written by Billy Rose.

@Riley D

That's beautiful! The message has some truth to it, as well. Sometimes war is worth it when it is for a good cause, but when wars are waged because of greed, I don't think it is worth it.

@Riley D

Yes that's correct. And all of my siblings (3 of them) and I are adopted from the same mom.

@Courtney K

I'm adopted and yes, adoption IS a wonderful thing! :-)

@Kiara J: that is so cool!

@Kiara J: that is so cool!
@Everybody: I glad y'all like the poem. It does have so much meaning. There are so many people now a day that literally give these men that served no thought or thanks. On Veterans Day, we went and thanked a man we knew who had served, and do you know what he told us? He said that that was the first time EVER to be thanked for what he did. And he was like in his sixties or something! We couldn't believe it! All those years and not a single thank you? We now carry around "Thanks for your service" cards to give to veterans we see, or if we see a licence plate that says they are a veteran, we stick on in the window. You know it will make them feel good.


My grandpa is a veteran.


Wow! That is so cool! My great-grandpa is a veteran, and my cousin once removed is in the Navy. One of our very good friends who has taught us a lot about cattle is also a veteran of the Vietnam War. They are super sweet people.

This is Mylee

Amazing poem my grandfather on one side lies in the grave he died, he was in war, but he didn’t want to be buried in Arlington he got buttoned at a church close to his home.My other grandfather is alive but has a spot in Arlington for when he dies.He was in the Navy.

This is Mylee

Opps buried


That is cool!!!

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