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Ravi Zacharias in Heaven
News Bytes 05/19/2020 23 Comments

Christian apologist, author, and broadcaster Ravi Zacharias died earlier today, his family announced. In early May, his family said Zacharias would stop treatment for cancer on his spine. Zacharias was 74.

Zacharias grew up in Delhi, India. As a teenager, he attended a local Youth for Christ (YFC) rally with his siblings. At one meeting, he responded to an altar call.

Despite this interest in spiritual things, Zacharias at one point despaired of life itself, even to the point of self-harm. A YFC worker visited him and shared the truth of John 14:19, where Jesus says, “Because I live, you also will live.”

At age 17, Zacharias accepted Christ as his Savior. He began sharing the gospel publicly at age 19 and even won a preaching contest.

When he was 20, Zacharias moved with his family to Canada. He obtained theological degrees from Ontario Bible College—now Tyndale University College and Seminary—and Trinity International University.

After graduating from Bible college, Zacharias traveled the world preaching. He founded Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) in 1984 to train Christians in formal Christian apologetics (logic and reasoning). Today, RZIM employs about 75 Christian apologists who defend the faith and train Christian leaders around the world.

Zacharias loved the sport of cricket and the culinary arts. He once wrote, “My family still thinks that after I retire, I will open a small restaurant somewhere. If I ever did, it would be for great conversations around a great meal.”

Like many prominent Christian leaders, Zacharias’ life was not without controversy. He faced criticism for occasionally going by “Dr.” Zacharias, despite the fact that his many doctorates were honorary.

Zacharias leaves behind his wife of 48 years, Margie, as well as three adult children and several grandchildren.

(Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias [1946-2020], founder and chairman of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. RZIM @RZIMhq/Twitter)

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First Comment

That's so sad and sweet. But at first I But at first I thought it meant his wife was 48, not that they'd been married for that long!

So sad!!!

Ravi Zacharias is one of my many heroes. I have one of his books, and now I am hugely interested in apologetics. I love his testimony! He grew up in a Hindu family in India.

A Great Christian Man

Ravi was a great teacher and inspired me to defend my faith more. I listened to him every morning, he will be greatly missed.

Enjoy Heaven!

Although I'm sad for us I'm glad that Ravi gets to go to Heaven and be with Jesus.
I really enjoyed listening to him with my grandparents in the morning when I visit them.

5th comment

So Sad! I have to admit I didn't know about him, but he sounds like a great man! My Dad used to play cricket and liked it. I was really surprised when my sister got on and said that there was a second article for today!!!! I didn't know they ever did two in one day. It must have been because he died today and was a great man.

Whoops!! We posted at the

Whoops!! We posted at the same time!

I've never heard of him, but

I've never heard of him, but he sounds cool! It said something about a preaching contest.... What exactly is that? Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it seems to me that the preaching of God's word shouldn't be placed in "contests" so to speak, but I don't know much about the subject so I should probably keep my mouth shut. :) Does anyone know what it is, in detail?

That's sad that he died of

That's sad that he died of cancer, but now he's free from pain. And Riley D., WORLDteen would sometimes do two articles in a day but this is the first time they've done it in awhile.

sad :(

I agree Kiara J...

This is Caro

It's sad that he died, but I

It's sad that he died, but I'm really happy that he is with his Savior! After all of these years of preaching Christ, now he gets to meet Him! How exciting! My dad has actually met him (Mr. Zacharias, not Jesus), and gone to a few of his speeches. We prayed for his family last night at supper.

@Bella C

I think a preaching contest is an event where judges asess the contestents on their ability to effectively transmit an idea to an audience. They can be Christian, or they could be "preaching" about some other subject.

@ Cortney K


@Courtney K

Oh, that makes a lot more sense! Thanks!

@Bella C

You're welcome!

7th comment in the world!!!!!!!

Have you ever heard the quote, (something like this) "Thinkers should be believers and believers should be thinkers" - Ravi Zacharias

@David P

No I haven't! But I like it a lot!

@David P

I have never heard that quote, but it sounds like a good one!

@David P

Never heard it, but it's a good one!

@hello all

wait it goes like this:"Helping the thinker believe and the believer think" J:

@ David P

Neat quote!


I like it to.


be sure to look at the whale of a diet and van gogh painting stolen again. find it in search. (;

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