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WORLD Watch News in 3
News Bytes 05/15/2020 28 Comments


WORLD Watch News in 3 is the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, it delivers a lively three-minute roundup of top news headlines. News in 3 is a preview of WORLD Watch, coming in August. WORLD Watch will be a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

(Sports with no fans? One soccer team came up with a creative idea and included 6,000 of their fans on cardboard cutouts.)

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1st Comment

It is cool that people are exposing themselves to help others. I know two people who have Parkinson's disease. I wonder if it would help them? That would be LOT of cardboard for all those fake fans!!!!!! But honestly, if it were me playing, i would probably like empty stands or real people instead of fake ones. Do any of y'all play sports? if not, which one would you want to play? We don't really do sports because one, in MOST girl's sports, they wear short shorts and we don't do that, and 2: we are pretty busy already and don't need more on our plate. But we play all kinds of sports at home, and I think i would want to play either basketball or volleyball. Also, who goes to VBS? I do, and mine is in June. I just hope they don't cancel it for two reasons. 1: it is one that really focuses on God and not snacks, games and music, and 2: it is my last year to go, and I was looking forward to it!

Cool! I liked the part about

Cool! I liked the part about sports teams putting the cardboard cutouts of fans in the stadium. Even if they aren't actually there, it would be easier to pretend.

@ Riley D.

I do VBS with my grandparents, sister, and cousins, but it might get canceled this year.

@Lena P

That is cool!! You must have a lot of cousins!! We go to a Mennonite church. W aren't Mennonites, but are good friends with some of them. They are good people.

About the video, and response to Riley D

Wow, those volunteers are really doing good things for the greater good!

And I volunteer in a nursing home, several of the residents there have Parkinson's, so I'm very glad that there might be a cure soon!

Riley D, I don't go to VBS, but for the past two years, I've helped out at a small dance camp at a local baptist church. They always ask my studio to send someone over, and they usually send one of the teachers, and me as an assistant. It's really fun!

@Riley D

We usually do VBS at our grandparents' church but it was canceled this year. I was going to be a helper for the first time.

8th comment!

I agree Lena P (;


Hey, so I know last week you said something about the night music and not being able to watch it etc. I respect your views, even if they aren't the same as mine. So i thought that, if i recall right, there is only music at the beginning and end and not in the actual news, so could you just skip to the news part and not hear the music? Just an idea because I know you might want to listen to the news, but can't just because of the music they put on. I don't think it is fair.


Oh and that was Caro in the 8th comment

This is Mylee

I am glad people are willing to get exposed for others. The cardboard fans look funny ,they are probably people who signed up but it got canceled. So they asked to take a picture of them,so they can be in the stands. Riley D. I don’t play any sports but I like Basketball. I might join my homeschool league in my town. My cousin does volleyball but she wears sport tights underneath the short shorts . Basketballs shorts are preety long but you could wear sport tights underneath if you feel more comfortable. This year was my last year of VBS too so I am sad if it gets canceled. I got one a Baptist Church for VBS but I am not Baptist. I also go to my next door neighbour’s church for VbS on the same week one in the morning and one at night. It’s in June so I hope it’s not canceled.:) :)

P.s. this is Mylee

Not got. Go to sorry

P.s. this is Mylee

Not got. Go to sorry

@ Riley and about the article

Yeah, but it's still faint in the middle. But I still watch part of it. I hope that they can help with parkinsons disease! My grandma has that. It would be wonderful if she would be cured. And those cardboard fans? That is creative! Nice.
Hope they can speed up coronavirus vaccines!
I like soccer and I want to learn tennis.


I love basketball it’s my fav sport I used to do it but I haven’t for awhile vbs is so much fun I also am so excited to teach next year.i hope it’s not cancelled it’s my last year:( Has anyone been on a cruise I haven’t but I really want to. Lena P I go with my sisters and my cousins too XD

Love it!

I'm loving these videos. I watch them on YouTube every day. I love the way they put all the news into such a short video. It's really cool.


How many of you have finished the school year? My sisters and I finished our homeschool studies last week.

@Courtney K

I finished my math and I'm working on Language (language arts) and Reading but I'm almost done.
Can't watch it:-(

This is Mylee

Today is my last day of school ! I am going to the beach this Monday things are closed but the beach isn’t we cannot wait to get out of the house.

Courtney K., we finished

Courtney K., we finished school today!! And Riley D., I should have said I GO to VBS with my grandparents and cousins, not do. I actually have only two cousins that I go to it with. Sorry if I caused any confusion!

@Mylee S and Lena P

Do you have any idea what you are going to do with all your free time? I'm still trying to think of more ideas! :)

This is Mylee

I like to play basketball a lot and go swimming. I also like to play with my neighbours also I play electronics one weekends for only 2 hours at night 40mi. Friday night 40 min. Saturday night, unless it is a family movie. I love writing to my pen pals as well.

@ Courtney K.

We have a few things planned but not much. Mom said that this is our longest school break ever (10 weeks), but we can't enjoy it in the same way that we've enjoyed our other summer breaks. Ironic, right? But, hopefully God will bring good out of this- We'll have way more opportunities for family time and stuff, that's for sure!

@Everyone who replied to me

Hey! that is really cool! Lena, no confusion now! all clear!
@Cortney K: We are not quite finished with school yet. I will finish a few things this coming week, but we should be done with everything by the end of May. We finish late because we start late, like at the end of September because we are soo busy with harvest and garden stuff.

@Everyone who replied to me

I finished on the 8th, and after a week of summer break, we were all ready to get back to school! :) Today I started a few 9th grade classes just to keep from being bored.

@Cortney K

Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!! That is so funny!!!! But there is so much to do here, I don't think we will have time to go on so soon! but that is actually a really good idea to start ahead while people are in lockdown, so that you have more time when this CV is over. Cool thinking!!!!

@Courtney K

I totally understand. I mostly finished April 28th and if I wasn't doing Khan Academy and state history and other stuff I would be pretty much dead by now.

@ BethSarah G

I love Khan Academy! Well, I've only done math missions and JavaScript coding. But it's really fun!

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