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Fake Trees Pump Real Oxygen
News Bytes 03/30/2020 18 Comments


Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

The engineers at a newly started German company called Green City Solutions probably can’t match Joyce Kilmer for poetry. And they certainly can’t make a real tree. But that hasn’t stopped them from making fake trees. And now the company has installed artificial trees across London, England. Its CityTrees are designed and built to efficiently absorb urban pollution.

According to the company’s website, the CityTree is the world’s first bio-tech filter that has been able to considerably improve air quality.

A CityTree is a tower filled with different types of mosses. The spongy simple plants take in microscopic airborne particles and toxins, like nitrogen dioxide. The tall structures give off oxygen. According to design magazine Dezeen,each artificial tree is able to produce as much clean air as 275 real trees.

The solar-powered CityTrees are designed to collect rainwater. A fully automated irrigation system distributes moisture evenly to the mosses.

Green City Solutions explains on its website that the CityTrees also contain Internet-of-Things technology to gather environmental information about the trees’ surroundings. CityTrees also monitor their own performance.

The engineered trees have the ability to create an immense cooling effect all around themselves since mosses store large amounts of moisture.

London is hoping CityTrees are as well received as they have been in Oslo, Paris, Brussels, and Hong Kong. We hope so too! The only thing we don’t like about CityTrees is that you can’t climb them!

(A 3-D rendering shows a CityTrees tower in a public space. AP)

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Most recent comments

That's great! When I first

That's great! When I first saw the picture I thought the "trees" were walls with ancient writing on them.

@ Alaina

Do you live in the UK because I saw the time says 4am in American time.


I meant it said 4 on the comment you wrote.


How do you access the video? I don't see a link like normal, but it says on the picture that there's a video.

I think it's awesome that the

I think it's awesome that the thing that makes these trees work is the moss that God made. There are a lot of other factors too, of course, but let's face it- We just can't create what God can!


This is a great idea.


That would be neat to see around here.
Here is the link to the video:
I wonder if they can make it smell like flowers? I wonder when they are going to start poping up where I live.


I wonder who wrote that Poem? That made me laugh. XD

@ Nadia

me too ;)

Janna (Daniel's sister)

That is a little weird, but cool!

That is actually kinda cool!

That is actually kinda cool! Great idea!

@ Mirela

No. I don't live anywhere near the United Kingdom.

@ Alaina

Ok sorry. I was just wondering.

@ NA.

Thanks for the link! How did you find that?

15th comment

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone else heard that guy that collected a lot of polution and made brick? Click like if you like this idea( it is under the picture

This is Sarah

I think it is a little weird and it looks a bit odd too. Just imagen walking around saying how nice the "Trees" were.
But if it improves the air quality a lot then it could be really good for peoples health.

@ Lena

Oh. I went on the other video and it clicked on the WorldNewsGroup icon on Vimo and then it popped up. Imsaw it the other day before this came out, so I knew where it was.


Haha yeah!

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