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Losing Senses: Key to Virus?
News Bytes 03/26/2020 32 Comments


Can’t stop and smell the roses? Got no taste . . . literally? Experts say a loss of these two senses might be an early sign of pandemic virus infection. But on the bright side, some think the loss might help doctors screen for the coronavirus.

Some viral infections can cause of loss of smell. That’s because nasal inflammation can hinder airflow and the ability to detect odors. The sense of smell usually returns when the infection clears up. But in a few cases, smell loss can continue. In some cases, it’s permanent.

Now, there’s “good evidence” about the connection between the new coronavirus and loss of smell and taste. A group of British ear, nose, and throat doctors studied infected patients in South Korea, China, and Italy. They screened the people for loss of smell. In South Korea, some 30% of those who tested positive for the coronavirus cited loss of smell as the major complaint in otherwise mild cases.

So screening for smell might be useful in spotting infected people without other symptoms—fever, coughing, and shortness of breath—of coronavirus, the doctors say.

American doctors also note “rapidly accumulating” evidence from around the world that the pandemic disease can cause not only loss of smell but also a diminished sense of taste. The appearance of such symptoms in people without another explanation should alert medical staff to the possibility of a COVID-19 infection.

Dr. Eric Holbrook, an expert on nasal and sinus disease in Boston, says the reports have been a hot topic among researchers and doctors. The reports he’s seen suggest the sense of smell returns within a couple weeks. But exactly how long the loss could last isn’t known.

“We don’t have hard evidence right now,” Holbrook says, about how often smell loss occurs in people infected with the pandemic virus.

He also notes that it’s difficult to measure loss of taste—mostly because people with a poor sense of smell often report a loss of taste. Holbrook and others are working to distinguish between got-a-cold-and-nothing-has-flavor bad taste and the much more serious coronavirus kind.

(People maintain physical distance to buy groceries outside a store during the coronavirus pandemic in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

They are so clever to work out these things! I better watch out in case I start losing my taste or smell!

Did you hear about the man

Did you hear about the man who was 37 years old and died from Coronavirus?

Mirela J

I have hear about a lot of people who've died from the corona virus honestly lol. Though it's not really funny. But I really wish people would stop panicking and buying so much toilet paper. I honestly don't understand humans sometimes.

I'm glad they spotted this,

I'm glad they spotted this, but it makes me even more scared to get the virus now. Guess I'll just have to keep being careful and staying at home.

This is good news!

It's good that they've figured this out! The more information we have, the quicker people will go get tested. when they start having the symptoms.

@ Bella

I agree. But theres a problem. Theres NO tests! My family has all the mild symptoms of conoravirse and so my mom called our mayor,or state representative, the health department, the hospital, our family physician, another hospital. And the heath department told her that they have zero tests and are not testing anyone. The mayor's office said to call the health department, and the doctor and hospital said that they WILL. NOT tests you, unless you are dying because they want to save the tests for doctors and nurses. That's a big problem. No tests whatsoever.

Red eyes is a symptom too. I

Red eyes is a symptom too. I hope this helps people be tested!

I hope this helps! (Fingers

I hope this helps! (Fingers crossed)


Anyone who wants prayer just say so and I will pray for you/your family

Janna (Daniel's sister)

People under the age of 18 can die as easily from the virus as old people. So we should all be as worried about our grandparents as we should be about ourselves. Did you hear that Prince Charles has COVID-19? He's probably going to die from it because he's 70.................My family is quarantined for 2 weeks starting today.

That is interesting.... @ NA

That is interesting.... @ NA I guess they are saving the test for them , because they come in contact with more immune compromised people.
It can be scary but God is in control!!! When life is crazy He is steady!!!

@ Daniel

No I didn’t know Prince Charles had Covid-19. Yep he’s probably gonna die.

Philippians 4:6

Interesting. So last night my mom said to my dad and grandma "Kiara said dinner smells good but I don't smell it." We had a bag of cookies and my dad told my mom "Can you smell this?" My mom said "Yes." Anyways my family is memorizing Philippians 4: 4-9 and verse 6 says "Do not be anxious about anything but in everything, in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to GOD.

It's annoying that everyone's

It's annoying that everyone's hording toilet paper, bc THEY'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO NEED IT!!! HELLO!!
@Mirela There are a lot of people who have died from Covid 19. But I don't think I've heard about him in particular. Was he someone famous or something?
The number of coronavirus cases in Europe topped 250,000, more than half of which are in hard-hit Italy and Spain. Italy reports 712 deaths in a day. Though so far I think no one has died who's under 9!
@Kiara Well I hope your mom is not infected! :(
Also that is a good verse!
@Janna Yikes I didn't hear that! Prince Charles is next in line to the throne!!

@ Beth H

I know! Toilet paper is in desperate need all over the world.
It seems like when something bad happens globally, everyone runs to buy all the toilet paper they can get. It's just what panicking humans do I guess.

@ Beth

I don’t think he was famous, I was just wondering if anyone heard seeing as he was quite young to die from Coronavirus.


People are getting arrested here for coughing on the police. ARRESTED...Eek! Is it the same there?

@ Mirela

Um..I don't think least not where I live.

@ N A


@NA Yeah nk

@NA Yeah nk
@Mirela Oh okay just wondering. Also were they coughing on the police on purpose cuz if they weren't than...... you gotta love the police force #sarcasm!


Tho I did hear about a guy who was going around and coughing on people on purpose and he was arrested for terrorist assault! Which is good I guess.


I think that guy was crazy

My Theory

I also think he doesn't have any Toilet Paper.

@ Janna

Yeah I knew Prince Charles had the virus but did you know that he is using homeopathy? If you don't know what that is let me know.
Actually if anyone doesn't know what homeopathy is let me know.


I hope queen Elizabeth don't get it too

@ Beth

yeah on purpose. I don’t think you could cough on The Police by accident!:-P


Yeah, I just meant like you get pulled over or something and you cough but don't cover your mouth, I don't know lol!

People are doing all kinds of crazy things!

Where I live, there was one woman who went around and coughed on all the produce in the grocery store. The store had to toss out ALL of the produce, and it was worth a lot of money. Not helpful because there is a grocery shortage!!!!

@Bella C

That's terrible!! I'm glad they saw her at least!!!!!

Kiara J

I don't know what homeopathy is

@ Kiara J

I do t know what that is.

small town

your guyses life is pretty crazy. im not much effected

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