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Rolling Up Their Sleeves for a Fight
News Bytes 03/20/2020 22 Comments


Brave people roll up their sleeves and clench their teeth. They’re ready to fight—fight the coronavirus, that is. They’re the first humans to try out an experimental vaccine that could take on the new and dangerous virus that’s sweeping the world. Healthy volunteers in Seattle, Washington, are getting shots to see if the potential COVID-19 vaccine works.

Study participant Jennifer Haller waited to get an injection. “Everybody is feeling so helpless right now, and I’ve realized that there was something that I could do to help.”

Dr. Lisa Jackson is the Kaiser Permanente company’s lead investigator on the study. “We are conducting the first test of the first vaccine against the new coronavirus that has made it this far to be eligible for testing in humans. So we’re getting the first information possible about something that could potentially help in the future.”

She reassures, “There’s no chance of getting coronavirus from the vaccine. The vaccine is not made from the virus. It does not have any part of the virus. It includes a genetic code that instructs the cells in the body to make a protein that the virus has in order to induce an immune response against that protein.”

“About 45 people will get the vaccine. And we’ll closely follow them throughout their 13 months of being in the study and look for reactions to the vaccine, as well as any other health events that they might have during that period.”

“Going from not even knowing that this virus was out there, which we then identified it as being the cause of infection in China in January, to having a vaccine that we can actually initiate a clinical trial in about two months is unprecedented.”

Jennifer Haller says before leaving the clinic, “I hope that we get to a working vaccine quickly and that we can save lives.”

 The Seattle experiment is one of several worldwide efforts testing potential COVID-19 vaccines. Even if the research goes well, experts say a vaccine would not be available for widespread use for 12 to 18 months.

We put our hope in the Lord. He is our help and our shield. — Psalm 33:20

(Jennifer Haller poses at home after becoming the first person to receive a test shot of a potential vaccine for COVID-19, Monday, March 16, 2020, in Seattle, Washington. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

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Oh my word, it will take over

Oh my word, it will take over a year to create a vaccine that can have widespread use?! Sigh...

I wish they could do it

I wish they could do it faster but I guess they have to be safe . . .

Hope this works fast.

I am glad they are doing this. But I wish they could do it faster...
I hope this thing goes away fast...toilet paper is not in stock.....

wow! they came up with something fast!

this is great. i think the reason they can't let it out for widespread use is that they have to watch how the people they tested it on do. i hope it works!

I couldn't watch when they

I couldn't watch when they gave people shots in the video. @Lily S I agree

13 months! What if it gets

13 months! What if it gets worse!? Also are the vaccines good for you? Like what if they have something that's bad for the body. And it might not even work. I know I'm not being positive and I do hope it works but you have to think of the down side. A verse that is helpful is Philippians 4:4-9. My family is memorizing it.

This is a P.S comment

Ouch! I was cringing watching that video when the man was getting a shot! And he didn't even make a face!

@ Caro and Tommy

I know! I was feeling sick watch it!


My family and many of my church members talked to each other with our computers

@ Treion

Ah, yes. We do that as well.


My mom found out that someone's church had this idea. They drove to the church parked in the parking lot and...(drumroll please) had church service in the parking lot! :-D

Even School................(sigh)...............................

our school (cc) has a "website" and i can *talk* to my friends and teachers on it(about school of course)
i do logic, math, latin, writing, science, and violin.
im in 8th grade(a year ahead of my age)

@Glorianna B

My CC campus is using Zoom. Challenge A is having it's first Zoom meeting Wednesday.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

I was showing this video to my dad a long time ago, and he couldn't watch the people getting their shots because it grosses him

Beth G

My youth group is using Zoom to meet.


Anyone who wants prayed for just comment and I will pray for you

@ Caro and Tommy

Me. My family needs prayer.

@ N&M.A

Ok thank you for telling me N&M.A

@ Caro and Tommy

Thanks form praying. My brother has a concussion, my mom has coronavirus symptoms, I have gastroparesis, and our plumbing just backed up and won't work. That's just a few things we need prayer for.


Your welcome N&M.A you are on my prayer list


I will pray for you too

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Thank you so much.

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