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Virus Test Breakthrough
News Bytes 03/17/2020 48 Comments


Testing for the new coronavirus, COVID-19, is emerging as key in the battle against the disease. Now Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche says the company has received emergency approval from U.S. authorities for a faster test.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams says coronavirus infections are expected to continue rising in America in the coming weeks. But he claims the U.S. has “turned the tide” on testing, a critical part of tracking and containing pandemics (diseases that have spread worldwide).

Meanwhile, global authorities are applying pressure to testing labs. They want the labs to speed up results. Previous testing often took at least 24 hours.

But now doctors in the fight against COVID-19 may have a new weapon. Roche’s testing system provides results in just 3 ½ hours. Quick results mean the system can handle more than 4,000 tests per day.

Sadly, a series of missteps hobbled early U.S. testing efforts. These included flaws with the testing kits first distributed by the federal government and various hurdles that held up testing by private laboratories.

Winning U.S. approval means Roche’s system is also approved for use in many other countries.

The Swiss firm is pushing its factories to the limit. It wants to produce as many test kits as possible as the numbers of COVID-19 patients keeps rising. As Adams tells reporters, “We are at a critical . . . point in this country.”

Roche is now in talks with U.S. authorities over deploying more test systems to infection hotspots around the country, where they are most needed. Those sites include Washington state, where most of the nation’s coronavirus deaths have occurred.

What a comfort that Psalm 46:1 still holds true: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”!

(An employee of the Swiss drug maker Roche works in a lab at the company’s headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Reuters)

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Most recent comments

Good! Now maybe things will

Good! Now maybe things will get back to normal soon. I sure hope so...




I hope they get millions of these into the U.S so everyone can just go in and get a test. We have tried to get a tests but they said You can't get a test unless you have server symptoms. : (
I am glad they are doing this! I hope this whole thing ends because at some point with the whole world on lock down and no one working and making money then the money is gonna run out.

This needs to work

I just want to get back to normal where we can have normal lives with SPORTS!!!!




That's really cool!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Yes, we totally need My spring volleyball season might get canceled, so hopefully we can get the Caronavirus under control...........

To Above

My brothers travel soccer stopped as well...

History in the making

Well, this is going down in the history books. And if we live through it, well have stories to tell of how all the toilet paper dissapeared if nothing else.

Nadia A

Haha! I was just talking about that.


I'm glad they made a faster way to test for the COVID-19. I have friends in Washington so I'm kind of worried. I hope the COVID-19 will slow down or stop all together.

Very funny thing

My football club has cancelled all sessions. they are sending out videos so we can still ‘keep fit’. My mum saw this hilarious video on Facebook that someone had posted. It was a single toilet roll and it was instead of a football. So all the football players were like chasing this toilet roll and falling and fighting for it! Hahaha. And the caption was ‘what it’s like going to the shops at the moment!’ Hahahahaha the video is just hilarious. In our main shop, the whole isle aisle of toilet paper is empty! Well it was.

Oh my goodness, toilet paper

Oh my goodness, toilet paper is gone here! Even when we get a shipment, people rush to get it and they get it in huge amounts!

14th comment

This is virus is crazy! I'm sad because all the events are canceled/postponed or they are online. Our library closed, I wish I had gotten more books :( at least there are online libraries ..... But I'm glad they are making more test kits

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Wow this is crazy. People are going insane over this. In Arizona there is no toilet paper and people are fighting and EVERYTHING is closed.

To Above

Same here in I.N.!
Only The Lord could shut down all the bars in America. We believers should be praying that sense all the distractions of life are gone now, that people will see there need for God.

Some Fool

Some fool bought $17,00 worth of hand sanitizer to sell on amazon long story short amazon shut him down and he is stuck with a garage full of hand sanitizer


I went to Costco today and guess what? No toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, no soap, no baby wipes, no water bottles, and no rice. We are now eating no snacks, using one sheet of toilet paper per toilet use, one squirt of soap, one tissue paper, and 3 meals a day. Today my Uncle got sent to the hospital with trouble breathing, aches, the koffs, and a high temperature. I sure hope he does not have coronavirus. FYI, he is a dad.


Oh that is so sad! I'll be praying for your whole family. Luckily my family is still doing good on everything except toilet paper.

@ Chachu

I hope he gets better! Every thing is cancelled like I have NOTHING ON MY CALENDAR. Boring...... but I guess it’s for a good cause. Have your guys churches stopped? Mine has. All the services, youth groups(:-( ), everything.


@ chachu hope he gets better
@ everyone EVERYTHING is CANCELLED so like I have NOTHING on my CALEDAR. Boring but I guess it’s for a good cause. Have your guys churches stopped? Mine has. All the services, youth groups(:-( ), everything.

@Mirela J

My school, church, and pretty much everything is canceled, too. Everybody, thank you for praying for my Uncle.

@Mirela J

I also have NOTHING on my calendar. My church is closed but last week they sent out a liturgy and a short sermon so we could sort of do church at home.

@ Chachu B

Oh. That's terrible! I will be praying.

@ Mirela

My church is small so they didn't have to close. They are just cutting down to one Sunday morning service and Wednesday bible study. They canceled Sunday School, Awana, and other lunches and stuff. I am glad our pastor takes it seriously.
You all who don't have a Church now should watch SBN on TV YouTube, Roku, or on the free SBNnow app. It's a church in Louisiana. Please check it out and tell me.

@ Chachu B

I don't know if you are a Christian or not, but believe God for the impossible. I will pray that your family will be able to get supplies soon.

@ Mirela and Beth

All that's in my calendar are event's with a black line through them. : (

My school, church h and youth

My school, church h and youth group got cancelled. Luckily my mom and all my friends moms still let us go to each other's houses and stay the nights so my life is not very boring. It's just like I have a super long spring break filled with friends and family. My mom is doing a lot to get us to connect and still have a good time even though this is horrible. Yesterday we had a Disney Plus marathon and watched like 8 Disney movies. Today we played board games all day and we hung out in the front and backyard and planted a garden. Mostly because there is no fresh food anywhere.

@ Mirela J.

My church was on Facebook live last Sunday, and I think it will stay that way for at least another week, probably way longer.

@Emelia G

Tomorrow I am going to try to make bread in our breadmaker and sometime next week I hope to try making yogurt.

P. S.

You can make yogurt in an InstantPot

@ Bethsarah G

I have an Instapot! I did not know you could make yogurt, though.

@Bethsarah G

We have an Instanpot too and did you know you can make applesauce and cook veggies and meat? My mom also makes yogurt in it.

@Kiara J

I didn't know about applesauce! My mom makes D E L I C I O U S pot roast in her InstantPot.

@Bethsarah G

Yes! Pot roast in the InsantPot is A M A Z I N G!

This is great!!!

I hope things get back to normal soon, my grandmothers birthday is the day after mother's day. I hope a restaurant or something will be open by then!

37th comment!

I am sort of used to home services( church I mean) because I lived most of my life in China and we couldn't go to services because it was dangerous.

@ Caro and Tommy

Oh well then, have you heard of Jimmy Swaggart miniseries? Or the Expositors Study Bible?


My dad's birthday is this week, and we are under quarantine and his brother might have COVID-19. He says this will be the worst birthday of his life... after his 30th B-Day.

@ Chachu B

I'm sorry to hear your uncle has it.
My brother had his birthday in quarantine too...he was not very happy about having to stay indoors and not go any where! Both my brothers are losing it over this quarantine thing! Ha! I'm fine because I stay in my room mostly any whey.


I hope that this can help drop the number of deaths in the U.S.

My best friend had his

My best friend had his birthday plans cancelled too! My brother was still able to go over for a few hours and stay the night so it wasnt horrible but he was really depressed


It’s getting really strict here. The prime minister gave a speech a few days ago saying that you are only allowed to go out for shopping, medical things and exercise. And you are only allowed to buy food when you go shopping. You can only go out ONCE a day for exercise. We were so relieved when he said ‘Parks will stay open’ ! Also, we are not allowed to be in a group of more than 2 people, EXCLUDING your family. If you don’t stick to the rules ‘ the police have a right to use changes against you’ so basically a fine or something like that. I feel like I’m being held prisoner! Or a country where you have a police in your house watching everything you do! And you can’t get away! What’s it like there?


Anyone who wants prayer just say so and I will pray for you/your family

@ Mirela

It's kinda the same but theres no testing where I live and people aren't really listening to it. And we can't meet in groups of 5 excluding your family.

@Caroand Tommy

Thanks your kind! We are could for now though.

@ N A

I think you can get tested here but only if you have the symptoms.

@ Mirela

That's good. Here you can't get tested even if you have trouble breathing, because they're saving the tests for nurses.

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