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Print Me a Fake Steak
News Bytes 02/28/2020 38 Comments


Meat-free vegan burgers are already gaining popularity. But a new food-tech start up business claims its vegan “steak” can not only fool your taste buds into thinking you are eating beef but also offer a more sustainable food supply system.

Novameat says its method of 3-D printing plant-based proteins can produce a vegan meal with the texture and appearance of a real beef steak.

“It is done with a printer so that we can get at the same time the appearance and the texture of a traditional steak,” said Novameat founder Giuseppe Scionti after the first public demonstration of Version 2.0 of the company’s machine on Tuesday.

“We are ordering the fibers as if they were muscular fibers, so we are micro-extruding these filaments so that the plant-based steak has at the same time the appearance and the texture of an actual beef steak.”

Described as a “Nespresso for meat substitutes,” the unusual 3-D printer uses syringes filled with plant-based ingredients. The goop forms a fibrous meat-like structure when extruded, line-by-line, to build up the shape the chef wants.

Printing a steak at the Culinary School of Barcelona, Spain, took around 20 minutes. But it was worth the wait according to students eager to try the finished product.

“I like it,” said one student, chewing a flash-fried piece of seasoned Novameat.

At least two other startups are trying to “print” steaks, but Scionti says they are imitating ground meat like in beef burgers, not recreating the meat micro-fibers as Novameat is doing.

The company estimates that printing two pounds of steak costs about $30 in raw ingredients.

Scionti says he expects that restaurants will buy the first commercial version of his food printer as a novelty. But he hopes to produce a version for home-use as well.

“Imagine a future where somebody can have this machine at home and create customized food in their [sic]kitchen,” he proposes.

Would a meat-making machine be a winning product, or would it be a flash in the pan—wildly popular for only a limited time? Would you put yours on the counter next to your bread maker?

(The syringe of a Novameat 3-D food printer zips back and forth, laying down plant-based ingredients to form a, uh, . . . steak? Reuters)

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1st comment

Cool, but I would never ever eat that! I don’t think I would like it anyways.

And so expensive!

And so expensive!

It didn't look like normal

It didn't look like normal steak when they showed it up close in the video, I think that would hold me back from eating it lol! And also, just think about all the things they'd have to do to make the plants in it to make it taste like meat. I imagine it's very heavily processed lol


They put the wrong picture!

@Vaughn H

They sure did!

Imagine if you were vegan

Imagine if you just switched to vegan, and this is your first year, and you loved steak before, Imagine the relief


These would be so unhealthily processed! In the close-up on the video, it looked like plastic! If you want a steak, you have to eat a steak.
Also, why the name ‘Novameat’ ? A nova is a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually fades. So, is Novameat just supposed to make you think of space and futuristic kitchens?

Cooking steak

Can you get a nice pan-sear on this steak, and can you get it to actually look medium-rare? Also, it looks rather thin.


Wow, it's like a real-life Flint Lockwood Diatomic Super Mutating Dinamic Food Replicator! Weird...

100% GROSS!!!

Iiiwwee!!! That is GrOsS!!! That video is grossing me out! It looks like fabric! It is yucky. There is nothing wrong with eating meat! So just eat meat! And enjoy it because there might come a month where you won't be able to eat!

Fake Steak

20 minutes for that tiny "steak" imagine how long it would take to print a full size one

@Janae S

i believe nova ALSO means new (in latin)


also yuck

Janna (Daniel's sister)


yuk and also ew and also gross and also i would never eat that!!

are youA,B,C,D, all of the above, or iwould absolutely eat that, or none of the above
in ither wirds,
d;I would never ever eat that
e:all of the above
f;I would so eat that
g:none of the above
personally i am an e


They fixed the picture!


i think thats neat but i wouldn't eat it though :/ my dad has a 3d printer and ive printed all sorts of things


What is your favorite thing that you've printed?

@ Mirela

I Agree

3D printing steak doesn't

3D printing steak doesn't seem worth it to me. In the video, it looked so tiny when they were done cooking it! Real steak looks way bigger.


to samuel: Totally!
to all of you: when he tore it apart in the video, it looked like it was made of fabric! AND it never shows that girl actually putting it in her mouth. it just shows her "chewing" it, therefore, how do we know if it actually tastes like they say it does?

I agree

I totally agree with Lillian A.

It's crazy what people will eat these days!


that is so EEEEEWWWWW!

I told my mom and dad and my

I told my mom and dad and my dad was like "What! Did you read this in WORLDteen?" And I'm like "Yeah." And he's like that is CRAZY! But I'm not saying anything against him. I think What in the world! 3-D printed steak. CRAZY!


I didn't mean to type "I think"

@ Lillian A

Her face looks like "this is gross " it looked like fabric and I'm sure it tastes like it! Yuck!


why? why? why? why? why is no one responding to my comment??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

@ Gloriana

Oh! Sorry I didn't see you were asking a question. Well I would say I am a b&d.

@ Gloriana

I'm probably f or a honestly. I like trying new foods so...maybe I would eat that...

@Nadia A&Kiara J

thanks and also kiara are you new???

@Kiara J

i like your name. It is very pretty

I don't think I would want to

I don't think I would want to eat that. It seems disgusting, and pretty much looks like it was made out of plastic. And it's also really expensive. It seems like a waste of time and money, and I wouldn't want a machine that could make it.


Yes I am new. I started WORLDteen in February (not sure what day). Thanks! I like your name too! Also NA is your name Nadia?

@ Kiara

Yes. (blush) It is. it used to say Nadia A and then my mom had me change it for privacy but people still say @ Nadia A. I dont mind . My brother is Massimo MA that's why it's N&MA. : ) but you can just say @NA because my mom had me change it. : )


Okay! I like your name! :-)

@Everybody above

Have you guys and gals seen Frozen 2?


Oops. I actually started WORLDteen in January.

@Kiara J


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