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Protecting the Mice
News Bytes 02/26/2020 34 Comments

Environmentalists and the U.S. Forest Service are at war in Arizona’s White Mountains. Their legal dispute involves roving livestock, trampling horses, and . . . jumping mice.

Several groups filed a lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court. They want cows, horses, and other livestock to stay out of streams and other wetlands. They say the large animals are ruining the native home of an uncommon mouse species.

The suit claims the U.S. Forest Service is violating the Endangered Species Act. How? By failing to maintain fences, round up wild animals, and enforce grazing regulations on forest land in Arizona. The groups say those failures have caused damage to the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse’s habitat.

The rare rodents are called “jumping mice” because when scared, they can leap more than two feet into the air. Jumping mice live near streams. They depend on tall grass to hide from predators. God gave these mice extra-long tails to help them keep their balance—especially when climbing plant stems to reach ripening seeds, a main food source.

Biologists blame drought, wildfires, flooding, and livestock grazing for the rodent’s declining numbers. But critics disagree. They say it’s the fault of free-ranging horses and cows that have trampled the tall grass where the jumping mice jump.

“We entrust the care and protection of these publicly owned treasures to the Forest Service,” says Robin Silver. She’s a cofounder of the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the groups that is suing. Silver claims the Forest Service has “completely [abandoned] its responsibility” and that “the adorable jumping mouse is being pushed closer to extinction.”

Officials in the Forest Service say the agency is working to control livestock access to riverbank and wetland areas—all while balancing water and private land rights.

Meanwhile, the best-laid plans of mice and researchers include monitoring the rodents—by analyzing what they’re eating and using radio collars to track them. Officials hope the information they collect will help spur a population jump for meadow jumping mice.

(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service worker Debra Hill weighs a New Mexico meadow jumping mouse. Stacey Stanford/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via AP, File)

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Frist Comment

Awwww, theyre so cute...

I’m sorry if this is offencive to any of you mouse lovers but...

Yuk! that mouse does not look cute. It looks so... Well you know... a bit... well it gives me the shivers just looking at THAT THING. Oops in the rules it says ‘ Be respectful of everyone, including other readers as well as individuals in news stories.’ Ummmm I think that includes the mouse! Haha Oh well.

Even though I said that I

Even though I said that I still hope they help the creatures survive.


Well, I guess I can understand why people are upset about this. That mouse is ADORABLE. I hope this gets resolved peacefully!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Mice! Seriously, where is this country going??????? Mice are the ones that dig holes in the pastures that cows and horses step in and break their legs! They also are some of the most destructive rodents. You'd think the people who are trying to make this decision wouldn't be so dumb..........


What? People go out if their way to protect mice, and they stand up for child murder?
That's nice, save the mice but...what's the point? I don't think this is necessary.


If the horses were kept out they wouldn't step in the holes or hurt the mice.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Nadia is right. The US government just signed a bill to legalize infanticide. So then why should I work my hardest trying to save mice while infanticide is happening everywhere. Humans are way more important than mice!!!!! Humans were made in the image of GOD not mice!!!!! @BethSarah G-if there weren't mice there wouldn't be farm animals dying......

I totally agree with Janna and Nadia

Now I’ve thought about it, I totally agree with Janna and Nadia. Humans are way more important yet people go about saving animals while they are killing their own family, basically. It’s just not right. God says we are more important than any living thing on earth. I’ve just googled ‘ are humans more important than animals’ just out of interest and well, wow. Harvard professor ‘ animals are just as important as people. ‘ harvard university, ‘ animal rights’, ‘human lives are not more important than animal lives’. That’s how far away people have gone from God.


If there weren't mice important things they do for the eco-system wouldn't happen. I agree that humans are WAY more important, but we still need to take care of the world God has given us.

@BethSarah G @N&M. A

I saw one of those mice once, super cute, agree with N&M. A though. But I think that there's a point to saving mice and animals in general, I don't think that we should just let them die out, but I also think it's silly to save mice and then turn around and call for abortion.

Janna (Daniel's sister) @BethSarah G

If you want those mice to live put them in a zoo are move them somewhere else. Because the animals that give us food are more important than mice. And what benefits do mice give the world? Their at the bottom of the food chain except for maybe bugs which most of those can be controlled by chemicals.

@ Family P

This is NA (the sister) by the way. MA is the brother.

@ Janna

Go to the American pew article please.
Your pentecost friend,
Nadia A. : D

hamsters are way more adorable than mice but is that just me????

mice get into our chicken coops


Mice eat seeds, insects, and vegetation.

Janna (Daniel's sister) @BethSarah G

So then how does that help humans?


If there were no mice I bet in some places there would be way too many insects and vegetation. God created everything for a special reason and while I agree that God has given humans the authority to rule over the earth and that humans are the only one of His creations that have the certain rights we have, God does not want us to abuse our authority and exterminate animals from the face of the earth because they annoy us.

Janna (Daniel's sister) @BethSarah G

Then why not move them to zoo's and other places and let the people who own the cattle and horses decide where they go?


In zoos they aren't in their natural habitat helping with the eco-system there.
If you were an owl how would you feel if all the mice you loved to snack on disappeared?


Yes God's creation is good! God has a purpose and a plan but...People are WAY more important than animals. Humans have souls! But If......there is no creator then we do not have eternal souls and animals and people are then same,All coming from a common ancestor. Then Why not try to save the animals with laws, protect them, and say they are equal to man, if not more important? BUT......because there is in fact a Creator, The God of the universe,We do have eternal souls! And people are more important because they DO have souls. God created everything to glorify Him. So to a certain extent protecting His creation is good but putting animals over humans...that is not okay.

Janna (Daniel's sister) @BethSarah G

I wouldn't because they could've been moved to a different area. The people who own the land should be able to decide what they want done with it not the government.


You can ask your mom to find a few articles that you are allowed to read for you. If your parents get the WORLD magazine there was a good article in the most recent issue about the pro-life movement from 1990 to 2020.

To Above

I'll stick to WORLDteen. We only get WORLDteen and WORLDkids which WORLD kids never came this month. : (
But thanks any whey. : )

Random thought

@Nadia and Gloriana thanks a lot for reading, guys

Also i was thinking that if they delete it, it means that they've read it... *taps head knowingly*


By Gloriana, I meant Bethsarah. Obviously :) My bad

@ Josh

Do you think they'll respond? Do they do that? Can they do that? I think I it would be interesting if they responded to you. : )
(Please don't delete this)

@ Josh

I think they deleted your comment...

I think...

First of all, I think the mouse is ADORABLE. But that's mostly just me cause I think ALL animals are cute. Any-who, while I agree that human lives are more important then animal lives, God also gave us responsibility over the Earth and the animals. So I think that if we just let the mice off or not protect them then we're not really taking full responsibility for the job God gave us. But that is my opinion, if anyone disagrees then we disagree, lets not fight.


Why. Why would you do such a terrible thing. I am utterly crushed to the core of my being.
Sarcasm is really hard in comments, but I'm trying.

@ Josh

You are making me laugh.
Sorry about your comment. ; [


And I even asked nicely too...

*shrugs *

*shrugs *

@ Josh

I'm sorry.

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