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Rare Snow in Baghdad
News Bytes 02/12/2020 15 Comments

Iraq’s capital of Baghdad awoke yesterday to a sight not seen in over a decade—the city covered in calming snow. But after months of protest, the stillness is likely as fleeting as the snowflakes.

It was a rare break for the war-torn city. Children played in parks, lobbing snowballs before the fluffy flakes disappeared and the white blanket dissolved into gray puddles. Many residents took selfies.

Iraq has grappled with months of unrest. It began with an anti-government protest movement in October. Then came the death of a top Iranian general in Baghdad in early January. Since then, the entire region has teetered close to war as tensions between the United States and neighboring Iran keep increasing.

Over 500 people have died in the Middle East protests—mostly as security forces used live ammo rounds and tear gas to disperse crowds in Baghdad and southern Iraq.

In Baghdad’s central Tahrir Square, surprised protesters took a moment to observe the snowfall and dust the flakes off their sit-in tents.

“Thank God it is snowing this morning,” says Aymen Ahmed, a protester, probably referring to Allah. “The atmosphere is beautiful . . . the people are very happy because this is the first time snow falls in Iraq.”

Annual snowfall is common in the mountainous northern region of Iraq but very rare in Baghdad. The last time the capital saw snow was in 2008.

By midday, the snow had melted in most parts of the city. “It was a beautiful moment,” says Mariam, another protester. She gave only her first name, fearing punishment like most anti-government protesters.

“Now life goes back to normal.”

God sent the snow to Baghdad. (Psalm 147:16) How is precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) an example of God’s grace to all humankind?

For He makes His Sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. — Matthew 5:45

(Iraqi children play in the snow in Baghdad, Iraq, on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. AP Photo/Ali Abdul Hassan)

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Most recent comments

That is so cool (ha ha, no

That is so cool (ha ha, no pun intended), I love snow! Did anyone else get snow recently?

What a blessing! (And response to Lena P)

Wow, I'm so glad that they got even just a few hours of peace to just enjoy God's creation! What a blessing!
In response to Lena P, we hardly ever get snow because it is very warm where I live. Right now, it's so warm outside that we can wear short sleeves!

@Bella C

It is currently raining where I live so we can't wear short-sleeves outdoors yet, but the day will probably come soon! I get snow about once every two years.
How are those boys wearing sandals?

Lena P

Nope. We never get snow where we live : ( Right now it's eighty seven degress outside!

Lena P

In my neighborhood I got snow but I was in Disneyland with my dad so I missed it. I was really upset because my puppy had never seen snow

Lena P

Where I live we get lots of snow it is very cold here tomorrow it is forecasted to not even get above 0 degrees

I’m glad they got snow. @Lena

I’m glad they got snow. @Lena I still have about two feet of snow though it was sunny today so maybe it will all be gone sometime soon lol.


Oh wow where do you live, I live in North Idaho. It’s forty degrees the lowest it’s supposed to get this week is 21.

I dont mind talking about

I dont mind talking about snow now. We are a little more equal to America now! Although we haven’t had any snow, we have had ALOT of hail. Hail...hail...and more hail! Have you had any hail?

@Beth Sarah G

If it isn't very cold there, it might just have been what they had. Or maybe they just ran outside in excitement, lol.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

It snowed 13 inches at my house!

@ Lena P

yes this morning we are going skiing this afternoon

to above

right now it is almost 70 outside :-}

Janna (Daniel's sister)

I am going skiing Wednesday.

@ Janna

Don't get a concussion like my brother did!

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