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Not Guilty: Senate Acquits
News Bytes 02/6/2020 18 Comments

President Donald Trump won impeachment acquittal in the U.S. Senate yesterday. The decision brought to a close the third presidential impeachment trial in American history.

With Chief Justice John Roberts presiding, senators stood and stated their votes for the roll call—“guilty” or “not guilty.” The tally was clear. The number of guilty votes on both articles (the charges against the President) fell far below the 67-vote threshold to remove him from office.

On the first article, abuse of power, 48 senators voted to convict. The second article, obstruction of Congress, received only 47 votes. The votes fell almost exclusively along party lines, with Democrats voting to impeach and all but one Republican voting to acquit.

A majority of senators expressed unease with President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine that were behind the allegations. But the Constitution requires a verdict that “high crimes and misdemeanors” were committed in order to warrant conviction and removal from office. The Senate majority was not convinced that the President’s actions qualified as grounds for removal.

As the case closed, Justice Roberts wished senators well in “our common commitment to the Constitution,” and hoped to meet again “under happier circumstances.”

(In this image from video of the trial at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., the vote total on the first article of impeachment is displayed on screen. Senate Television via AP)

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1st Comment!!!

HURRAH!!! I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!!!
Remember the Russian thing? When that came to nothing it was this and now this came to nothing so i'm guessing the Democrats are going to find SOMETHING else before November to try and impeach the president. This is so tyersome.
I wish the democrats would stop wasting OUR money and get on with something!!
Nancy Pelosi didn't help her reputation by ripping up Trump's very good speech in from of the nation.

Dramatic court room

The defendant is.........Not guilty! *gasps*
Now of course the democrats will be very very angry and will be attacking trump with something else.


I agree with you about Nancy Pelosi! She may not agree with Trump, but he is the president and she needs to respect him! That was just plain out rude and I am sure she will end up regretting it because it will ruin her reputation even with the Democrats!

@ Bella

Yes. Its such a shame...

It's good that Trump isn't

It's good that Trump isn't guilty.
Here's the thing. Trump was accused and has been going through trials for things that other presidents, like Obama, did often. The Democrats are trying so hard to impeach just because they don't like him, not because he's done anything wrong. Sure, nobody's perfect, but this unfair. I hope that he doesn't get impeached.
The Democrats are trying to take advantage of him. It's horrible that they are trying to impeach him so much just because they want one of their own candidates in his stead. His term is almost finished anyway, unless he gets reelected, which I hope he does. Though, who knows what the Democrats are going to do next.

@ Claire

Well said! That is exactly what's going on. They don't like him they don't want him to win so they try to impeach him! Its unacceptable! I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to assassinate him! Its terrible, terrible!

@ Claire

The Democrats are dumb they don't realize that even it they did get Trump removed from office Mike Pence the vice president would be put into office
if you saw the live stream of Trump's speech at the national prayer breakfast at the end he said "God says not to hate people but when they try to impeach you for no reason it is hard"

@ Asher

Lol! I wonder how Nancy Pelosi responded to that...

@ Asher

Really? I didn't hear that. That is funny. Serves pelosi right.
Did you hear he also said: "I don't like people who say 'I pray for you' as using there faith to do wrong. And I don't like people who say I pray for you when they don't really mean it''
He said that after Pelosi said ''I pray for you'' to him.

@Asher E

I'm sure it would be pretty easy for them to find something "wrong" with Pence and try to get him removed too. But, Trump is acquitted.

Janna (Daniel's sister)


@ Beth G

Yeah Beth,
They already said he had mental problems because he said he talks to God. He is a christian, so they real y wouldn't like him! He would be a good President. He was our governer or our mayor. I don't remember witch. But he did a good job!

Yeah keep those bad Mexicans

Yeah keep those bad Mexicans out and build the wall but don't bother protecting the unborn babies, don't bother trying to stop human abortion. Human abortion is the number one most cause of deaths. But yeah, hurrah Trump, Keep America Great 2020!

to above

sounds good :-)


What does that mean exactly? My hurrah Trump was sarcastic.

@Drew S

here is a non sarcastic HURRAH Trump lets hope he wins the election this year and we don't get one of those clown democrats for a president

It’s just annoying that

It’s just annoying that people only see the good in Trump and don’t care about all the bad things he’s done. Or about the things he’s supposed to be doing. I’m glad we don’t have a Democrat for our president but Trump isn’t the best either.

Wow, Again?

I saw the video and everything, honestly, they're just dragging this on. If you go back to the Bill Clinton impeachment the Democrats give opposite reasoning, it's hilarious.

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