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Forget Bulky Cloth Diapers
News Bytes 02/7/2020 19 Comments


Many parents in Great Britain today are trying flashy and fashionable reusable diapers, known as “nappies.” 

Wendy Richards is called “The Nappy Lady.” She is an online retailer of limited-edition designer print diapers. When she first started selling nappies, the selection was quite plain, mostly white with an occasional blue or pink. She says, “Now the manufacturers are following trends. Llamas are very fashionable at the moment. Avocados are a new thing. Trends you see on parents’ clothes you now see on their [babies’] nappies.” 

The fashionable prints may hook parents into using reusable nappies for the long-term. But environmental guilt has driven them to ditch disposables in the first place.

According to the Environment Agency, parents in the United Kingdom (UK) throw away eight million disposable diapers every day. On average, babies wear 4,000 disposable diapers each before they are potty trained.

Kate Yip is mother to four-month-old Piper. She was asked, “What’s been the hardest part of the new regime?” 

She replied, “Teaching the husband how to wash them correctly.”

Bambino Mio is one of Europe’s largest reusable nappy brands. Founder Guy Schanschieff notes that when he began his company nearly 30 years ago, just two to three percent of parents were using reusable products. 

He adds, “There was some independent research done a couple of years ago which showed 30 percent of parents are using some sort of reusable nappy product.”

In most towns and cities in the UK, there is a nappy library. Charlotte Osborne volunteers at the Peterborough Nappy Library. She says, “It works the same as a book library. You come in, you borrow some nappies to try, you take them home, and then bring them back to me.”

Libraries are very helpful because the cost of reusable diapers is quite high. They provide free kits for those who cannot afford the $13.00 rental fee.

Deborah Johnson is the mother of four-month-old Ruby, and it’s the first time she is trying reusable nappies. She says, “We spend all our time reusing everything else in the house. It seems counter-intuitive to be throwing out so many nappies.”

So Piper, Ruby, and many other babies in today’s UK certainly are sitting pretty.

(New old-school diapers are colorful and cleverly designed for easier use. AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

My baby niece sometimes wears those, they're really cute, but I think it's a lot harder because you have to wash it and stuff. But they are adorable...

2nd comment!!

''the hardest part is teaching the husband how to wash them correctly'' sounds familiar. Haha.
I think babies are cute in whatever ''nappy'' you put them in. I guess the parent has to deside what works best.


Wait, a diaper library? That's a little u....gross.

Mirela J

Have you ever seen these libraries?

8 million diapers a day

8 million diapers a day thrown away is A LOT.

6th comment

It seems strange that I just watched a vidio about diapers :)

Yeah. A library that has

Yeah. A library that has diapers is.... well, unusual.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

That's disgusting! The diaper library would be like sharing underwear with your neighbors. It's gross enough that you have to throw away dirty diapers. My brother used to wear these, and my dad would gag trying to rinse them out. Why not use normal's a ton easier and more efficient.


You would wash the diapers before returning them. Disposable diapers are easier but they are expensive and are pretty wasteful.



I really like this new trend.

I really like this new trend. Not only are the diapers cute, they will be better for the environment than the disposable ones.


Have you read anything by Matthew J Kirby? He wrote The Clockwork Three which was really good and The Arctic Code which was okay.

@Beth H

why u post frozen articul????

@Beth H

um i dont think so what else did he write?

@Nadia A

yeah totally agree

these look sooo cute!

if i could find a dress with some of those patterns, i would totally wear it. like the bumble-bee one:)


I bet you’d like him. He’s written quite a bit he wrote Assassins Creed they did a video game based off those. Just look him up he’s written a lot.

@Beth H

never heard of it also dont have access to our families computer

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