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Genuine Van Gogh
News Bytes 01/22/2020 25 Comments

Real or fake? Unusual colors and strange marks led art specialists to wonder about a portrait in Norway. Was the sideways-glancing likeness painted by a Dutch master? On Monday, experts announced that “Self-Portrait as a Sick Person” was indeed from the hand of Vincent van Gogh.

Van Gogh used himself as a subject more than 30 times from 1886-1889. In 1910, Norway’s National Museum bought a painting. Its curators believed it was a genuine Van Gogh self-portrait.

But questions about the canvas surfaced in the 1970s. The use of a palette knife to flatten paint on the portrait’s face and hair—as well as surprisingly drab colors—made some wonder whether Van Gogh had painted it. Where were the bright yellows and blues the painter is known for?

To settle the matter, the Norway museum asked Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum to analyze the portrait in 2014.

Checking for truth is always a sound idea—for art experts, students, journalists . . . everyone. The Bible specially commends Berean Christians who “examin[ed] the scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

Experts in Amsterdam spent six years studying the painting. Just this week, Van Gogh Museum researcher Louis van Tilborgh announced that the painting is a real Van Gogh self-portrait. He believes the artist completed the oil on canvas in 1889.

At the time, Van Gogh was a patient at a mental asylum in France. Van Tilborgh says an unprimed canvas (a canvas with no base layer) and a muddy green color were typical of Van Gogh’s art while he stayed there.

The use of his palette knife makes this painting unusual.

“So he has painted it and during the process he suddenly decides that it has to become flat,” says Van Tilborgh. “We tend to think that it has to do with the fact that it’s made during a period of [insanity].”

Experts also connected the painting to a letter from the artist to his brother Theo on September 20, 1889. In it, Van Gogh calls the portrait, “an attempt from when I was ill.”

“When we delivered the painting in ’14, [the museum] warned us and said, ‘You might not like the results, and it might be that we will never find out,’” says Mai Britt Guleng of the Norwegian museum. “It feels really reassuring to know that it’s genuine.”

(A journalist takes a picture of the self-portrait by Dutch master Vincent van Gogh on Monday, January 20, 2020. AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

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Most recent comments

If i owned that museum and i

If i owned that museum and i found out that the painting was fake I would be so annoyed.

That is interesting. I find

That is interesting. I find it a bit strange that Van Gogh could still paint that well when he was going through, to quote the article, "a period of insanity."

I agree

I agree I would be annoyed if I found out that The panting was fake seeing that I probably would have paid a lot for it.

I wonder

I wonder why he went insane

i didn't know that he went

i didn't know that he went insane!?!


Van Gogh had an illness that he was put in a mental hospital for. he actually cut off his ear!

Janna (Daniel's sister) @Porter E

That's so gross! Where did you find that out?


Its real. That's for sure. I winder how ''insane'' he really was...or if he really was insane...and the government just put him there beacuse they didn't agree with something he said/did they did in Russia' China. ect.......just a thought......

@Gloriana Happy Birthday!!!

@Gloriana Happy Birthday!!!

Also did you guys notice the rules are now in red by where you leave comments on the articles?

To Above

I saw that.

I never knew he was place in

I never knew he was place in an asylum.

Yeah I've got those rules now

Yeah I've got those rules now bit they arent listed on this article. I only saw it on' Americas emptying pews.'

@ NA.

Interesting theory, but Van Gogh really did have mental problems. It could have been depression or something though, they put a lot of people in asylums back then.

To Above

Oh. OK. Because they used to and do do that. Sadly...

@ NA.

That is sad. Also, I read yesterday that Van Gogh did have depression, which is also sad.

March for LIFE

President Trump gave a very nice speech at March for life yesterday. Did anyone hear it?

@ Lena p

He had Oppression.


I did not, but apparently he is the only President to go to one!


You can't HAVE oppression lol!

@ Beth H

Whoops. I meant:
He was oppressed. Not depressed.
Sorry. And yes Trump was the first president to attend and speak at march for life. It was a very nice speech.

@ Lena p

He was not depressed he was oppressed by spirits.

The picture

He kinda looks like he's glaring at you. The man in the picture.

March for life

I didn’t hear it but I know it was good. I’m so glad Donald is pro-life. Our Prime Minister would never go to a march for life! We only have one and it’s in London, sooo far away! But me and my mum are going this year. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain again like the last 2 years before!


Oh. Yeah. It was a very nice speech. #marchforlife!

@ N A


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