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Philippine Volcano
News Bytes 01/14/2020 12 Comments

Red-hot lava spewed from a volcano near the Philippine capital of Manila yesterday. Tens of thousands of people fled through heavy ash and alarming tremors. Authorities are evacuating hundreds of thousands more for fear of a bigger eruption to come.

One of the world’s smallest volcanoes, the Taal volcano rumbled back to life on Sunday. It blasted steam, ash, and pebbles six to nine miles into the sky, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. Clouds of ash reached Manila, 40 miles away. There were no immediate reports of any deaths or major damage blamed directly on the eruption.

The Philippines lies in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a region prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Experts consider Taal the country’s second most restless active volcano.

Yesterday, lava fountains spurted about half a mile before falling into the lake waters surrounding the main crater. Lava also spewed from another vent north of the main crater, says Renato Solidum, head of the institute. He warns that a major and much more dangerous eruption could still happen.

More than 30,000 villagers fled their homes. Officials expect that number to swell.

Some residents could not immediately flee their ash-blanketed villages because of a lack of transportation and poor visibility. Others refused to leave their homes and farms.

“We have a problem. Our people are panicking due to the volcano because they want to save their livelihood, their pigs and herds of cows,” says Mayor Wilson Maralit of the town of Balete. “We’re trying to stop them from returning and warning that the volcano can explode again any time and hit them.”

Balete lies along the shoreline of Taal Lake, which surrounds the volcano. The town appealed for troops and more police to stop people from sneaking back to their villages.

(A family rides through clouds of ash, evacuating to safer ground on Monday, January 13, 2020. AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

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Most recent comments

1st comment!

I hope this stops. We don't want more people to get killed or injured!

This is Horrible!

Oh my goodness! I really hope they can convince people to leave. I know when we had a hurricane a couple years ago, people in the evacuation zones didn't want to leave. That storm hit us really bad, so people have been more willing to leave for the more recent storms. We can't control natural disasters, only God can do that. But, we can take ourselves out of harms way. Hopefully the people who are hesitant to leave will realize this.

It's kind of scary that one

It's kind of scary that one of the world's smallest volcanoes can do that much damage. Just think how much the big ones can do!

@Lena P



wow this is bad i mean this-ok i just feel bad for all those people and animals i hope this stops and doesn't get worse(⊙o⊙)


That isn't good. I hope no people get killed or die.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Wow! That would be so scary.

Wow that's sad!

Wow that's sad!

Did you guys hear

Did you guys hear Archaeologists discovered a hidden chamber in Roman Emperor Nero's underground palace?

@Beth H

I didn't hear about that! That's pretty cool!


Yeah it is!! I tried to send a link but I guess they don't allow those! lol. If you want more info just type into google Sphinx chamber at Emperor Nero's palace in Rome brought to light after 2,000 years.

12th comment

this is horrible :( I feel bad for those people

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