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Harry and Meghan Stepping Away
News Bytes 01/13/2020 40 Comments

On Wednesday of last week, Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, made a surprising public statement. They said they plan “to step back” as senior members of the royal family. The couple, who bear the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex, wish to become financially independent by working in their own careers. They also say they will no longer live primarily in the UK. They plan to set up an additional residence in another location somewhere in North America.

The 35-year-old Harry is the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. He is Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson and sixth in line to the British throne. He and his wife, American actress Meghan Markle, welcomed their son, Archie, in May 2019. Their statement cited the baby as one reason for choosing to live part of their time outside Britain.

“This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born,” it read. It will also provide the young family “with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity.”

Queen Elizabeth moved quickly to manage the issues that the decision will raise. She ordered royal courtiers to sort out a future role for the pair within days. But the British press launched a barrage of criticism against Harry and Meghan. That kind of media pressure also played into the couple’s decision to step back from their prominent position.

Harry’s mother, Diana, tragically died in a car crash in 1997. Reports said that her driver was speeding while trying to evade a determined photographer. The photographer allegedly wanted to capture images of Diana to sell to the press. Harry and Meghan have long complained of similarly intrusive media coverage. They say they prefer to communicate directly to the public through social media rather than the press.

The two will no longer receive income from the taxpayer-funded account known as the “Sovereign Grant.” It’s unclear exactly what career Harry, a 10-year veteran of the British Army, will pursue. But he has considerable assets left to him by his late mother, estimated at over $9 million. Meghan’s successful acting career offers her ongoing opportunities.

(Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Queen Elizabeth II pose for a group photo at the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London. John Stillwell/Pool Photo via AP)

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Most recent comments

@ N A @ Beth H

It's so strange that's we've just been talking about this on Babe Ruth Bat a Hit. Yep, I think they definitely will. Anyways Prince Harry is nowhere near being king, so I understand.

P.S the queen doesn't look so

P.S the queen doesn't look so happy about this. Maybe because if they leave she'll only have one grandchild left in Britain. I don't know.

I can respect Meghan and

I can respect Meghan and Harry's decision to leave. I would hate to have every move I make criticized by the press. But, as my mom pointed out when we were talking about this, they will never have privacy, at least, not like we do. I mean, if Meghan continues acting, then she'll still get a lot of attention, and so will Harry. I hope they will be happy with the choices they are making.

@Mirela J

Wouldn't she still have three grandchildren in Britain? But I would still be sad to have my baby grandchild move.

This makes sense.

I completely get it. Like Lena P said, who wants to be chased by paparazzi? Lena, I also agree with you on the fact that they will never get completely out of the spotlight, but they are probably hoping for a bit less attention. Do y'all think it has anything to do with Archie? Maybe they want him to grow up away from some of that.

@ Bethsarah G

No. this is how the family tree goes:
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
Prince Charles and Diana ( Diana Not alive )
Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan
W&K = George, Charlotte and Louis
H&M = Archie
This is better:
The queen's child is Prince Charles, who has two children, William and Harry. William married Kate and their children are George, Charlotte and Louis. Harry married Meghan and they now have Archie. So William and harry are the queens grandchildren. George, Charlotte, Louis and Archie are the queens GREAT grandchildren.

@ Bella C

Yeah, I think it has something to do with Archie.

@Mirela J


No privacy

They have no privacy. But I guess that's just what comes as being part of a monarchy.
I think they should be free to move wherever they want to go. Queen Elizabeth and Megan look so cute in that picture.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Queen doesn't like it. I mean. it's her grand son. Moving to the other side of the world.
@ Mirlea. haha! I know I am glad I was not just hearing gossip from the news media!

@N A

Yeah I know!


I heard from my mom, that Megan was quite fitting in with everyone else and had different ideas in fact they didn't do Christmas with the rest of the family. so that also probably effected there choice

@ Ella B

That's quite interesting.


Haha I know!!

Also I think Meghan is going

Also I think Meghan is going to start acting again. She just signed a contract with Disney!

Janna (@Beth H)

That's cool that she signed a contract with Disney! I like the Disney movies (most of them).

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Part of the reason why their doing this is because my dad said that the media are really rude and mean to them. I bet that was a hard decision for them, but I think it was a wise one.


Yeah I like Disney too have you seen Frozen 2 yet?

@ Beth H

I've seen it. Have you?

@Beth H

That's so cool that she signed on with Disney! It will be exciting to see her in Disney movies... Do you have Disney Plus? We are considering getting it, because it seems like they are putting the new Disney movies (i.e. the new Lady and the Tramp) on Disney Plus without them even being in the theaters.

@Mirela Yeah I saw it and

@Mirela Yeah I saw it and liked it.
@Bella Yeah it will! We don't have Disney Plus only because we don't have good internet we live off the grid. But yeah Disney Plus looks cool.

I Love how they are moving to North America

I think it is awesome how they are moving here. and how they are being indepenent !!!! i think that is so cool! i really hate how they are like is Prince Harry going to get a burger king job???? its really rude i think,.

Animals, animals and more animals

/)/) ( . ( . )
=( ^.^ )= ( ,---, ) })i({ {( @.@ )} ____@/
,,,( `’ )( `’ ),,,

Can you guess what these animals are?

P.S My friend helped me do this.

Epic Fail!

Oops. Why it do this to me. Never mind about guessing.

To Above

No. I have no idea what those are. (Honey) *giggles*


Dose Iran concern you? Sense they are so close to the U.K. ?

@ N A

Iran is actually not that close to UK. But definitely closer to us than you.

To Above

Ya. That's what I mean't.

Little Women

I just watched Little Women. The new one that came out. At the cinema. It was really good!! Has anyone else watched it? If not I would highly recommend it.

@ Mirela

I have read it.

by the way......................................................

has anyone watched:
the new cinderella movie
the new beauty and the beast
the new aladdin(its so good!)

@Mirela J

yeah. it did that to me too.
(that is a smiley face)
(that is like a person going oooooooooooooooo)
~ ~
(that ine is nmaad oops))


I've read it and watched the 1994 version which is really good.


You came back!!! lol


@Mirela J

I LOVE Little Women!!!!!!!!!! Two of my friends just read it and one has already seen it and one will see it soon. The one who already saw it loved it. I am hoping to get a couple more reviews and then maybe I'll see it.

@ Gloriana, @ NA, @ Beth @ Bethsarah

@ Gloriana Yes I've watched the new Cinderella.
I haven't watched the Beauty and the beast but it looks good.
Yes! It's soooo good! I love the songs!
It's so annoying when it takes away the spaces, isn't it. But yours did better than mine!
@ Beth I havent watched the 1994 version yet.
@ NA I've just read it.
@ Bethsarah I would really recommend that you watch it! It's really good. Warning: it's also got sad bits, it made me cry! Twice!


Yes I have seen it twice! It is soooo good!

@Mirela J

The book has sad parts so I would actually probably be mad it the movie didn't have sadness.

@ Bethsarah


Where's archi?? He's not in

Where's archi?? He's not in the picture?

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