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China Imprisons Early Rain Pastor
News Bytes 01/6/2020 16 Comments

A Chinese court in the southwestern city of Chengdu sentenced a Christian pastor to nine years in prison last week.

The People’s Intermediate Court convicted Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Covenant Church, in a secret trial, of “illegal business operations” and “subversion.” A lawyer hired by Wang’s mother says the business charge is the result of a book-printing operation Wang was involved in. The books described Christian culture. The content, the court charged, was an attempt to subvert (or undermine) Chinese rule. The court also fined Wang and confiscated his personal property, amounting to about $7,000 worth of belongings.

China considers Early Rain Covenant Church an unregistered church. That means the communist government has not approved of or sanctioned this church to operate legally. China has a long history of prosecuting religious groups and leaders whose teachings do not promote communist ideals among the population.

Authorities in China began a crackdown on Early Rain in December 2018. At that time, they arrested more than 100 leaders and members, including Wang. Many have since been released from prison. In November, a court sentenced Qin Defu, an Early Rain elder, to four years in prison. He too was charged with operating an illegal business.

History has proven that the true church of Jesus Christ often grows under persecution. The sentence against Pastor Wang Yi sounds harsh and unjust. But his congregation continues to hope in God’s purposes. Following the pastor’s sentencing, the church posted on its Facebook page: “May the Lord use Pastor Wang Yi’s imprisonment to draw many to Himself and to bring glory to His name.”

(Pastor Wang Yi, left, with his wife at their home in Chengdu, China. ChinaAid via AP)

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First Comment!

I hope he is able to keep the view of his church for a whole nine years. Most of us will be in college then.
P.S. I doesn't look like they are eating very healthy that day

I will be praying for Pastor

I will be praying for Pastor Wang Yi and the Christians in China.


I hope they take down the charges and he gets out of prison. That's really sad

I have a Christian friend in

I have a Christian friend in China! I hope she's all right but I'm sure she is.

Prayer is so powerful

Remember the story in the Bible where Peter was cast into prison and all the believers got together and prayed all night for him, and the Lord sent an angle to guide him out of the prison?
We still serve that same lord. I will be praying, I encourage you all to do the same.
If It's not The Lord's will for him to be relised then I pray he will share the gospel to those around him.


It's interesting that in the background there's a target with bullet holes in it..........

@ Janna

I noticed the target too, it is interesting. I think they might be darts, not bullet holes, though.


Yeah, I do archery. And that is not an archery target. It's a dart thing. Does anybody else do archery?

@ Mirela J.

Yes, I do archery. It is quite fun. Do you enjoy it?

Trade deals with china...

This is just another reason to stop trading with China. They use forced labor, and make slaves out of there people, and the are COMMUNIST!! All the money we pay them just feeds the bad government!! I wish Trump (sorry thomas) would just cut off the trade deal!!


i agree but most of our things com from china.u c the words"made in china"on almost everything.

@ Drew

i KNOW!!!!!!! I don't like that at all!!! EVERYTHING EVEN THE DRESS I'M WEARING WAS MADE IN CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ithe only thing that is made here is paper!


soooooooooooooooooooooooo...........what do yo think we should do??

To Above

Make our own stuff. And not let companies move to china because they get cheap labor. That's why they move.


i heard about this thats really sad its just not right to be imprisoned for our christian beliefs i hope that dosent spread to america (⊙ˍ⊙)

To Above

I hope not. As long as communists don't get elected....

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