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Locusts Ravage Somalia
News Bytes 01/3/2020 17 Comments



A gentle buzz is causing havoc in Somalia.

Desert locusts have already destroyed 70,000 hectares of crops and grazing land in that country. Somalia is suffering through its worst invasion in 25 years. Swarms are leaving many without food to feed their families.

Farmers are calling on the government and the international community for support. “We are willing to try on our own and would spend whatever we have to fight back against the locusts. We are not getting any help from the federal government or aid agencies. But we can’t fight them because their numbers are huge and they are uncontrollable,” says goat herder Abdulah Hassan.

Another farmer said calls for help are already too late. She says the bugs devoured her entire crop, leaving her with nothing to feed her children and with no income to make purchases at the market.

The plague has already surpassed projections by the Food and Agriculture Organization. And it has been made worse by unseasonably heavy rainfall and floods across East Africa that killed hundreds of people in recent months.

The Food and Agriculture Administration said in a statement that conflict in Somalia has made spraying pesticide by airplane impossible, adding that, “the impact of our actions in the short term is going to be very limited.”

(Locusts are thick on the ground in Somalia. Reuters)

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1st comment!!!

Oh no! This sounds like the book of Exodus! I hope the people are OK!


Maybe there not letting God's people go, hopefully they dont wait as long as Pharaoh did!

Yikes those poor people!! I

Yikes those poor people!! I couldn’t imagine getting swarmed with locusts!!





THAT is a lot o locusts.feel terrible for the people. cant even IMAGINE what it would b like...

That is horrible! Ugh! I hope

That is horrible! Ugh! I hope God takes away the bugs before all of the crops are ruined...

@ Beth H


Gross! I hate grass hoppers!

PS: People in the middle east are going through the streets yelling "America is the land of Satan!" because their mad at the US for killing one of their important government men, and their going to be attacking America or the military bases there probably pretty soon. I know someone who just got deployed in Iraq, so please pray that he'll be safe.........

@ Janna

I will be praying.

@ Janna

Yes. They call us the little satan Israel is the ''big Satan'' to them. And they do parades with banners that say Death to America! Its sad. We will pray.


ill b prayin 4 u


Hey yeah sorry they deleted my comment not sure why. I will try to send it again hopefully they don't delete it again if they do you can just look it up.

They deleted it again just

They deleted it again just look it up.

Just think

If the locusts are this bad just as a natural disaster, just think how bad the plague was. :o


yeah no kidding!


oh no this is very bad i feel so bad for all those peopleಥ_ಥ and their is so many of the locusts i think we should all pray for them

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