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Viking Hoard Stolen
News Bytes 11/26/2019 14 Comments

Two amateur British treasure-hunters are in jail. They stole millions of dollars of 1,100-year-old Anglo-Saxon coins and jewelry. Experts say the hoard—much of which is still missing—could shed new light on a period when Saxons were battling the Vikings for control of England.

Metal detectorists George Powell and Layton Davies dug up a collection of jewelry and coins in 2015 on English farmland. Historians believe a Viking army probably buried the trove in the late ninth century—probably while English Saxon forces chased them across England.

Last week, a court convicted the men of failing to report their find. Instead, they tried to sell some of it through antiquities (ancient objects) dealers. Authorities have found some of the jewelry and only about 30 coins. The two men still haven’t revealed where they stashed the missing items.

Prosecutor Kevin Hegarty says the hoard’s value is between $3.9 and $15.4 million. He calls the find “a nationally important assemblage created at the very point England was forming and becoming a nation . . . under the vision of [King] Alfred the Great.” Hegarty adds that a find of “immense archaeological, historical, and academic value” has been lost to the nation.

Powell and Davies received multi-year jail sentences. Had they reported their find to authorities, the treasure-hunters would have been in line for a reward of a third to half of its value.

“You could not have done worse than 500,000 [dollars] each,” Judge Nicholas Cartwright said at trial. “But you wanted more.”

Powell’s lawyer, James Tucker, says his client now “wishes he had never found the treasure.” He says, “It became a temptation—and for him, a curse.”

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. — 1 Timothy 6:10

(A gold ring from the ninth century, part of a Viking hoard stolen by amateur British treasure-hunters. British Museum via AP)

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Oh well.

It's sad that someone would do that. If he regrets finding the treasure, I wonder why he wouldn't go ahead and tell them where it is. He's not going to get any profit from it anyway.

Wow, that is so sad. Just

Wow, that is so sad. Just think, if that guy had done the right thing he would be pretty well off. Also, I really hope that the two men reveal where they hid the hoard. They are obviously guilty, I wonder if they are thinking that if they can't have the treasure, no one can.

I would much rather file the

I would much rather file the things and get over $500,000!!

So sad........

This is sad.....: ( I saw this on the news yesterday. And I said to my mom. " This will be on World Teen tomorrow" I was rite! (wow)
I hope these men tell the truth. And I hope they will be presented with the Gospel.
This is as always NA.



I hope he will soon tell the truth.

This is MA

I hope they find the stuff.

@ Thomas L

I don't think you should say that word. Please, Thank You!


has anyone read "Sticks Across the Chimney" ? its all about Viking treasure; a mystery. its a very good read and I highly recommend it!

To Above

No I have not. Has anyone read Twice Freed by Patricia St. John? It's really good.
Or: Treasures of the Snow, Star of light, The Tanglewoords secret, Secret at pheasants cottage or A young persons guide to knowing God? those are all by Patricia St. John.
They are my favorites!!


: )

To Above

I have read a few of those. I liked them!

@ Emilia

Witch ones?

@ Lily S

Yeah! It's one of my favorite books!

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