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Walking Nativity Animals
News Bytes 11/21/2019 17 Comments

What do a camel, a cow, and a donkey have in common at this time of year? With Christmas just over a month away, this usually unlikely trio has already brought great joy to residents of one Midwestern town. The three were spotted roaming together along a Kansas road in a grouping similar to a Christmas Nativity scene.

On Sunday, the Goddard (Kansas) Police Department asked the public for help. Officers were trying to locate the owners of the “three friends traveling together (towards a Northern star) just east of Goddard.”

Goddard police posted a photo on Facebook. The post mentioned that if police couldn’t find the owners, they would be “halfway toward a live Nativity this Christmas season.”

That got the ball rolling for some clever chatter about the comic scene. Over 1,000 people shared the animal post. Nearly 200 commented on it. One person who replied to the Facebook post inquired, “Are there 3 wise-looking men near?” Another called the scene “a Christmas miracle.” Still another reminded everyone of the well-known Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, saying, “Are they carrying musical instruments? Slightly German accents? If so, they’re from Bremen Town.”

A few people came up with names for the trio: Love, Joy, Peace and Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh were popular options. Most commenters said the lighthearted post made their days.

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Meyers says the department eventually figured out that the animals belong to an employee of the nearby Tanganyika Wildlife Park. They helped the animals get home for the holidays.

It’s wonderful that people’s thoughts often turn toward the Nativity (the birth of Jesus) at this time of year. What other examples of people’s awareness of the Christmas holiday being about Jesus—not just gifts and festivity—have you heard so far this season?

(This November 17, 2019, photo shows a camel, donkey, and a cow roaming together along a road near Goddard, Kansas. Devon Keith/Goddard Police Department via AP)

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Most recent comments

Oh My!

I wonder how a camel, a donkey, and a cow ended up together! I like the names Joy, Love, and Peace for them. Hopefully they find the owners!

Oh my word, this article made

Oh my word, this article made my day! That is so funny! I like the names Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh for the animals. Also, I'm glad they got back home safely.


That's adorable! I think I like love, joy, and peace a lot. And that donkey is just so cute!!!! Love it's coat!!!

So cute!!

I love articles like this where it's just something really cute and fun instead of impeachment or Hong Kong protests(not saying they shouldn't report that it's just not as fun).

So Cute!!!!

This is so adorable! Beth and Sarah G I agree with you but I still like the more serious articles. I like the names Love, Joy, and Peace the most.


That's so funny!!! That donkey is cute!! I wonder if someone set this up or something!! ☺☺☺


That's funny! The donkey is cute, and I have ridden a camel before!


What did it feel like?

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Aww this is so cute! It made me smile. I'd name them Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh because I like unique names.

Janna @BethSarah G

It was (the camel) pretty fuzzy/hairy, and it when it walked you like would jolt/lean forward whenever the camel would take a step. So it was a little bouncy. But they had this weird saddle thingy that had bars that went around the saddle so you wouldn't fall off. It wasn't like riding a horse though (which isn't as scary).

@ Janna

Ya. I rode one to

@N&M. A

Are you Nadia and Massimo A or someone else?

To Above

Yes. I just changed my User name. So I'm N.A.


SO CUTE!!!!!
This is awesome, and the donkey is just so adorable!! I almost feel like I should write a short story about this! This has just made my day!!! Hopefully, they find their rightful owners! What were they doing out there!

To Above

You'd think they'd be claimed by now! I mean If I lost those kind of animals i'd be looking for them! And if I saw them all over social media I'd be like "Wo, Now i'm famous now all I got to do if prove there mine!" I wonder if WORLD teen will post an update on this?

@ Maddy

This is acutely Nadia A, I changed my username. MA is my brother.

@Nadia A.

I do hope that they post an update, but I wonder if that is too late now.

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