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UPDATE: Hong Kong Holdouts
News Bytes 11/20/2019 28 Comments


About 100 anti-government protesters remained holed up at a Hong Kong university yesterday. Their options are shrinking—along with their food supplies. The holdouts are bracing themselves as police storm the campus for a third day. Meanwhile, China’s Communist leaders say that restoring order is the highest priority.

The Hong Kong protests began in June. The dispute was over a bill that would have sent some criminal suspects to mainland China for trial. Activists saw that as part of an ongoing erosion of Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms. (See “Hong Kong Freedoms Fading” for more information.)

The bill failed. But protesters have other demands, including fully democratic elections and investigations into police crackdowns.

In recent days, police have arrested more than 1,000 people. Hundreds of injured have been treated at hospitals.

Police shut down major roads and trains during rush hour every day last week. The closures turned university campuses into fortresses and blocked a major road tunnel. Now police are waiting it out with the remaining protesters.

Protesters have left all the universities except Hong Kong Polytechnic. There, several hundred barricaded themselves. Many fought police tear gas and water cannons with gasoline bombs launched from rooftops.

Those still at Polytechnic are the last holdouts. Surrounded, they now face arrest. Several groups have tried to escape, including one that slid down hoses from a footbridge to waiting motorcycles. But police say they have intercepted 37.

About 600 protesters had left by Tuesday morning, city leader Carrie Lam says. Of those, about 200 were under 18 years old. Family members and teachers arrived to pick up a few remaining underage participants. Officers recorded names and other information before letting them go.

That left about 100 still inside. The mood was grim. It was a big contrast to the excitement of a few days earlier.

“We will use whatever means to continue to persuade and arrange for these remaining protesters to leave the campus as soon as possible so that this whole operation could end in a peaceful manner,” Lam says.

Despite a seeming end to the violence, basic disputes suggest the protests are far from over. City leaders say violence must stop before talks can begin. But protesters say they need to keep ramping-up the violence to get the government to accept their demands.

In me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. — John 16:33

(Injured protesters huddle under blankets as they walk through the campus of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, Tuesday, November 19, 2019. AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)

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Most recent comments

Ok. I don't know what to say really.

Ok. I don't know what to say really.

Hopefully they are able to

Hopefully they are able to work this out and no one else gets hurt!


I've heard about these protests, and I honestly don't know what to say besides I hope no one gets hurt.

I agree with Mirela, I don't

I agree with Mirela, I don't know what to say either. But I will be praying for Hong Kong.

I agree with all of you.

I agree with all of you.

Why? This isn’t very smart.

Why? This isn’t very smart.


The leaders in China are so mean....................I understand why these people are protesting. I hope they'll all be ok!

Oh no!

This is not good!!! I hope no more people are killed or hurt!!


Why are they wearing signs that say walking wounded?
They don't look that injured.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Wait but why are they protesting????

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Wait nevermind, missed this part. "The dispute was over a bill that would have sent some criminal suspects to mainland China for trial. "
That sucks a lot. I don't what to say either really.

@Nadia A

They are probably wounded somewhere we can't see.

@Nadia A & Bethsarah G

They are 'wounded' in that their rights are being taken away.

What kind of wounded

(Injured protesters huddle under blankets as they walk through the campus of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, Tuesday, November 19, 2019. AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim) hmmmmmmmmm.......


IDK what those signs mean then.

To above.

Was that to me?

I have a friend who lives in

I have a friend who lives in China ( Not Hong Kong )

She's a Christian

She's a Christian

@ Mirela

Oh! i will be praying for her then! Is she a missionary?
This is Nadia A. I changed my username.

@ Nadia

No, I don't think so. But she might be telling her friends about God and Jesus so maybe you could call her a missionary. :-)

@ Mirela

Oh. It is dangerous to be a christian in china. Is she chines?

@ Nadia

Yes. I'm a bit worried about her but I'm sure God will be with her. Yes she's from China.

To Above

Hes. God is good.

To Above

I mean't Yes. not hes. This is Nadia

those protesters are so screwed

Man, those protesters better be thankful that the police are trying to be peaceful. I mean, the protesters are chucking bombs at the police!

@Thomas L

I don't think all the police are necessarily peaceful.

@ Thomas L

no. the police are not peaceful. If you see a clip from FOX news you will see they are very vilant. Very ruff to the women.

@Thomas L

I think that the protesters are being violent, but they were kind of forced into this situation. The Chinese government is getting considerably worse, they are taking away so many of the Chinese peoples rights. Both the protesters and the police are causing havoc. So, I don't think that it is fair to say that only the protesters are being violent.

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