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Historic Venice Flooding
News Bytes 11/14/2019 29 Comments

Floods are submerging Venice, a city that’s fairly used to high water. This week’s deluge is the worst in Venice in more than 50 years. Officials expect hundreds of millions of euros in damage. And many are calling for better protections for the historic city.

Venice, a city built amid a system of canals, is always flood-prone. But this week, heavy rains and a full Moon brought especially high tides. On top of that, southerly winds pushed the waters into Venice.

On Tuesday, water levels reached 74 inches. That was the second-highest level ever recorded in the city—just two-and-a-half inches lower than the 1966 flood. Another wave of high water followed yesterday.

“Venice is on its knees,’’ Mayor Luigi Brugnaro says. “St. Mark’s Basilica has sustained serious damage, like the entire city and its islands.”

The crypt beneath St. Mark’s Basilica flooded for only the second time in its 925-year history. Water entered the windows and bypassed all defenses. At a modern art gallery, a short circuit set off a fire.

Meanwhile, tourists floated suitcases through St. Mark’s Square or carried them atop walkway platforms. Water poured through wooden boards that shop and hotel owners previously placed in front of doors to hold back water. Hotel guests on ground floors moved to upper floors overnight.

“I have often seen St. Mark’s Square covered with water,’’ longtime resident Francesco Moraglia says. “Yesterday there were waves that seemed to be the seashore.”

Photos on social media showed a city ferry, taxi boats, and gondolas grounded on walkways. At least 60 boats were damaged, according to authorities.

The Venetian island of Pellestrina was one of the worst-hit areas. Water came over the banks of the canal and filled the island like a basin.

Mayor Brugnaro is calling for a speedy completion of a long-delayed project to construct offshore barriers. Nicknamed “Moses,” the project’s undersea barriers are supposed to limit flooding. (See “Moses: Saving a City.”) But cost and corruption have delayed the project, and there’s no guarantee the barriers will work against high flooding.

Brugnaro insists he worries about the cost of rebuilding—but even more about “the very future of the city.”

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Most recent comments

This isn't good. I hope they

This isn't good. I hope they can stop the flooding. :-(

Oh, no. Poor Venice! I really

Oh, no. Poor Venice! I really hope that they will make a wise decision on what to do. There's a lot at stake here.

Oh dear

I hope they work it out! That's really gonna hurt the tourism if it's all flooded.

I agree with all of you.

I agree with all of you.

Oh no!!

That is Not good!!
If my people which are called by my name. Will humble themselves and pray and seek my face I will heal their land. (I don't know where that's found)



Oh no! ☻

Oh no! ☻

Oh no!

Flooding is no joke; I live in an area that has been flooded several times, but not to the degree of Venice. It's honestly really sad to drive through places that were flooded, because everything is completely ruined. You can see how high the flood waters got, because on everything the color is gone where the water touched it. The bushes are dead at the bottom, but still living at the top. (If the waters didn't cover the bush) Thankfully my house has never been flooded. We should all be praying for Venice!


The town where I live flooded once from a bunch of rain we got, and some people were killed. So I hope the people who live here will be ok!


Venice is such a beautiful city! i hope they rebuild soon!

We have never had any

We have never had any flooding but I guess that's because we live on a hill.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I live in Arizona. It's been raining like crazy the last few days and there are warnings for floods all over the state. In some higher altidute places there are even snowstorms. Hopfully my area doesn't get flooded. But either way it won't be as bad as Venice

Elsie (Emelias sister)

What is the weather usually like throughout the year in your guys' home states?
In Phx Az it's very hot. Summer temps can get up to 120 F.
And the coldest recorded temp is like 17 F. I yeah. It's hot here.

@ Emilia G

Ok so in Indiana the winter is freeze ing!!!!!!40° 30,°32,°and under freezing. Like It snowed the other day. The summer is like 80,85 90. To us that's hot!!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Lucky! In some parts of Arizona, up north, it gets that cold. But down in the valley it's HOT HOT HOT!

@Elsie G

In the summers it gets up to 101 or 102. Even though the 90's are normal we still think it is really hot (probably because of a handy little invention called air conditioning ;) ) Winter is usually 30's and 40's. When we get any snow( about once every one or two years) everything closes. I have a friend from Illinois and I said to her last year "It's going to be 52 tomorrow!" and then I thought "wait she moved from Illinois just a few months ago".

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Haha! So you know what it's like to almost never be in snow? I hate that we don't get any unless we go up North.

@Elsie G

Yes. And we visited relatives in Michigan one summer only to come on the hottest week of the year and find some of them don't have air conditiong because they only need it one week of the year.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Oh really? That's funny but it also kind of sucks!

Temperature, snow, rain and slush!

Here (In England), in Sep, Oct and Nov it is about 5 Celsius (41F) and then it sometimes gets to about -2 Celsius (28F) but not any colder. But here it is extremely cold for us. I don't know how you survive in such coldness. I'm gonna start calling our weather warm! :-P
Last winter we didn't have any snow, but the year before that we had loads and it even lasted until April! Seemed like a world record!!!! We went sledging (sledding) loads because we live on a hill. It was so fun. But unfortunately, we haven't had any snow yet this year. :-( although it is rather cold (I mean warm!!!!!!) I hope snow comes soon! Usually the snow doesn't last long though because as you've probably heard 'It is always raining in England!' So that will make the snow all slushy and not nice.

@Elsie G



In southern Missouri where I live, The lowest temperature is around -8 and highest is around 90-100


Yeah same here! Though it normal doesn't quite reach to 100 and sometimes drops to about 15 below! It got so cold one time our dish soap froze!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

To Beth, WOW!

@Elsie G

Which Beth?

@ Beth H

wow!!! o0o!! This is Nadia A.

Beth G

It was to Beth H

@Elsie G


Threads just randomly pop up on here.

I'm in upstate New York (Albany). Last year it got down to -10 and a high of about 98. Welcome to the northeast. You can have highs to a hundred and lows to negative ten, all from the comfort of your living room! XD

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