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Tearing Down a Chocolate Berlin Wall
News Bytes 11/8/2019 55 Comments


November 9 marks the 30thanniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. And one famous chocolatier is creating a replica of that historic barrier. Patrick Roger is promoting his art to send a message of unity about a city that was once divided. “I thought it was a good idea to speak about it, about the reunification,” he says. 

The real Berlin Wall was erected as free and communist nations clashed in a war without bullets. This Cold Warlasted almost three decades. In 1961, East Germany began building barriers dividing the city of Berlin. Its barbed wire, bricked up doors and windows, and tall, concreteslabs were meant to prevent citizens from fleeing from the communismof East Berlin to the freedomof West Berlin.

The Berlin wall became a symbol of the Cold War at a time when an Iron Curtaindivided Europe and the world. Over the years, this ugly gray wall became surprisingly colorful as it collected painted slogans, protest messages, and graffiti. 

Roger’s project requires one ton of the finest chocolate, shipped all the way from Madagascar. His assistants mix colors into chocolate as they recreate the Berlin Wall’s lively surface with splashes, drips, and smears.

In 1987, U.S. President Ronald Reagan stood in Berlin and demanded, “Tear down this wall!” Just two years later, the wall did indeed fall, and along with it fell communist governments.

Christians understand the idea of a wall—a wall of sin. Isaiah 59:2 says, “Your iniquities have made a separation between you and God.”In the design of theOld Testament temple, God instructed His people to place a thick curtain. It acted as a wall to separatesinful people from the most holy space—until Jesus came. When Jesus took sins to the cross, that curtain in the temple tore from top to bottom. It meant that those who believe in Jesus were no longer separated from God.

Huge sections of the Berlin Wall now stand in city centers and museums. It must have taken quite an effort to haul those massive slabs of concrete. Patrick Roger faceda similar challenge. He had to transport sections of his wall to his seven chocolate shops in Paris. 

Saturday night, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roger will knock down his chocolate wall. The public will be invited to pick up the pieces.

The next time you hear about the history of the Berlin wall, remember the wall that Jesus pulled down. Galations 5:1 says, “Christ has set us free.”

(French chocolate maker Patrick Roger's creative assistant Angelo Dao adds white chocolate to a dark chocolate reproduction of the Berlin wall. AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu)

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OK, I SO need to go to Berlin on the 30th and get some of that chocolate, because that sounds amazing. What a delicious way to celebrate that! Three cheers for Patrick Roger and his chocolate wall!!

Oh my goodness, this article

Oh my goodness, this article is making my mouth water! I agree with Carys, what a great way to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall!


Now I really want chocolate... Wow! He spent a lot of time working on that chocolate wall!
Also I really like that they are putting more videos up.

Did you hear?

The chocolate will also have been standing in the outside for a while, Bird poop, dirt, leaves, other things, I would not suggest it lol.


Wow! I would not want to eat it. Bacuse it has been out side for awhile. But that is neat!


The video is nice! Ya'll should see it!

@Matthew N

Because he is knocking it down tomorrow it probably wont have much time to get pooped on. Although I would check my piece for any obvious impurities I would still eat it if it looked clean on the outside because it is after all part of the chocolate Berlin wall LOL.

To Above

I LOVE chocolate!!

that was a cool idea that Patrick came up with.
check out the guy's beard in the video. haha!

@ Mirela J

you wake up awfully early... well i guess it was almost 6:00.


I know I was thinking that!


That would take a lot of work!! It's cool I guess just weird that he would do it with chocolate! I would so not eat that!!
Also I have seen and touched part of The Berlin Wall! Have any of you?

@ Lily S and Nadia A

You've misunderstood! I live in England so the time difference is 5 hours. When I go on WORLDteen at 10 or 11am here, it is 5 or 6am where you all are! So for me it is perfectly normall! It is kind of annoying though because after I've been on WORLDteen and put a comment on, I have to wait ages to see what everybody else says in comments because of the time difference. By the way right now it is 10pm here where I am and I am about to get into bed, whilst you are probably going to eat dinner soon! How crazy is that!

To Above

Oh! Well I don't know if your awak but it's 6:25 pm here! Sorry I didn't know! :-)

@Nadia A

Is Indiana in the Eastern Time Zone?

To Above

I think.....? It's 6:52 pm rite now.

@ Beth G This is Massimo A:-)


Cool! I love chocolate! I'm going to the Reagan Library, so I can touch the Berlin Wall there, and I've already touched part of the Twin Towers.

@ Nadia

It's fine! When I first had WORLDteen I got really confused because all the times on WORLDteen comments are in American time so when I had just posted a comment I saw the time a obove my comment and I was like ' Wow! Hardly any time has passed!' But actually I was wrong because all the times on the comments are in American times so load of hours had actually passed. Does that make sense what I just wrote?
By the way it is nearly 11am here.

@ Janna

That's Cool!

@ Mirela

oh wow!! ya that made sense! It's 9:51am here.


I think you have the same time as I do! We have pacific time!

To Above

Oh OK.:-)

@Beth H

The Pacific Time Zone is the other side of the US from the Eastern Time Zone. According to Google( and what I had thought earlier) Indiana is in the Eastern Time Zone.

To Above

oh ok!!

To Above

As you can see. "oh ok" is my answer for I have no idea what the answer to your question is! sorry.

@Beth G

Oh okay! That's weird because when Nadia comments the time she comments is the time that it shows on my screen. But when lets say Mirela comments they show up as 05:41 when she really comments at 11:00 or whatever. If that makes sense lol!

Off Topic

Do any of you play Xbox 360 games, if you do could you give me any suggestions for good games?

Xbox 360

I don't know of any, Minecraft is terrible, it is basically single player. Rocket league, maybe some other games? Don't Starve together if it is on Xbox 360.

@Matthew N

Minecraft is not terrible!!

@ Matthew N

Oh my! You're right! I don't think I would eat that!

@Bethsarah G

I DO NOT LIKE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Matthew N

I thought hes making it inside

Mincraft ....

I don't like minecraft I call it mind manipulation . It's a wast of time and very addictive.

@Nadia A

I do not think Minecraft is addictive but I only play Creative and build stuff so Survival may be more addictive than I realize.

@ beth

I know someone who i was telling them about world teen and they went rite to can i comment about minecraft? all they think about is that game! I am not saying your like that.

@Everyone Who Commented About Minecraft

I do play Minecraft it's pretty fun and you can play split screen for up to four players. I play both Creative and Survival I wouldn't say either one is "addictive" I will say though that when you play them you get a little sucked in, that's all! @Nadia haha that is kinda funny only a little bit though, kinda weird that they just wanted to comment about Minecraft, but whatever floats your boat right!! @Matthew "Don't Starve together if it is on Xbox 360" what does that mean? Lol
We also play Need for Speed Rivals! But that's about all! I think Rocket League is only for Xbox One though!!

@Bethsarah G

@Nadia A

Ok. I see how you would be a little wary if someone said that to you.

To Above

yes. I have had many other experiences like that..many...

@Nadia A

Ok. I understand your feelings and the reasons behind them just please know that me and my friends and many other people in the world have a lot of fun playing Minecraft but we are careful to be responsible and still make time for other things.

To Above

Good. everyone I know who plays mincraft is opsesed with it!!

I want some!

I want some!

yum sounds good

I love chocolate and that sounds expensive they probably have tons of sponsors.

@ Max

Yes. i'm shour They do. ☺☺☺☺☺

@ Nadia A.

I play Minecraft and I'm not obsessed with it at all. It's fine if you don't play it, I'm just letting you know that not everyone is obsessed with it.

@ Lena P

if you haven't noticed My family doesn't play video games.

@ Nadia A.

Yes, I figured, and I respect that. My other comment was just because you said in one of your comments that everyone you know that plays Minecraft is obsessed with it. Sorry if I confused you or anything.

@ Lena P

*sigh* Yes.....glad you respect that...........I know people who don't...........................


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