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Roadside Bigfoot Museum
News Bytes 10/23/2019 49 Comments

Along a bustling four-lane highway in north Georgia, a modest wooden structure stands. The building—at least what’s inside—is a tribute to a fabled beast. Welcome to Expedition: Bigfoot! The Sasquatch Museum.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti—all are terms for a legendary ape-like creature. There are supposed footprints and sightings all over the world. Most people believe Bigfoot is part folklore, part mistake, and part hoax. Some folks think a giant hairy creature actually roams the forests and evades capture.

David Bakara is part of the latter group. He owns the Sasquatch Museum. A longtime member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Bakara opened for business in 2016.

“I wanted to take what I know about Bigfoot as an active researcher and investigator, but I’m also a huge Disney World fan,” he says. “I was thinking, ‘Maybe I can make this thing like a family attraction.’”

The museum boasts a replica of a remote cabin, including a hatchet-wielding mannequin trying to bar the door as two hairy paws burst over the top. There are also color-coded maps showing hundreds of supposed Bigfoot sightings and a gigantic reproduction eight-foot-tall beast.

The museum’s highlight is a well-known 1967 video of an alleged Sasquatch sighting. The grainy 59.5-second video plays on a loop—along with recorded stories from those who claim to have encountered a Bigfoot. “The reason I didn’t shoot it is, it was just too human,” a hunter says in one account.

Bakara knows he’ll never persuade everyone—or even most people—that Bigfoot exists. Still, his unusual museum welcomes about 50,000 gawking visitors each year.

Recently Sherry Gaskinn was driving by and stopped in. “I can remember my great-grandmother talking about having a cabin in the woods, and she saw Sasquatch,” she says. “I’ve always been curious.”

(A Bigfoot mask and other items on display at Expedition: Bigfoot! The Sasquatch Museum in Cherry Log, Georgia. AP Photo/John Bazemore)

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Most recent comments

Ummm, ok

I don't really believe this stuff, so I probably wouldn't go here, but that mannequin wielding an axe sounds funny. And also, why would God make a half human, half ape like being? It doesn't really make sense, but then again, there are many crazy animals out there. LOL

That's kind of weird, but

That's kind of weird, but kind of cool too. I would want to go just to see for myself what all they have on display there.


It could just be an ape or a guy in a suit.

Scary, and strange!

That picture is creeping me out!! I will never go there!! I think .........never mind.
I don't think they should creat a museum decated to a monster. Everyone knows that doesn't egsist. Very scary........

I don't believe in Bigfoot

I don't believe in Bigfoot

If bigfoot doesn't exist,

If bigfoot doesn't exist, then why is there so many stories and claimed sightings? I feel like there is more proof that he does exist then he doesn't. lol

@Annie T

The sightings could easily be faked. People probably just want attention. No one else saw the bigfoot, so they can clam they saw it. Maybe they did see something, but it was probably not a bigfoot.


Yes, but how did the bigfoot story start then? Why is there so much about Bigfoot out there? I mean, everyone has heard of Bigfoot.

Annie T

You might be right, but until there is actual proof, people are going to be skeptics


If someone thought they saw "bigfoot" they probably saw a Demon spirit. That's the only explanation.

this is weird!

it will definitely make an interesting report for my school work!! haha!

kind of creepy.

i would probably have nightmares after visiting. Although , I definitely am not planning on it. I don't even live near Georgia.


You know some of them may be, but I don't think that is the only explanation

@ Annieann

What explanation do you have in mind?:-)

To above

That was @ Annie

Haha, that’s great I would

Haha, that’s great I would love to go there! Even thought I personally don’t think bigfeet or bigfoots? exists. Lol


Read the little note under that big head!! On the pic!


Either they saw an animal, like a bear, that was kinda deformed and led them to believe that they saw bigfoot. Or maybe, just maybe, bigfoot really is out there : D Or some other sorta animal that we haven't discovered yet because of it's evading skills lol. Also, what makes you think that it's demons? BTW I don't really know if this stuff is true, I'm just offering different explanations, and I don't really believe that bigfoot exists. I just like having an open mind about this subject. Because maybe there is some sorta animal like bigfoot that we don't know of. None of us really know for sure.

oh i didn't notice the note

oh i didn't notice the note cool:)

What does the note say?

What does the note say?

@ Annie

Well. I know you all won't understand this. But I have non through some trials in my walk with the lord and have seen demon spirits and been ataked my them before. That is why I believed that people think they see bigfoot when they are seeing a spirit.

@ beth g

It says...this mask creaeted by makeup artist so and so ( can't see the name) is a replica of the mask used for the history chanle!! What dose that tell you?!:-) :-) :O


I think this stuff is just weird. In my opinion, it can't be true unless they have a little more evidence.

@Nadia A

Haha, a history channel wow!

To above

did you read it?


Weird! I don't believe in that stuff either.


No I didn't read it just what you said to Beth G.

@ Above

Oh.'ya. It is strange. :-)

@ Nadia A.

I think I kind of understand what you are talking about. I myself have not seen demons, but I have heard about people who have. Let's not just assume that people won't understand what you are talking about. I have assumed that before, and turns out whoever I was talking to understood perfectly!

@ Lena p

Yes. Sorry. :-) that's why we don't do all those zombies, harry Potter, and Disney. Because most of the caracters look like demons.

@ Nadia A.

That makes sense.

@ Lena p

Glad you understand. :-)

This is Massimo A

That head is weird! ☺


To the confusion about the name it says Dan Little of Idaho Falls that is the name that u said u couldn't see. I don't really believe in big foot!! Unless someone has real proof... I do think that people just mixed up fantasy with real life creatures!! I do have to agree that since evolution is not real then there can't be a half human half bear sorta creature. That God created human and animals NOT a mix of them!!!!!!!!

To above

Oh. Thanks. I just got contacts so I couldent see to well! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Oh!!! Cool!! Do u like them?? I hav glasses and i haven't got contacts yet!! (One reason is because my parents don't have the money to get both!!)

To above

Oh yes I love them!! You should get trial ones from you eye Dr. there free. I am using trail ones for 15 days. To see if I like them. They feel like eye drops when you put them in at first. :-) :-)


I dont think bigfoot is real


Ok sounds great!! We just got r eyes checked but maybe next year!!

@ Hannah

Oh. OK! :-) :-) :-)

@Nadia A

What do you mean, youve seen demons?Where do you live?

@ Gloriana

I am a Christian. It doesn't matter where you live if the lord opens up your eyes to see spiritual things they you will see demons and angels. I have seen them and it upsets me very much to see all the toys in the story are basicly replicas of demons. The zombies, monsters ect. I know it sounds strange but if you look in the bible it is part of the christian life.
I live in fort Wayne Indiana.

@Nadia A

I'm sorry, I thought you meant like, you know, not toys, like evil spirits.
I see that has nothing to do with where you live.

@ Gloriana

What do you mean?

@Nadia A

Well actually, i just, like, glanced at the comment and, like, just saw TOYS and EVIL SPIRITS.
I meant like ghosts, living demons.

@Nadia A

Well actually, i just, like, glanced at the comment and, like, just saw TOYS and EVIL SPIRITS.
I meant like ghosts, living demons.
Sorry, I meant DEMONS.

@ Gloriana

Yes. I have seen Living demons.



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