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Kim Rides White Horse
News Bytes 10/17/2019 45 Comments

North Korea released a series of photos yesterday. The images feature leader Kim Jong Un riding a white horse to a “sacred” mountain—one he has often climbed before making key decisions. Kim reportedly vowed to overcome U.S.-led sanctions he says both pain and infuriate his people.

The photos showed Kim riding on horseback up snow-covered Mount Paektu. The mountain, the highest point on the Korean Peninsula, is sacred to North Koreans. Both it and the white horse are symbols associated with the Kim dynasty.

In 2018, Kim visited Mount Paektu before entering into diplomacy with South Korea and the United States.

North’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released the photos days after North Korea’s first nuclear talks with the United States in more than seven months fell apart. “He, sitting on the horseback atop Mt Paektu, recollected with deep emotion the road of arduous struggle he covered for the great cause of building the most powerful country with faith and will as firm as Mt. Paektu,” KCNA says.

The white horse is a propaganda symbol for the Kim family, which has ruled North Korea for seven decades. State media have occasionally shown Kim, his sister, and his father riding white horses. The symbolism goes back to Kim Il Sung, who according to the North’s official story rode a white horse while fighting Japanese colonial rulers.

“The situation of the country is difficult owing to the ceaseless sanctions and pressure by the hostile forces, and there are many hardships and trials facing us,” Kim says. “But our people grew stronger through the trials and found their own way of development and learned how to always win in the face of trials.”

North Korea has been slapped with 11 rounds of sanctions since 2006. The sanctions have been toughened since 2016, when Kim began conducting a series of high-profile nuclear and missile tests. They include a full ban on key exports such as coal, textiles, and seafood and a significant curtailing of oil imports.

South Korean media believes that Kim may be considering a new plan in his dealings with the United States—a plan to pressure the United States into changing its nuclear diplomacy policies.

(North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rides a white horse to climb Mount Paektu, North Korea. Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment! : -)

I've read this through 2 times but I still don't understand it. Can someone explain it to me!?


Yeah, this is somewhat confusing. But really all I really care about is the horse. It's absolutely GORGEOUS.


Well I think he thinks riding that horse on that mountain will give him some kind of wisdom? That horse is beautiful! I love its harness! Kim needs to know riding a horse isn't going to help him. It'l only make him sore.

Yes it is! It looks so

Yes it is! It looks so elagant!! Horses are my favourite animal.

Sorry didn't see yours

Sorry didn't see yours

The comment that I said 'yes

The comment that I said 'yes it is' on meant to be @ Carys M.

Mirela J and Carys M

Basically, Kim goes up to this mountain whenever he is going to make an important decision, or do something big. He went up to it recently. South Koreans think that he is considering a new plan to pressure the U.S. into changing our nuclear policies. Also he vowed to overcome U.S led sanctions. Not exactly good news.
I agree Carys! I want that horse!

@ Mirela J

MIne too! the city that I live in actually calls itself horse capital of the world! that may not be true though LOL

@ Bella C

Thanks for the explanation! Yes horses are amazing. I wish we had enough property to keep one!



@ Bella

OK I need to know what sanctions is . Isn't is a last name? No idea...:-)

@Nadia A

authoritative permission or approval, as for an action.
something that serves to support an action, condition, etc.
something that gives binding force, as to an oath, rule of conduct, etc.
a provision of a law enacting a penalty for disobedience or a reward for obedience.
the penalty or reward.

verb (used with object)
to authorize, approve, or allow:
an expression now sanctioned by educated usage.
to ratify or confirm:
to sanction a law.

You would think if he is

You would think if he is wearing that coat and there is snow around him he would wear a hat.

@ Beth G

Thanks so its law. And if you zoom in on his face he looks freezing! Kinda like me write now!

Article about Kim's hair

Read this worlsteen article


Nadia A that is HILARIOUS! Oh MAN I would not want my hair like that thanks :D

@ Carsy

Haha lol! I know! Type hair into the search box and it will pull up some Funny interesting articles !

Hahahaha wouldn't want my

Hahahaha wouldn't want my hair like that either!


I read the article about the hair, I'm speechless. The boy looks so much like Kim! It looks like he could be his son.

I know!

I know!

Haha!! @ Mirela J and Daphne W

Hahahahah!! Glad you like it. That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the picture! besides: "wow! I didn't know he was in a movie" !!!


LOL! That's pretty weird that he's going to a "sacred mountain". I wouldn't be surprised if the horse couldn't make it to the top of the mountain, that guy is big! Ha Ha Ha!

@Nadia A

Wow that is hilarious!! :)

That is an awesome horse! We

That is an awesome horse! We used to own horses!! We had five! But we never had a white one!!!!

To above

What happened to them? If you want to. :-)


Oh I know poor horse!!!!! LOL


We had to get rid of them because we didn't have a proper shelter.

To above

Oh:-( I always wanted a horse........ sorry to hear that.....:-)


We even had a big Belgian draft horse, her name was Sheeba, she was sooo pretty we sold her to a friend of ours. She ate so much hay!! I don't remember much about her we had her when I was probably five or six.

@ beth h

Oh. We used to have....ready:-) ....... 1 dog, 2 hampsters,1 gunny pig,2 fish,3 hermwt crabs, 3 fiddler crabs. And a fish. Now we only have a dog:-) :-)

@ Nadia A

Wow! That's a lot of pets! Did you have them all in one go or at different times?


Wow!! We right now have: 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 hamster, one guinea pig, one rat, 1 cockatiel , one parrot, and one parakeet!!


oh and two fish tanks!! LOL

@ Beth H

Wow that's a lot too!

@ Beth h

Ya! We had them all at one time for about 5 months then they died. I mean the fish and crabs. We still have our dog! Got have a lot of pets too!!!

@ Nadia A

That article is so funny!

To Above

I know! Its very unusual!

Why is North Korea so

Why is North Korea so determined to use nuclear weapons? What-or who- are they planning to use them on?!

To Above

um...probably US!!

Haha, that's funny!

Haha, that's funny!

Does anyone think the picture

Does anyone think the picture is kinda funny? I mean that horse is so majestic, but...ya know

To Above

yes. I think it's dosen't match!!

The things that have been

The things that have been happening in the past few years between North Korea and the US is rather...disturbing. Let's hope nothing bad comes of this. Also where does this guy stay while he's up there and for how long was he up there? The article doesn't say.


I agree with CM about the article and only care for the horse!

To above

Ya! Haha!:-)

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