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Two-Hour Marathon Barrier Broken
News Bytes 10/14/2019 88 Comments

It was a weekend of momentous events in the running world. Kenyan world-class marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour barrier in Vienna, Austria. He completed 26.2 miles in 1:59:40—a feat that had seemed impossible, until Saturday.

The 34-year-old Olympic champion achieved his 1 hour, 59 minute, 40.2-second marathon under such tightly controlled and idealized conditions that it won’t qualify for a record book. The course was completely flat and tree-lined to block wind. The weather was as close to perfect as could be. Pacesetters—speedy racers who help a runner set and hold a perfect pace—alternated turns running alongside Kipchoge throughout the event until the very last 500 meters, when they peeled away and he finished on his own. A pace car preceded the pack of runners. It was equipped with a laser beam that projected the ideal position on the pavement, saving fractions of seconds for the runner at every bend.

Those conditions were designed by organizers of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge to maximize Kipchoge’s chance at success. But they also disqualify the event from comparison with current records—including the world marathon record of 2:01:39, which Kipchoge himself holds. Still, the result proves that it is possible for fearfully and wonderfully made human athletes to continue improving on spectacularly impressive goals.

In 1954, Roger Bannister—a British middle-distance runner—became the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. In his weekend race, Kipchoge held an average pace of 4:33.5 for the 26+-mile duration. (That’s blazing fast, by the way!)

“It is a great feeling to make history in sport after Sir Roger Bannister,” Kipchoge said after crossing the finish line. “I am the happiest man in the world to be the first human to run under two hours. . . . I expect more people all over the world to run under two hours after today.”

In Chicago, another Kenyan marathoner took those words to heart. Inspired by Kipchoge’s performance, Brigid Kosgei was the winning woman at the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. She set a new world record in the event with her finishing time of 2 hours, 14 minutes, 4 seconds. The 25-year-old bested the previous mark of 2:15:25, set by Paula Radcliffe in London 16 years ago. She told The New York Times that after hearing of Kipchoge’s under-two marathon, she told herself, “Tomorrow is my day. I wanted to be the second Kipchoge—the Kipchoge for women.”

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta sent his congratulations to Kipchoge after the history-making event. He said, “Your win today will inspire future generations to dream big and aspire to greatness.”

Kipchoge says his mission goes beyond athletics. “We can make this world a beautiful world and a peaceful world,” through the “positivity of the sport,” he says.

(Eliud Kipchoge celebrates with the Kenyan flag after breaking the historic two-hour barrier for a marathon in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The Olympic champion and world record holder clocked 1 hour, 59 minutes, 40 seconds at the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. Jed Leicester/The INEOS 1:59 Challenge via AP)

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#First Comment!

wow! That is super fast!

That's so cool!

It is so amazing that he can run that fast! I am so glad that World Teen provides us with news like this: Things that are inspiring and amazing, and not just the bad things going on.

@Bella C

I know!! I agree 100%!!!

@Bella C

Did you see that camera mans face to the right!! It's hilarious!!! LOL

@Bella H

That camera mans face is hilarious! ha ha ha

look at everyone's feet!

why is everyone wearing pink shoes?

That man is so cool

The fact that he had as much endurance as he had is amazing!!!


Why pink? Of all the colors...PINK!

saw when he tried last.

I watch a "documentary" about this man. He made it in 2:59 min a few yeas ago. Glad he secseded tjis time!! I think those other people have a BIG part in him winnng the record. I mean laser cars and trees and I have no idea what the pink has to do with t:-) that guys face is strange! They got him at the wrong moment! :-)

Haha just noticed the pink

Haha just noticed the pink shoes!!

The picture isn't showing up

The picture isn't showing up on my tablet so I have no idea what you're talking about. It sounds really weird though.
I hope Eliud knows where his real hope comes from and that although doing this may be fun for a little while his trophies we eventually won't mean anything.

I'm on my computer so I see

I'm on my computer so I see the pic now. The shoes and cameraguy's face are both really weird.

@ Beth Sarah G

I agree! I hope he gets saved! My tablet is slow too.:-)

That's awesome!

It's great, he made a great accomplishment! And it's great that his inspiring others cause I know what it's like to have a passion and when other people do better it pushes me try even more to go towards my passion, so I think he did great! And the farthest I have ever run was 9 miles so I don't see my self running 26+ miles!

pink shoes

the pink shoes were probably for the runners. so that there shoes don't get worn out in the long run. (it is 26+ miles) and also to make sure that no one's shoes come back with the sole half off. (that happened to me once, LOL!)

@ Porter E

never happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! My dad has run some marathons, and he ran them almost at about 3hr. So this is really cool!

The first thing I thought of when i saw the pic was...

The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was." Wow, they caught him( the camera man)at the right moment ( for us anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!) : - )

@ Beth H

Lol just noticed it! : )


It's cool that this guy ran that fast, but actually he sorta cheated.

@Zack w

Well he wasn't racing anyone

To above

I meant to above sorry.


The pink shoes is cause its breast cancer awareness month, ya know cuz pink is like the color

@Janna '

Wait, how did he cheat?

@ Annie

Oh I didn't know it was this month. Thanks a lot!!


yeah no problem


Oh okay yeah I get it now!!

@Annie T

Thanks. I get it now.
I know someone who got pink braces for October and someone else asked him if he meant orange because she thought he wanted that color for Halloween.

@Beth G

Haha! Do you celebrate Halloween??

@ beth h

Do you?


He must be related to the Flash!

That's awesome! Yay Kipchoge!

That's awesome! Yay Kipchoge! And by the way, a marathon is about 26 miles, so the fact that he was able to make it in under two hours is incredible!!

@Beth H

No. But I would rather not get into a huge discussion about it I was just telling a funny story about October colors.

@ Beth G

i agree. Halloween debates can last a LONG time!!

@Beth G and Nadia A

Okay! I was just wondering!

I don’t normally celebrate

I don’t normally celebrate Halloween but this year my family owns a coffee hut so we are staying open till 9pm and passing out candy to Trick or Treaters. We are dressing up but not in anything demonic or disturbing, so I was just wondering what you guys did for Halloween. Not trying to get into a huge argument or debate ( which I do agree can be very long) :)

I don't celebrate Halloween

I don't celebrate Halloween and last year on Halloween, me and my friend went out with fairy lights wrapped around us and we handed out small bags with activities in them to do with Jesus and God. I was kind of embarrassed when we met my friends ( who aren't Christian and celebrate Halloween ) whilst doing this!

But I shouldn't have been

But I shouldn't have been embarrassed because I was sharing the message of God.


No offence to anyone who celebrates Halloween I am just going to stat what we do...
OK so my family dose not do Halloween or pumpkins. Why well if you think about it what is the celebration out? Well what do people do. They hag replica's is demons ( ghosts) around there house and dress up as them and put sines of death every where.pumpkins? Carved ones? Just look at the history of the carved pumpkin. It was first done a LNG time ago the settlers would carve pumpkin s to ward of evil spirits the trudishon was passed along and misunderstood and now Christian families are doing it and they don't eben know what there doing. A christian wouldn't celebrate the day of the dead would they? No. So why then do they celebrate Halloween? I get this a lot. Why is it so bad to dress up as ghosts? There not real. Ghost is a another word for demons. If you really think about this it all ties in to a day of celebration of death fear,lies,and demons. All tied up with little costumes and candy. Its one of satans biggest traps for Christian families. Don't fall for it...

Why is everyone agreeing with

Why is everyone agreeing with me that Halloween discussions are really long and then going ahead and starting one?

@ Beth G

I don't know!! I had to get my point across!! I ges it's ok to debate about it!!

Also, we put a pumpkin out

Also, we put a pumpkin out side our house on Halloween but it has a heart carved into it instead of a scary face.

@ Mirela J

why don't you pray about that. ; )

@ Nadia A

What do you mean?


That is awesome! I defiantly think as Christians we should be spreading the message of God! Passing out tracks and stuff with candy is a good idea, I will have to ask my Mom if we can do that at our coffee hut!

Beth H

Yes I think we should spread the message. It will be great if you do.

@ Mirela J

look up the history of the pumpkin thing

@Nadia A and @ Mirela J

The Irish brought the tradition of carving pumpkins into Jack O'Lantern to America. But, the original Jack O'Lantern was not a pumpkin. Pumpkins did not exist in Ireland. Ancient Celtic cultures in Ireland carved turnips on All Hallow's Eve, and placed an ember in them, to ward off evil spirits.

That's what I found
I don't think that if you carve pumpkins you are wicked that's prob not why people do it today.

Yes I know but we do a

Yes I know but we do a pumpkin with a heart and a candle inside,I think that's a bit different because we are trying to spread the messsage that Jesus is the light of the world. And that's why we put a candle inside ( also so that people can see the heart )
I think that's ok, isn't it? Well, that's my opinion. And I respect everyone's opinion even if they are different from mine.

That message was for Nadia A

That message was for Nadia A


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