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Tesla Parking Lot Pick-Up
News Bytes 10/10/2019 20 Comments

The U.S. government’s highway safety agency is gathering information on a feature of new Tesla electric cars. The feature lets drivers summon their cars in parking lots. But the car-hailing has a few problems. . . .

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it’s aware of negative reports about Tesla’s “Smart Summon.” Officials are in contact with the company. “The agency will not hesitate to act if it finds evidence of a safety-related defect,” NHTSA says.

Last week, Tesla sent out an over-the-internet software update. The update allows some customers to allow their cars to navigate through a parking lot—with no one at the wheel. There are some limitations. For example, drivers can use the feature only if a driver can see the vehicle and the car is within 200 feet.

Soon after the update, videos and pictures surfaced on social media about problems. One owner says his car scraped the side of his garage while “Smart Summon” was working. Another car narrowly missed crashing into cross traffic. Still another driver says his car nearly hit a golf cart before he was able to stop it. One video shows a good Samaritan chasing down what he thinks is a runaway car—with the Tesla owner shouting, “It’s okay!” from afar. A promotional video on Tesla’s own website shows a driverless car going the wrong way in a parking lot.

Tesla’s website cautions that drivers who use “Smart Summon” are responsible for the car and must monitor it at all times.

As with most new technology, there are bumps and twists in the road. But since this feature involves automobiles in public spaces, some folks think Tesla should pump the brakes on “Smart Summon.”

What do you think about driverless cars moving through crowded parking lots?

(A Tesla vehicle charging at a Tesla Supercharger site in Charlotte, North Carolina. AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

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Most recent comments

Geez people, just drive the

Geez people, just drive the car yourself! That would be scary, to crash into something while using Smart Summon. I hope that Tesla is able to make a wise decision about this.

I don't think driverless cars

I don't think driverless cars are a good idea in parking lots. There are just soooo many people! If there started being a ton of driverless cars in parking lots I would hold my kids' hands until they were 15!


I don't think it is a bad thing, but sensor technology will get better, and hopefully this will be a success, they are always issuing updates, we should key an open mind. But still, I would not want to own a "Smart summon" car, just because of the car insurance.


A Tesla is my dream car but I don't think it's very smart to use one that "can drive it's self." It's a lot safer to stop being lazy and drive the yourself.


I watch a video on it and it almost hit several cars. Not so sure about this one.

Just walk to your car!

It doesn't take that long to just walk across the parking lot! This might be helpful in ambulances, etc if they were able to correct the problems. But a bunch of driverless cars zooming around the parking lot? What if just one stopped working right? Technology can be useful, but there's a time to just do something for yourself.


All this seas one think! DANGER!!!! this isn't good!!!!!

Honestly the idea is pretty

Honestly the idea is pretty cool, but come on can't you just walk to your car? I mean people could get hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

@Beth H


@ Bella

I agree 100%


It would be helpful in the rain or snow if it can just pull up right to the door, especially at a special event. I'm sure it would be fun to test around and play with. But it also sounds pretty dangerous.

To above

Ya. :-) dangerous but interesting.. :-) :-)

Do you guys see many Teslas?

Do you guys see many Teslas? I have seen 3 or 4

To above

I THINK I saw one. I Think! Not shour but I think....:-)

@Nadia A

If you want to know what the logo looks like look at the read signs behind the car.



I dont think I would like it!

I would find it really stressful to be in a Tesla car because I would want to be very alert and make sure the car doesn't crash!

Not Sure What I Think...

I'm not sure driver-less cars are a good idea. They say it will prevent crashes, but what if a car glitches and crashes anyway? And if someone steals your phone wouldn't someone be able to steal your car if you have Smart Summon?

Hold up!

Were are the windshield wipers on those Tesla's! Okay I want to know what the technology behind that is!

Okay I'm in 2020 know and we have self driving cars everywher!

Why does everybody despise self driving cars I think It's ingenious! Because with a self driving car there is no glitch or else the company would not have let the car go yet. Think guys! Tesla Vehicles are every where now there is no need to worry. There has not been one crash yet from a malfunction in a Tesla vehicle.

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