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It’s a Tall World, After All
News Bytes 10/1/2019 42 Comments

Rides at Florida’s Walt Disney World get you dizzy. They get you woozy. They get you screaming. But a new ride just gets you there. And that might make it one of the most popular attractions. The Lake Buena Vista resort on Friday introduced its newest way to get around. An aerial cable car system riding three stories above the ground whisks visitors from hotels to theme parks.

Disney Skyliner cable cars opened to visitors on Sunday as the latest addition to one of the largest private transportation systems in the U.S. Almost 300 enclosed cable cars now join 423 buses, 61 mini-vans (appropriately named Minnie Vans), 30 parking lot trams, 29 watercraft, and 12 monorail trains.

In any given 24 hours, 350,000 people (the population of a medium-sized city) are on Disney World property, which has about the land area of San Francisco, California. The challenge for Disney is to move those visitors quickly and easily from parks to hotels to shopping and restaurant areas.

“There are a lot of benefits to being in the air,” says Alison Armor, vice president of transportation at Disney World. “People are off the roadways. They're moving very smoothly and very seamlessly.”

Each year on average, Disney World visitors take 100 million rides on its entire transportation system, says Thomas Mazloum, a Disney senior vice president. With the Skyliner air gondolas, visitors are treated to neon-colored cars painted with the images of almost two dozen Disney characters. The sky pods move riders at 11 mph along three lines to five stations. From there they can access nine resorts and two parks.

Disney World has four theme parks and more than two dozen resorts. No more than 10 people are allowed in each cable car. A car will arrive every 10 seconds, allowing the cabins to handle about 3,000 people per hour.

When it comes to a Disney vacation, half the challenge is getting there. The other half of the challenge is getting around. Maybe Gondolas will make it a slightly smaller world for foot-sore visitors.

(Gondolas move to various locations at Walt Disney World on the Disney Skyliner aerial tram, Friday, Sept. 27, 2019, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. AP Photo/John Raoux)

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Hi! to whoever asked me a question, in the polio edition, sorry to whoever i didn't answer. I had to do school, then the next day we went to the capital, and I just got back. So, Lena P, yes, I have lived here my whole life, not counting trips to visit my family in the US, and UK. AND Vaughn H, I live in the Sahara Desert, West Africa. Just want to say sorry! L.P

I've never been to Disney

I've never been to Disney World, but it sounds really fun. Lilias P., that's totally fine, thank you for answering my question! That's cool that you have lived in Africa your whole life.

@ Lena P

I thought I was the only one! I've never been to Disney either. After reading this, I want to go even more! It sounds like a lot of fun... Unless you're scared of heights.


I have been, and I hope this transportation option will give more transportation options to moderate and value resorts, I hope that it will be a nice view, with all those wrap-around character ones, I would pefer to go on a Non-character one myself, I think the breeze will be nice (they are open) I also think they will handle the crowds much better, similar to a omdimover system (Continuous ride system) Also, they Will take do the handicap differently then I have ever seen, they will take it off the tracks. Hopefully that will speed up the system.

@Lilias P

Cool! What is it like to live in the Sahara Desert? Has anyone rode in a gondola before? They are really fun! They have two or three in Breckenridge CO.


Hi! My name is Vivien. That's so cool that you live in the Sahara desert! I live in Indio California and I can get up to 130°. Thankfully though the summer is almost over for us and nice weather will be blowing in. How hot is it usually in the Sahara?


That is so cool you live in West Africa! My dad went to Kenya and Tanzania, and he climbed Mt Kilimanjaro! My brother and I would love to go to Africa someday.

@ Bella C., Gloriana B., and Nadia A.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been to Disney World! I don't think I'm even that interested in going either, although I think that going on a Disney cruise would be pretty cool.

@Everyone who hasn't been to Disney

I haven't been to Disney either. Its nice to know so many people who haven't gone!

I agree, Beth S.! I'm not

I agree, Beth S.! I'm not sure about you guys, but I am sick of people being so surprised that I haven't gone. No offense to anyone who has gone, I am just tired of people saying, "What?! You haven't been to Disney World?!" I'm sure it is fun, but still.

@ Nadia A.

I do Minecraft and Star Wars, but I get that not everyone is interested in those things, plus I know several people who aren't interested either. You are not the only one!

@Lena P

I know! Just last week I told my friends I have never been to the movies and they were so shocked! I was immediately asked if I had ever been to Six Flags or Disney. (The Answer: I haven't, but I plan to go to Six Flags next year)

@Nadia A

I do play Minecraft( creative not survival) but I don't watch many movies and sometimes that can be rather hard. Most of my friends have gotten used to it though.

Disney World

I have never been to Disney World either!

to those who have not been to Disney

YOU SHOULD GO!!!!!!! It is so awsome! They opened Galaxy's Edge. You can build a lightsaber, a droid....

to those who plan to go to disney

enjoy your trip!

@ Beth S.

I don't watch a ton of movies either. I like them, and I've got a list of movies I want to watch, but overall I'm more of a book person (reading and writing them).

@Lena P

I am actually BethSarah G

@ Bethsarah G.

Yeah, I know, sorry I put Beth S. instead of Bethsarah G. I think I may have forgotten or something.

@Lena P

It's OK

I saw the sky liner

I saw the sky liner construction before it opened!


As a Christian I won't go to Disney world. Why? Because its all witcraft and drama. And i dont think that the lord would approve f christian going to Disney world.

@Nadia A

I'm a Christian too! I'v never been to Disney land because its so expensive! So does that mean you don't watch Disney movies either? I defiantly agree on some of the movies being witchcraft.


I saw on here that you like books. I'm a huge book fan, I am actually writing a book. Have you ever read Ashtown Burials?

@ beth h

Yes I don't watch anything Disney.

@Nadia A

OK, so do you watch any movies or do you read books??

@ Beth H.

No, I have not read Ashtown Burials. What is it about? And I am working on a book too, I love writing! Good luck with your book!

@ Beth H

In watch christian movies. Like the gospel of john and time changer. And super book cheek out this link its a Christian website for animated bible stories for older kids. I read missionary books with a really good series called christian heroes then and now. I read those all the time. And other books like Ivan and the hidden bible by Myrna grant. And of course I read the bible. Mostly all read is christian or history based.

@ Beth H

Oh sorry I got the link wrong here's the rite one. I think that's the link.

@Beth H

Superbook and Christian Heroes: Then and Now are both awesome!!

To above

do you watch superbook?!!! : )

@Nadia A


To Above

are you a member? have you gotten the birth of moses yet?

@Lena P

Ashtown Burials is a series about a brother and sister (Cyrus, and Antigone) who's Dad has died and are living with their older brother Dan. It's by a guy named N.D. Wilson my favorite author


Okay cool! I actually own the Christian heroes of then and now! I will check out that link. Gotta go do school.

To above

Oh! Really nice! I only own a few but I he them from my library. The link is really good.

@ Nadia A

Wow!! I didn't realize there were so many of the Christian Heroes, I only own a few!!

@ Beth H.

Cool, I may have to check out Ashtown Burials sometime. Thanks for the recommendation!

@Nadia A

I am not a member. I do not watch Superbook on the website but on something called RightNowMedia. I do not think I have seen The Birth of Moses.
My name is back to BethSarah G!

@Beth H

There are a ton! I have 45

@ bethSarahG

Congarats on your Name!!!! The birth of Moses is really good! it's the newest one!!

@Lena P

Your welcome! N.D. Wilson also writes The Hundred Cupboards, and Outlaws of Time! Those are really good to!
The Mistmantle Chronicles by M. I. McAllister are really good, but I haven't been able to find the fifth one for under eighty bucks.

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