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UPDATE: Border Wall Begins
News Bytes 09/13/2019 42 Comments

Ahí está!”—”There it is!” South of Yuma, Arizona, 30-foot-tall pillars rise against the desert sky. A construction crew is erecting a towering border wall. The U.S. government hopes the new wall will reduce the flow of immigrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

President Donald Trump and his administration intend to build 450-500 miles of fencing along the nearly 2,000-mile border by the end of 2020. The wall is funded by billions of defense dollars originally meant for things like military base schools, target ranges, and maintenance facilities.

Two other projects in New Mexico and Arizona are underway too. But some people doubt that so many miles of wall can be built in such a short amount of time. The government is up against last-minute construction hiccups, funding issues, and legal challenges from environmentalists and property owners whose land sits on the border.

Last year, the number of migrant families who cross the border illegally in the Yuma area increased. Many are fleeing extreme poverty and violence. Some are seeking asylum. So far this year, Yuma Border Patrol agents have apprehended over 51,000 family units—compared with just over 14,500 the year before.

“Historically, this has been a huge crossing point for both vehicles as well as family units and unaccompanied alien children,” Border Patrol spokesman Jose Garibay says. “They’ve just been pouring over the border due to the fact that we’ve only ever had vehicle bollards and barriers that by design only stop vehicles.”

Victor Manjarrez Jr., a former Border Patrol chief, was an agent when the government put up the first barriers. He says tall border fencing is crucial in some areas and less helpful in others. He says, “One form doesn’t fit in all areas, and so the fence itself is not the one solution. It’s a combination of many things.”

(Government contractors erect a section of Pentagon-funded border wall along the Colorado River in Yuma, Arizona, Tuesday, September 10, 2019. AP Photo/Matt York)

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First Comment!

That fence is HUGE! I hope the families escaping violence can find a way to get in legally.


They're finally building it! I was wondering when that was going to happen. Hopefully, this will encourage families trying to find a safe place to do it legally. It's going to be a big wall though! I hope they get it all done... Do y'all think they will?

I wish there was a better way

I wish there was a better way to handle this situation. I mean, there isn't any guarantee that the border wall will get finished, and just think how much stuff the money going towards the border wall would have paid for. And those poor immigrants...


I'm glad. Less illegal immigrants.


Finally after years of Talk there taking action!!! I hope this stops the illegal immigrants from coming to America!!

Finally they put up the wall!

Finally they put up the wall! I hope it actually keeps illegal immigrants out and bad people


That wall is huge! It's good that no more people will be coming to the US illegally!


No offense but i think the wall is a good thing

To Above

me too!!

Build that wall

I live a couple hours out from the boarder. That needs to be done.
Safety first America. Don't let the bad people in.

@Janna G.

You may want to lower your expectations a little bit.
Building a wall would have an impact on the number of illegal immigrants, however it wouldn't even come close to stopping all of them. After all, roughly 40% of illegal immigrants enter the US on planes.

To Above

but how?! Why do they let them in our airspace? that's not right!!!

Are Mexicans bad people? What

Are Mexicans bad people? What would YOU feel like if you were fleeing death. Also it might seperate animal familys ( and people too) And that money was sopossed to help army things

Karisma S

^I think this is a good thing that they're putting up this wall. The problem with immigrants is confusing. Mexican people aren't "bad". But they shouldn't be crossing illegally into America. Also, they can get stuff like social security for free while we have to pay for it. They're taking the benefits of being a citizen without actually paying for it.

That's really big!

I agree with you 100% @Karisma S! i was begging to think that the wouldn't build it... but here we are! I mean I am glad they are building it but i wish that we didnt have too.


mexican people are NOT bad! there just doing something bad. they should not try to g=come into this country illegally

I agree

Most people in this thread have actually good knowledge of whats going on, No Spanish, mexicans, ETC arn't bad people, they become bad people when they cross into our country illegally and become a threat. No not all of them are ''threats'' in the traditional sense. But they're all threats to our parents, in the sense of getting free health care, getting payed thousands of dollars for just breathing, they're getting payed our parents tax dollars and thats when it becomes a threat, I do feel bad, but if its just like enter legally, and maybe you can STAY away from the violence.

To above

I agree.


those people who want to impeach Prestdant Trump will only hurt themselves beacuse then Peance will become president and he is a christian.


I feel like this project is a big waste of money, I don't think it is going to rule out illegal immigration as much as people think it will

I hope this works

Well I hope this works, because if it doesn't work we have wasted a lot of money and time. If i had the choice i would do something else apart from THE WALL.
Even though coming in illegally isn't good maybe there is another way to handle this situation. To be honest This is a good idea but I wish there was any other way


That's as big as the great wall of China

@Gabe H

It is a lot smaller.

O wow. They have started

O wow. They have started


It's great that president Trump has built the wall, but at the same time I wish it could be done differently or that there was a better way to do it. Because building a wall creates anger with the other country and they will try to even break down the wall, so in the long run I don't see for how long it will work.

@ Daphine W

I hope not!!

@ Daphine W

are you knew to worldteen?


I don't think the wall, (unless they use like every crane, truck, etc.), will be finished in 2020. Maybe it will be finished in 2021?

To Janna

That's crazy that Mexican immigrants come over the border by plane most of the time! So much for the wall helping! Although I am glad they're building it.

To everybody

These past two years, I have been competing in competitive speech and debate for Christians and private homeschoolers only. It's a huge organization called STOA USA. Have any of you ever heard of it? This year, the debate case is should we as a country value simulation over multiculturalism. I think this has to do a lot with this article!

To above

Thank you so much for standing up fr homeschoolers. Inthinkmimhave herd of it.

lets dump trump over that

lets dump trump over that wall

this is not a good idea

I think the border is a bad idea, yes a wall can stop people on the ground but there is many other ways you can get into America and if your trying to get rid of illegal immigrants, the wall is only getting rid of a fraction of illegal immigrants this wall is taking out people coming in from the south but no ware else, and its costing us Americans tax money for a wall, in history walls have done little, The Great Wall of China, it was to stop invaders but it was useless when the Mongolians found a way around, the wall was useless, and the Berlin Wall, that one didn't last long and it was a flop, and now this one costing billions of military money for a wall that will do nothing compared to the hole problem.

Good point Lisa!

Good point Lisa!

@ Jennifer R


@Jennifer R

Because someone doesn't support the wall doesn't necessarily mean they are a Democrat.

@Nadia: That is SUCH a good

@Nadia: That is SUCH a good point! I met someone from an organization called TeenPact (have any of you heard of that before?) and they were doing a prayer walk in the capital of Indiana, outside of the Govener's office, and Pence came out and joined the group in praying. That would be really cool to have a Christian in the President's chair, and it's soooo good to have him as a vice-president!

To above

No I haven't he herd off that before.

It's a government program for

It's a government program for teens, and it's very hands on, and Christian. You learn about the government, and it's a four day class. You go to the Capital of your state for it. (That was not very clear explaining.) But it's really fun, and I totally recommend it. It's in most of the states, I think.

To above

OK. Our school curriculum might have thatim not shour.


I've noticed that my comment has been deleted. Are there rules about posting that I am not aware of?

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