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Crew Pulled from Capsized Ship
News Bytes 09/11/2019 11 Comments

U.S. Coast Guard rescuers pulled four men from a capsized ship on Monday. All four were taken to a hospital for further evaluation. Now port officials are scrambling to clear the waterway so that the busy shipping lane can reopen.

The Golden Ray,a giant ship that carries automobiles, overturned on Sunday while leaving a Georgia port. Immediately after the accident, the Coast Guard lifted 20 crew members into helicopters. But smoke and flames and unstable cargo made it too risky to venture further inside the vessel. Officials also worried that some of the 4,000 vehicles aboard may have broken loose.

Rescuers knew there were four remaining crew members. Rescuers heard noises inside. They thought they were some of the vehicles crashing around. By Monday, they knew the taps were responses to their own taps: Someone was alive inside! Captain John Reed says rescuers were “charged up knowing the people were alive.”

Workers drilled for 36 hours into the hull’s steel plates. They landed on the side of the ship and rappelled down the hull to drill a three-inch hole. Rescuers passed food and water through the hole to three of the men. Three of the South Korean crew members came out in the midafternoon. The fourth man was trapped in a separate compartment. He emerged three hours later. Video shows responders clapping and cheering as the final man climbed out of a hole in the hull and stood up.

The Golden Ray wreck has closed one of the busiest U.S. seaports for shipping automobiles. One ship can’t leave port. Four more are lined up waiting to come in.

After the rescue, a restaurant donated a meal, and a nearby volunteer-run center provided the seamen with clothes, toiletries, and Bibles. The cause of the capsizing remains under investigation.

Lt. Lloyd Heflin, who coordinated the effort, simply said, “Best day of my 16-year career.”

(People are shown on Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach as the Golden Ray cargo ship is capsized in the background, off the Georgia coast, Sunday, September 8, 2019. AP Photo/Terry Dickson)

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Praise the Lord!!

I hope the men are Ok! that must have been terrifying! i wonder how the ship capsized?? I hope there alright!

Aww, that's so sweet that the

Aww, that's so sweet that the rescuers all clapped when the last guy came out. I'm glad that everyone was saved!


I'm glad everyone made it out! That would be really scary.

That's a BIG ship! I'm glad

That's a BIG ship! I'm glad everyone is alive!

Janna (Daniel's sister) Wow!

How scary! I'm glad their alright! Hope the waterway can get back to normal!


wow that's a really big cap size, My siblings and I capsize our canoe a lot and it looks a lot like that..... just not that big.......
but I'm really glad that everyone's safe


I wanna see the video!


That's terrifying

Wow glad they are ok. Today,

Wow glad they are ok. Today, September 11, is the same day 18 years ago that the Muslim terrorists came. We should be praying for the people that survived and there lost ones.

Jsyk. Anybody can call me

Jsyk. Anybody can call me "rae-ly" because I like it. I made it up and it is what I use as my name in online games.

Praise the Lord!

I'm glad everyone's safe!

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