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Running Red Lights
News Bytes 09/3/2019 23 Comments

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has released some sad news: The number of people killed by drivers running red lights is at a 10-year high. AAA is urging drivers and pedestrians to use caution at traffic signals.

AAA says two people die every day in the United States in accidents caused by drivers who don’t stop for red lights. “Drivers who decide to run a red light when they could have stopped safely are making a reckless choice that puts other road users in danger,” says David Yang, executive director of AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Brian Tefft, senior researcher for the AAA Foundation, suspects that distracted driving plays a role in the higher numbers. He also thinks poorly timed traffic lights—like a yellow caution cycle that’s too short—may also be partly to blame.

“I wish we had a better answer than we do,” Tefft says.

The automobile club recommends that state and local governments increase their use of red light cameras and that authorities directly supervise them.

AAA offers this advice to drivers: 

• Prepare to stop when entering an intersection.

• Tap the brakes while approaching a light to warn other drivers of a possible stop.

• Wait a second after a light changes to green before starting to drive.

• Check to make sure cross traffic has stopped.

For pedestrians and cyclists, AAA also advises taking a few seconds to make sure traffic has stopped before crossing a street. It says those on foot should make themselves visible and establish eye contact with motorists. As for headphones and earbuds: Stay alert by keeping them off while walking or riding.

(A motorist waits at a traffic light while the Moon rises in the distance in Overland Park, Kansas. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

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Most recent comments

First Comment!

When I was little someone ran a red light and crashed into the side of our car. Thankfully everyone survived but my mom banged her head and the car was totaled.
Did anyone else notice the typo? The moon is so beautiful in this picture.

They should be careful!!

that's so sad hat 2 people die every day from running red lights!! people should be more carful!!

Wow, this is so sad. People

Wow, this is so sad. People really need to pay more attention when they are driving. And no Beth G., I didn't notice the typo. What was it?

This is really sad

People should be paying more attention. It's pretty easy to get distracted, I guess. I have to wonder if people where texting and driving, and weren't paying attention to the road.


I just thought of this: Sometimes people are in a hurry and run red lights knowing that it's red. They just don't think about how they could be putting themselves and others in danger.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

I am learning how to drive, and its a little scary thinking that I could get killed all the sudden by someone who ran a red light or who wasn't paying attention. (The moon is cool in that picture!)

@Lena P

They fixed it but foot was spelled food

@ Beth G.

Ok thanks

2 people die a day from

2 people die a day from people running red lights! This is horrible. I wish people would be more careful.


Man, drivers should pay attention for people who are crossing the street because most of the time when the light turns red the walking sign turns on so people walk but reckless drivers need to pay attention. And it is most likely because they are using there phones.
So just like in California using your phone should be illegal

To above

is using your phone illegal in California?

Karisma S

Wow, two people a day is a lot. I say we all try to fix this problem by becoming/being good drivers.

To Above


that is soo terrible!!!!!

why can't people follow rules? uhhhhgggg

@Karisma S

i totally agree



So sad!!!

So sad!!!

First comment!!!

I live in Indio California, and this area has lots of people who runs red lights. My friend actually got in a car accident because of someone who ran a red light! She said it was really scary! Hopefully people will stop doing it so much

Janna (Daniel's sister)

I have a friend who just got in a car accident from someone who ran a red light, and their truck had to be towed away! And my friends brother didn't have his seat belt on!


Yah, that's terrible. My mom says she sees people run red lights almost every time she goes out. So sad:(

@ Vivien W

oh no! I hope there allright!! why did you rit 1st comment?


My mom nearly died from someone running a red light its really sad how many people did from someone else not being careful
@ BG
your right! that pic is amazing!

@ Nadia A

It was an accident! My website did something funny and didn't show the other comments so I thought I was first. Oopsie!

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