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Unreal City in Germany
News Bytes 08/22/2019 36 Comments

Bielefeld, Germany, does not exist. Or so the story goes. The German city has been the playful subject of a long-running online conspiracy theory. Now the city that isn’t is offering big bucks—to whomever proves its non-existence is true. (Confused yet?)

In reality, Bielefeld is a city of just over 300,000 people. Several international companies have headquarters there. The city has a university, a botanical garden, and even a second-tier football (soccer) club.

Yesterday, officials in Bielefeld announced that city leaders will award $1.1 million to the person who delivers solid proof that the city does not exist.

There are “no limits to creativity” for entrants. But only unquestionable evidence will qualify for the prize.

The idea that Bielefeld does not exist was first floated as a joke by computer expert Achim Held. He posted the mocking claim on the internet in 1994. Held wanted to poke fun at online conspiracy theories. Such theories hold that large but secret organizations control world events.

Today, the Bielefeld theory asks three questions: Do you know anybody from Bielefeld? Have you ever been to Bielefeld? Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld? The theory relies on the fact that most people will answer “no” to all three questions. Of course, anybody who answers “yes” is quickly seen as being in on the hoax.

People sometimes try to “prove” that God doesn’t exist by claiming they’ve never seen God or known anyone who’s seen God. Belief in God requires faith in something beyond our human vision or understanding.

The Bielefeld Conspiracy has become a marketing goldmine for the city. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel once jokingly cast doubt on the existence of Bielefeld, which is located about 205 miles west of Berlin. . . . Or is it? (Wink, wink.)

Whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him. — Hebrews 11:6

(A castle in “non-existent” Bielefeld, Germany. Friso Gentsch/dpa via AP)

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1st Comment!!!

It sounds so mysterious.

*Lets try to get 100 comments on this article*

1.1 million dollars to who

1.1 million dollars to who can have solid proof that the city exists. Wow that is cool, and lot of cash. Let's hope someone who really needs the money finds the city. It is cool to think the city has never been discovered and might not even be real. It is kinda like Atlantis( but not as cool)

@Lorelei E

The prize goes to the person who proves it does NOT exist.

Umm... Ok? This city sounds

Umm... Ok? This city sounds like it is very real indeed. I mean, it has 300,000 people, a university, and other things like that, so I think this is probably a hoax.

I think the "proof" for

I think the "proof" for Bielefeld not existing is pretty silly. It's like asking "Do you know anybody from Nuremburg? Have you ever been to Nuremburg ? Do you know anybody who has ever been to Nuremburg? And since I answered "no" as most people would therefore Nuremburg doesn't exist( but I saw it on a map).


That is totally wacky, I mean, isn`t it obvious it exists? Go there and see for yourselves people!

This is the werdist article

This is the werdist article yet that I have read. What if somebody could make not even exist. Then they would get the money.


OK if 300,000 live there than... It's real!! This is werd......................? <o> 0 <o>

It is like saying New York

It is like saying New York City does'nt exist.

Janna (Daniel's sister)


Janna (Daniel's sister)

Actually a bout 200,000 people live in my town, and it's not that big of a town. So 300,000 people living in this "town" wouldn't make it that big of a town.

Just got the magazine!

it's AMAZING!!!


Oh thanks.


I also got the magazine.(a few days ago)

To Above

nice!! hey go on the nero's palace receives visitors again articul. and check out this articul




I pressed on the link and it worked. Thx for sending it to me, it was really cool.


Almost no one seems to comment.

@ Lorelei E.

Just on this article, or the articles in general?

@ Lorelei E

once there were ike 1,672 comments on an articul

i mean



I got it yesterday! Definitely a highlight!


Good for you.


I mean in general. People just don't really seem to comment a lot. But wow,1,874 is a lot of comments. Which article was that?


We have to get to 100 COMMENTS. Everyone Comment.

@Lorelei E

I think it would be better for everyone to do one or two comments on every article not try for a ton of comments on one article.

@ Lorelei E

well i don't think anyone should try to write 100 comments on an articul just to do it. because someone had that idea and the world teen editors commented saying that the website is not made for that and to stop doing it. So I do not think it would be wise to go againsed what the editors said. and the articul was this one


That's really mysterious.


Whoops. So sorry. I didn't know. and I don't really care much about the comments. I just thought it would be cool to. So sorry to the editors too.


Wow. I looked at the article. That is a lot of comments. And there was 38 slides for comments.


Which article was it that they told people to stop trying to get to 100 comments on purpose?

@ Loreleie E


Thx. I never knew. And I never new that someone posed as a staff.

wow im honestly.....

wow i'm honestly freaked out by all the comments on that article

Janna (Daniel's sister)

If you want people to comment a lot on one article you need to pick a more interesting one.


I don't really care anymore about how many comments.

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