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New Genoa Bridge in 2020
News Bytes 08/15/2019 22 Comments

During an emotional ceremony yesterday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte pledged that Genoa will have a new bridge by next April. The bridge will replace the Morandi Bridge that collapsed one year ago in the Italian port city of Genoa. 

The Ponte Morandi (Morandi Bridge) was made up of several small spans that crossed over Polcevera River and parts of the city itself. The bridge was part of Italy’s A10 highway and was located on the road linking Italy to France and other parts of Europe.

On August 14, 2018, a 690-foot section of the bridge collapsed. Some eyewitnesses say the bridge was hit by lighting before the tragedy. Sadly, 43 people died in the disaster.

Genoa held an emotional ceremony on Wednesday. The service marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic collapse.

Conte says that reconstruction work is moving forward “seven days out of seven . . . and, according to forecasts, the new bridge will be accessible by April 2020.”

After a full year of investigations, officials have not yet determined the cause of the collapse. Just last month, officials finally released a video of the crumbling bridge. However, prosecutors are looking into poor maintenance and possible design flaws in the 51-year-old structure. The Morandi collapse was Italy’s 11thbridge collapse in six years.

Officials decided to rebuild instead of repairing the Morandi Bridge. Demolition took from February until June of this year.

Construction began on the new bridge on June 25. Hometown architect Renzo Piano designed it to resemble the bow of a ship in honor of Genoa’s seafaring traditions.

(Relatives of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse attend a remembrance ceremony to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy in Genoa, Italy, on August 14, 2019. AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

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Most recent comments sad.....but a new beginning.

That's so sad that 34 people died because of design flaw or a simple mistake! I hope this new bridge doesn't collapse and many people can cross it safely!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

@ Nadia A, actually 43 people died, but yes, that is really sad. Hope this new bridge will be safer!

To above

oh. sorry i got my numbers mixed up. (probably doing to muck math)

wow that's sad

i hope the new bridge is built quickly!


Has anyone else started school yet?????

if so.....

if you have started school, how long have you been doing it?


I started school 4 days ago. this is my 4th day. there is a LOT of math this year!! My math book is 2 in thik ! I measured it! it takes me about 2h to do the lesson!


I started math about four weeks ago and I started the rest on Tuesday.


We don't take a summer break, we just don't do as many subjects and have more off days.

To Above


I'm glad they have decided to

I'm glad they have decided to make a new bridge instead of fixing the old one. I think that that was a good decision. And Livia V., I have been doing school off and on since mid-July (I'm homeschooled, as I have mentioned in previous articles).

read this articul!!!


I'm glad i"m not the only one doing school already! and math is terrible this year! i have algebra!!!

to Nadia A.

that article is so cool!!! you guys should read it!!!!

@ Livia

ha!! Me too!!! its horrid!!

@ Livia

About that articul. I know. its really sad as well....


It is really sad that 34 people died. But it is good that they have the money to build a new bridge. Some country's or places don't have the money to do that.


I started school August 12. And for math I have Algebra. I don't like it,(mostly because I don't like math)but if you really learn it it is not that hard. I am homeschooled, and my math book is by Harold. Jacobs.

Whoops, I meant 43

Whoops, I meant 43

Sorry bout that

Sorry bout that

@ Lorelei E

thaw's alright!



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