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UPDATE: Hong Kong Protests
News Bytes 08/14/2019 17 Comments

Protesters in Hong Kong forced the city’s airport to suspend some operations for a second day. The protests are the latest escalation in a summer of demonstrations aimed at what many in Hong Kong see as an increasing erosion of their freedoms.

The Hong Kong unrest stems from China’s expanding influence there. In June, protests erupted after Chinese officials tried to push pro-China legislation that took away freedoms from citizens of the island territory. (See “Hong Kong Freedoms Fading” in WORLDteen for more information.)

In the Hong Kong airport, thousands of protesters blocked arrival and departure halls for five straight days.

Yesterday, the airport cancelled all departing flights for the second day. Arriving flights may not be affected, though dozens were already cancelled.

Tactics by Hong Kong police have become a major issue for airport protesters. They’re calling for an inquiry into alleged police brutality at the airport—yet some protestors have thrown bricks, eggs, and flaming objects at police stations.

United Nations representative Rupert Colville says there is evidence that police are using “weapons in ways that are prohibited by international norms.” His office is urging Hong Kong officials to investigate examples of firing tear gas into crowded, enclosed areas and directly at individual protesters. The United Nations is calling on authorities and protesters to solve their dispute peacefully.

What’s happening in Hong Kong reflects what the Bible says: that “lawlessness lead[s] to more lawlessness.” (Romans 6:19)

At the airport, black-clad protesters hold up signs to appeal to travelers from mainland China and other parts of the world. One reads: “Democracy is a good thing.” However, democracy won’t solve the world’s ills. Only God can do that.

UPDATE 8/14/19: Flights resumed at Hong Kong’s airport today. About three dozen demonstrators remained in the arrivals area, but check-in counters were open and flights appeared to be operating normally. The remaining protesters spread pamphlets across the floor but did not hinder travelers. Online, some protesters apologized to travelers: “It is not our intention to cause delays to your travels,” read one statement. “We ask for your understanding and forgiveness as young people in Hong Kong continue to fight for freedom and democracy.”

(Travelers wait at the check-in counters in the departure hall of the Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

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Most recent comments

Yikes, this sounds awful! I

Yikes, this sounds awful! I do not want to be in Hong Kong right now!

Hong Kong

I would be revolting if they tried to take away MY freedom. I don't blame them.

So glad I'm not there right now!

That sounds so horrible!!! I would hate to be there right now! i totally agree!

wow, that is a lot of information!

A missionary who's family goes to my church, was trying to get into Hong Kong for a mission trip, but couldn't get through because of the airports be closed down or... protested. And last Sunday she got up and explained what was happening and how we could pray for Hong Kong and there people, but this article made everything a lot clearer. I also liked the verse that they included at the end of the article: Romans 6:19. And that sign that some one was holding up was very true. I also agree with you, Vaughn H.

To Above

oh no! I will be praying!!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

Everyone's freedom, I think, is slowly fading away. Hope the people in Hong Kong will do what's right.

To Above

yes...sadly America is losing it's as well..............; (

I know some people who were

I know some people who were in London when there was an airline strike a few weeks ago, but they made it back to the US on schedule.

@ Nadia A, Janna(Daniel's sister)

Yeah, there are a lot of people who are going to run for president who are socialist. =(

To Above

I know.and that's not the only thing.........they are killing the american race with abortion and taking away are guns.....
An I would not want to imagine what would happen if a soshalist becomes president!

to above

i know!!! that is so terrible!!! we must keep praying

I am glad I live in a free

I am glad I live in a free country. Let's hope they don't start a riot.


I HATE abortion. And I don't like that people kill other people with guns. So sad.

@ Loreleie E

I now!! so......sad...................................


I wish people could see what they are doing wrong. Most of the time they do. But they are very blind to the hurt and distraction that they are doing to other people and themselves.

To above

yes. they eyes are blid and there ears are deaf..
The sines of the times...... they will say good is evil and evil is good I think that's in revelation someplace and it IS coming to pass... = (


Glad we agree.:)

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