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Floods Ravage India
News Bytes 07/16/2019 26 Comments

It’s monsoon season in India. Recent rain-triggered floods and mudslides as well as lightning have already left a trail of destruction across the northeastern part of the country and other parts of South Asia. But the season, which runs June-September, is only about halfway through.

India’s officials are appealing to citizens to “be on alert.” Pema Khandu, chief minister of the Indian state closest to China’s Tibet region, advises, “Those living in lowlands should move to safer higher grounds.”

Yesterday, a three-story building collapsed near the town of Solan, a hilly area 195 miles north of New Delhi. Such collapses are common in India during the monsoon season, when heavy rains weaken the foundations of structures that are poorly constructed.

The state of Assam’s State Disaster Response Authority says around 900,000 people have had their homes submerged. Thousands are living in government-run relief camps in the state.

Elsewhere in Assam lies Kaziranga National Park. The park is home to the endangered one-horn rhinoceros. It is flooded too. “The rhinos and other animals are taking shelter in artificially created higher ground or have crossed the highway to higher areas,” says Jukti Borak, a park official.

Park authorities are prohibiting vehicles from speeding on the highway that runs along the park for fear of harming the displaced animals. Apart from about 2,500 rhinos, Kaziranga is home to a variety of wild animals.

Floods and mudslides have also hit some of India’s other northeastern states, including Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Mizoram. In Mizoram, floods have submerged about 400 homes in the small town of Tlabung.Sadly, at least one dozen people have died as a result of the flooding.

(Indian villagers cross floodwaters on country boats in Ashighar village, Morigaon district, in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. AP Photo)

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Most recent comments

First Comment!

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay safe everyone! Don't hit the rhinos!

Yikes!! Poor India!

Yikes!! Poor India!

So sad........

But we must remember that The Lord is in charge of all this. india has so many false religions we should pray for then and send missionaries to them.

india is in my prayers! also

india is in my prayers! also is it just me or have there been an unusual amount of floods lately?

@Phillip G.

Yes, there have been more floods recently.
Global warming is causing more snowmelt, which means more liquid water. The increased temperature also means the atmosphere can hold more water, therefore increasing the amount of rain. Climate change is also causing an increase in the intensity and frequency of large scale storms, which may also contribute to more floods. Heavy precipitation events are expected to increase in frequency by 50% to 300% during the 21st century. Floods are already the most common and most deadly natural disaster in the US, and unless people begin to take the threat of climate change seriously we can only expect more.

@Phillip G

The article says it is monsoon season in India, so like you hear about more hurricanes in hurricane season, you hear about more monsoons and the resulting floods in monsoon season.

@ Zack W

Sorry But I DO NOT Agree.


I wonder how deep it is, and aren't Rhinos at risk?

About Global Warming

@Caleb G.

The article you linked talks about how "Global warming alarmists" are using hurricanes as propaganda, and how "Houston has always flooded," Without acknowledging the fact that there has undeniably been an increase of intense storms. Warmer temperatures cause more intense storms. It doesn't matter if Houstons population has increased or if there are now more buildings, you can't fight fact. He then asks you to reject the words of people actively studying climate and weather patterns, Instead telling you to believe somebody who retired 32 years ago, without saying anything about why he is qualified or what he has done to prove himself. it then transitions into a segment where he says an increase if 1.6 degrees isn't a big deal, which is just blatantly wrong. He talks about things without explaining why they "disprove" global warming, and uses a lot of exaggeration.

Leftist media and Us vs. them

I feel like a lot of christians, especially ones who are more right wing, tend to form an "Us Vs. Them" Mentality, with "Us" being christians and "Them" being scientists and people on the left wing. After all, Scientists are often some of the loudest critics of christianity, and I think this results in a situation in which christians are generally wary against science and often prejudiced against it. However, christians have nothing to fear from science. If God is real, then nothing could ever be found to disprove his existence.
The people who are the greatest advocates for defeating global warming are stereotypically on the left, and often atheists. However, this doesn't mean we should disagree with them just because they have different opinions on different matters. If science is clearly pointing towards a certain answer, we should accept it.
If you don't believe in global warming, is it because you have genuinely taken an unbiased look at both sides? or have you just looked at what you wanted to see in order to confirm your pre existing biases?
In conclusion, None of us can know for sure. we seek information to confirm what we want to think or what we already believe, so maybe I'm not as unbiased as I like to think. However, I definitely believe there is a strong Us Vs. Them mentality in a lot of christians. Maybe nothing I've written relates to anybody else on this site, but it is something to think about, even if you completely disagree.

@ Zack W

Ok. Are You a christian?? I am a born again Believer and I believe that the Bible clearly states that The Lord in clearly in charge of the earth and the weather. He new what would happen in a cow passed gas. or if a child litterd. And I Do not think that the earth is Going to be melted or froze at all! I believe that this earth will stay in a circle until New Jerusalem comes! I believe as a christian that no christian should be afraid of heat. They should have complete trust in God and not depend on Man's Idea's to keep them occupied!


Global warming is just a nother word for WHETHER.

Zack W.

Do you believe in evolution?

No Global Warming

Actually Colorado University found that there is actually no Global Warming.

@Nadia A.

If there was a nuclear missile heading towards your city, and the military had a way to stop it would you like them to just ignore the problem and let God deal with it? I wouldn't. God has control, but we are his tools to act. We do have the power to destroy our selves as a side effect of free will, so we must take care of ourselves.
Also, global warming definitely isn't a synonym for weather, because weather is a word to describe the short term, while global warming describes an increase in temperature in the overall climate.

@Alyssa S.

Yes and no. Evolution is a real thing that happens through mutation and natural selection, but I don't think its possible that it can make anything other than small changes.

Daniel G.

Why do you choose to believe that one study out of hundreds of studies that give different results? Is it because you only choose to believe in studies that confirm what you already think?



@Zack W

You are talking about micro vs. macro evolution right?

@ Zack W

You. Can believe what you like and I will not craze myself trying to fight nature and God. as of Evolution. I believe that The Lord created all the animals and plants and NONE of them "Evolved" out of a monkey or a cat or something!!!

@ Zach W (seriously)

Actually they have been doing those experiments for a long time, and they ended up proving that there is no global warming!

@Nadia A

I don't think Zack is saying a monkey turned into a cat.

@Bethsarah G.

Exactly, evolution can change a lot of things on a small level, but it can't turn a single cell into an incredibly complex organism like a human or butterfly.

@Daniel G.

And what about all the other studies that have done experiments over a long period of time and concluded that Global warming is real?
You can't trust much of what you read, the outcome of experiments can be changed depending on who is funding the program and what results you expect to get. This causes hundreds of similar studies about the same topic with different results, but there are more studies from more reliable sources that suggest global warming is real.

@ Global Warming!!!

Ok! you all can beleve what you like but! Me and my house will not EVER believe in global warming!!! or Evolution!!!!!

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