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Orchestra Wows Youngster
News Bytes 05/8/2019 56 Comments

Everyone wants to know that their work is worthwhile and appreciated. That’s true even of the members of America’s oldest performing arts group. The Handel & Haydn Society is looking for a child who was literally wowed by a recent classical music concert.

The Society had just finished its rendition of Mozart’s “Masonic Funeral” at Boston’s Symphony Hall on Sunday. Suddenly, a youngster blurted out loudly: “WOW!”

Boston classical music station WCRB-FM captured the exuberance on audio. The crowd is heard bursting first into laughter and then applause for the young fan.

The organization founded in 1815 has mounted a search for the kid it’s calling the “Wow Child.” No one wants to reprimand him or her for not sitting reverently during the performance. Rather, the group wants to offer the child a chance to meet the conductor and hear the orchestra again as a guest of honor.

“It was one of the most wonderful moments I’ve experienced in the concert hall,” Handel & Haydn president David Snead wrote in a letter to concertgoers. He asked them to share the child’s name.

“While (artistic director) Harry Christophers was holding the audience rapt in pin-drop silence following the music’s end, what sounded like a child of about six years of age couldn’t hold back,” Snead says. He called it “something I’ve never before experienced in my 40-plus years of concert-going.”

WCRB was recording the orchestra’s season finale. It will be aired this autumn. It described the youngster’s exuberance as “unbelievably charming.”

“That actually brought me to tears,” tweeted Mary Jane Leach, a composer and performer in Valley Falls, New York.

Handel & Haydn said it’s delighted. The group hopes the appreciation from its “young new fan” erases any notions that classical music is stuffy and aloof.

The venerable orchestra celebrated its bicentennial in 2015. It is older than the New York and Vienna Philharmonics. Both of those debuted nearly three decades later in 1842. It is the United States’ oldest continuously operating arts organization. How refreshing to consider a new generation of fans might have just begun!

(Members of the Handel & Haydn Society set up for a bicentennial exhibit at the Boston PublicLibrary in 2015. The group generated an exuberant young fan on Sunday at a performance at Boston’s Symphony Hall. AP Photo)

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Most recent comments

first comment ever!!!

that is kind of funny, i love music though so i can relate

ooops i meant..

i meant to say that this is the first time i had the first comment.

1st comment

That's cool! I've been to an orchestra once before and it was kind of boring. I like pop music better than classic music.

Livia we commented at the

Livia we commented at the same time!

wow that is funny

haha, i guess we both get it?


Wow! That’s so neat! And also kinda cute! :)

Lily ( Thia's sister)

wow this is cool

Brenna G

Classical music is so pretty!

Cute. I love classical music!

Cute. I love classical music!


So cute! im glad that its so good that younger people still like classic music.....



Bethany H

that's cute!! I LOVE LISTENING TO CLASSICAL MUSIC! And piano music too! I'm actually listening to the Piano Guys right now :D

I love piano music, not so

I love piano music, not so much classical. Does anyone play any instruments?

Lily ( thia's sister)

I play the piano and I know you do too elsie and Emilia also thia plays the piano too


that would have been cute to have been there. I play piano and I have lessons today. I have also been to a live Orchestra in the Embassy.

i play a few instruments...

i can play the piano and the flute

Cute!! I play recorder, a

Cute!! I play recorder, a little piano, and am trying to learn how to play flute. JT H : I really enjoy listening to the PianoGuys too!!!

Brenna G

I play guitar and piano and hope to start learning flute over the summer.

@Bethany H

I love Piano Guys!!

@Emelia G

I play piano and guitar


I play Piano, I like the Piano Boys and Rend Collectives

@ Bethany H

I love the Piano Guys too! In fact, I got to see then on Saturday in a concert!!! What's your favorite song of theirs? Mine is Winter Wind, from one of their Christmas albums.

I wish I could have been

I wish I could have been there when that happened ! I play piano, recorder, and a very small amount of guitar.

Music :)

I play on the student worship band at my church. I play acoustic and electric guitar, piano, bass, and vocals. I love modern worship and CCM music :)

@Julia V

Wow, I wish I could see them live. My favorite song of theirs is probably Rockabel's Canon.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I sing and play piano!
Question(s) of the day, who is your favorite singer or band and what are some song you like by them?
Mine are:
Shawn Mendes, Pink, Ellie Goulding, Ava Max, Dou Lipa, Mabel, Marshmellow, and, oof there are so many it would take me years to write them all. I guess I just do these seven singers lol and for songs... Ummm....I like Stitches, Treat You Better, IDGAF, Don't Call Me Up, Close To Me, Sweet But Phsyco, Here With Me, Those are just a few. I also like the band Jonas Brothers. Sucker is really good. Oh and I also like AJRs songs. So ya. What are your guys'?

To Above

I like: Jimmy Swaggarts church's musishans and singers! they are wonderful! you can go on youtube and search Grace Brumly Jesus Loves You. that is my favorite song.

To Above

To Above

woops sorry rong link. you can still click on it.

@Elsie G

My favorite artists are Michael Card and Keith and Krystin Getty. My favorite Michael Card album is Hidden Face of God, but there are so many good songs I can't chose a favorite. My favorite Gettys song is A Rich Young Man.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Oh okay! Also, NOT trying to be rude at all but are you allowed to listen to non christian music ever? If so, try the song "Here with me" By marshmallow. There aren't any bad words in the lyrics.
My favorite Christian singers are Lauren Daigle, JJ Heller, and Hillsong worship.
Speaking of music, here is a super cool version of the song Hallelujah. The band (The Pentatonix) usually only use their voices. No instruments! They also have a really cool version of the Christmas song Mary Did You Know.

@Elsie G

Who are you talking to? Me or Nadia?

@ Elsie G.

Awesome link! I'd heard the song before but it sounds about ten times better when Pentatonix sings it. Thanks!

@ Emilia G

Yes. seance I am a christian I have no desire to listen to non christian music. now i am not talking about things like twinkle twinkle (i don't listen to that anyway). And I absolutely DO NOT LIKE!! CCM!! no offense to anyone!! type this name into youtube and listen to one of the songs this is what I listen to. type this: Grace brumly hear are hearts.

Nadia A.

There are a FEW non-Christian songs that I listen to that are TOTALLY fine (like Almost Heaven, West Virginia or Thank God I'm A Country Boy), but I generally don't listen to other music.

@Nadia A

I'm not offended since other people can have their own opinions...I'm just curious. What's wrong with CCM?

Brenna G

@AlaynaJ, sometimes CCM is more self centered than God centered. It focuses on the believer's identity instead of God's identity, and the beat can sometimes distract us from true worship. I am not against those who choose to listen to CCM, and I actually did listen to it until fairly recently, but I find that it is not always true worship, and so I choose not to listen to it anymore. :)

Karisma S

I don't really listen to music a lot. I enjoy it, but I don't know any of the bands or that stuff. Plus, my family listens to Christian music most of the time.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Wait I don't understand Nadia, You are not allowed right? And Beth, I was just asking everyone.
I don't think non Christian music is bad as long as there isn't anything actually bad in the song.

Here are some songs sung by

Here are some songs sung by Lauren Daigle she's my favorite Christian singer.

@ Emilia G

I am not aloud and I don't want to. now about CCM well my mom was listning to it when she was younger and she didn't know it was christian music then after she got saved she noticed that she didn't know it was christian because it didn't sound like christian it sounded just like secular music!!

@Nadia A

Pretty convincing.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

This is Elsie btw not Emelia and that makes sense that you are not allowed. I'm not trying to be rude or start an argument but if a song isn't bad why wouldn't you want to listen to it?

To Above

.because I Just DON"T WANT TO!! but it depends like what kind of song?

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Just like any non Christian songs, like fun pop songs, instrumental music, just random stuff? Is there a reason though that you don't like them?

To Above

Yes, pop song NO WAY!! the beat is just too much! I don't listen to any non christian music with drums super loud or electric guitar screeching! so what dose it matter anyway what or what not i personally listen to?

Elsie (Emelias sister)

It doesn't matter I was just wondering if you have had a bad experience with Christian music or something. I also have a lot of good non Christian song suggestions!

@ Elise

No. and I will stick to Jimmy Swaggarts arrangements ; ).

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Okay, but you should all listen to Lauren Daigle! She is a Christian singer and has some really beautiful songs

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Nadia, I listened to Grace Brumly and you are right. She has an amazingly beautiful voice! Thanks for the suggestion!


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