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Japan’s New Emperor Ascends
News Bytes 05/1/2019 53 Comments

Japan earlier today witnessed a rare handover of its Chrysanthemum Throne by a living emperor.

New Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne on Wednesday. His father Akihito abdicated Tuesday night. Akihito, age 85, now takes the title emperor emeritus. That is a term of honor for an individual who is retired from a position of significance. It was Japan’s first abdication in two centuries.

The transition started Tuesday. Akihito, wearing a monarch’s dark orange robe and a headdress, reported his retirement at three main shrines. He later formally announced his retirement in his final address to his people, thanking them for their support.

Akihito took the throne in 1989. He devoted his career to making amends for World War II—a war fought in his father’s name which resulted in devastation for Japan. He also put great effort into drawing the monarchy closer to the people. His era was the first in Japan’s modern history without war.

The nation celebrated the imperial succession prompted by retirement rather than death. Many came to celebrate the beginning of Naruhito’s reign, which also comes with a new name for a new era: reiwa. (See A New Era in Japan: Reiwa.)

At the succession ceremony on Wednesday, Naruhito pledged to emulate his father in seeking peace and staying close to the people. He received the imperial regalia of a sacred sword and jewel as proof of his succession.

On his way to and from the palace, he lowered his car window, smiled and waved at people cheering on the sidewalk.

Naruhito is the first emperor born after World War II. He is also the first to have studied overseas.

(Japan’s Emperor Akihito, left, and his son Crown Prince Naruhito, second from right, arrive for the ceremony of abdication at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Japan Pool via AP)

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Most recent comments


Interesting, I have family in Japan and were planing on visiting them soon. If I were an emperor I totally would not be emperor at 85 to old!!!!!



Here's a kinda funny article

Here's a kinda funny article :


thats pretty interesting, people give up their entire lives to serve their country and government

Karisma S

This new emperor sounds cool.

Cool! I hope Naruhito is a

Cool! I hope Naruhito is a good ruler.


i like the ladies dress! that seams like a big responsibility being emperor.
@ hannah: are you Japanese?

They almost don't even look

They almost don't even look real, especially the girl in the green dress!!

Lily ( Thia's sister)

yeah it looks like something from a movie

Why don't they have a new

Why don't they have a new article today?

I really like the girls

I really like the girls dresses in the backround, and wow 85 yrs old is, well, old! haha.
question of the week: Girls: If you had to wear a Japanese Komono what would it look like?
Boys: Would u be a Japanese sameri? (that's spelled wrong!)

I'd have a turquoise dress

I'd have a turquoise dress with little roses on the background,.

Alaina F.

You're doing a good job starting conversations=D It reminds me of the Indian dress thing=D

Garrett v


Lily ( Thia's sister)

girls check out this link it is for a different website that has games and it is for American girls

@Alayna E

I'd have a dark blue one with some kind small white decoration on it.


I an a quarter Japanese, and a quarter Lebanese! ( this is from my dads side) and from my mom I get native American, British , German ,Italian, and more

@Hannah A.


Lily ( Thia's sister)

wow cool Hannah I think that I am just American but I am not sure

About the dresses/Kimonos, I

About the dresses/Kimonos, I would probably do a white one, possibly lace or eyelet with deepish lavender edging and pale mint accents/lining.

@G L

Sounds beautiful!


I would wear a mint blue kimono with a turquoise trim and little turquoise flowers.

That sounds so delicate and

That sounds so delicate and beautiful. In fact, I think that even my younger sister would wear it (she's kind of picky)

@ G L

Funny. Sounds like our sisters are opposites. Mine will just throw on a T-shirt and pants and she's good to go :-)

Lily ( Thia's sister)

yeah I do not really like dresses and I am not forced to wear them to church

TO above

what?!!(jk) I LOOOOVVVEEEE!!!!! dresses!!! I really love them!!!

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Well sometimes I will wear them like tonight for example because I have something special going on tonight I have a piano recital

@ Lily

Cool! Good luck on your piano recital!

Lily ( Thia's sister)

thanks I am really excited and the nerves haven't come yet ; D

@ Lily

What piece are you playing?

Lily ( Thia's sister)

I am playing three different songs The first is Fandango, Then there is In Christ Alone ( My Hope Is Found ) and last (and least) The Young Prince and Princess

@ Lily.

Oh!! congrats!! I love piano!! i played the ogatory for my church (you know when they give the offering) twice! I played just as I am and I call him Lord! And I wore a Hawaiian dress i bought in Hawaii!!

Lily ( Thia's sister)

cool I have played offertory and prelude quite a few times!!!!!!!

TO above

yes offertory sorry i had no idea how to spell it sorry.; )

I had a piano recital I few

I had a piano recital I few nights ago! Good luck on yours Lily! I really don't like wearing dresses, I feel like I can't do anything in them.

Lily ( Thia's sister)

was it Emelia or Elsie that had a recital? what song(s) did you guys play?

@Lily S

I have a piano party( that's what my teacher calls a a recital) in a couple weeks. I am playing Alla Turca by Mozart on the piano, and Amazing Grace( My Chains are Gone) on the guitar with a bunch of other people.


I would probably have a white one with lace embroidery and it's white at the bottom, but fades into a pale blue at the top and has pale blue flowers at the bottom the left, three of them in a cluster.

I played Faded by Alan Walker

I played Faded by Alan Walker and my sister played Moonlit Waves and Morning Snowfall


I HATE wearing dresses, but sometimes I have too! Especially for parties and fancy stuff. For church, I usually just wear shorts and a t-shirt because I help in babies and it's hard to take care of babies in a dress!

@ Keziah G.

Sounds beautiful!

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Elsie what state do you live in to wear shorts all year round?

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Ps Elsie I rrreeeaaallly want to work in the nursery when I am old enough!!!!!!!!!!!

We live in Phoenix Arizona :

We live in Phoenix Arizona : )

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Sometimes it gets cold though so I wear jeans and leggings. I of course wear dresses sometimes too but I am not as comfortable in them cause I'm a total tomboy and I'm always climbing trees and running and stuff. And I have more guy friends than girl friends so I'm just more used to not wearing dresses cause when I hang out with them we do CRAZY stuff.


I like knee length dresses otherwise I keep stepping on the end or get my legs a tangled up.....

Lily ( thia's sister)

what " crazy stuff" do you guys do? ps I am a really adventurous girl I even gave my own electric scooter and it is soooooo fun

Lily ( thia's sister)

opppppsssss I meant I have my own electric scooter

@ Lily

I know you wrote it a while ago, but I answered your question on the "After the Fire: Can France Rebuild" article. If you don't remember what question it was you can just check it out.

Lily ( thia's sister)

I responded to you just a few minutes ago and I also gave you a book suggestion


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