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UPDATE: Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold
News Bytes 04/29/2019 36 Comments

The highly anticipated release of Samsung’s foldable phone has been delayed. The folding phone has breaking issues. This public launch push back is a setback for Samsung and the smartphone market generally. Many hoped the folding phone would spark innovation in the smartphone industry, which has experienced a recent lull. (See Is Smartphone Past Its Prime?)

The launch date is delayed until further inspection and testing is done.

Samsung has big plans for The Galaxy Fold—as presented in WORLDteen’s “Foldable Phone Arrives.” The $1,980 price tag didn’t suggest it would be a mass market hit. But developers hoped that it would hint at a new era in smartphone advances. Samsung pledges that the phone will withstand being unfolded about 200,000 times in its life. That promise might be hard to keep.

Initial reviewers of the device ran into trouble almost immediately. Several journalists reported screens flickering, freezing, and dying within the first couple of days. Two reviewers mistakenly removed a protective plastic film from the screen. Their phones were soon scratched. That showed the necessity of the plastic film, as well as the need for better consumer education about leaving it in place.

The Galaxy Fold is the size of an average smartphone. But its problems are above average. An inspection revealed weak hinges. They might not support the pressure of opening and closing the phone. For a phone that boasts foldability, this is bad news. Samsung also confirmed an issue in which “substances found inside the device affected the display performance.”

Some of the test phones are still working well. Will they hold up to the ultimate phone flipping test of 200,000 times?

Postponing the launch date does not mean the latest smartphone development has failed. Samsung may just need more time to better develop its product.

(A model holds a Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone during a media preview week in London. This week, the phone’s public launch was delayed. A new launch date will be announced following more product testing. AP Photo)    

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Most recent comments

Bethany H.

seriously? I don't know about you guys but do we really need folding phones? I mean, aren't flip phones technically "folding phones"? I doubt those test phones will really live up to their standards! also, what kind of person would want to pay $1980 for a phone? That's almost 2,000 dollars!!! (I think I would rather save that money for a car, house or something more practical :D )

*First Comment!*

Hmm. Is all of this trouble

Hmm. Is all of this trouble really worth it for just a new kind of phone?

This really doesn't seem

This really doesn't seem worth all that money and work.

Garrett v


Lightsaber Fencing

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@Bethany H. I know right?!?!?!

Karisma S

You know, I probably will never get a phone like this anyway. Besides the fact that it folds, what else is new about it?

so sad


Anyone seen this article yet in the issue?:
Six baby elephants, all trapped in a single mud hole and separated from their mothers, were rescued by a team of park rangers in northeastern Thailand. The rangers came across the elephant calves as they struggled to climb the pit’s slippery banks, said Thap Lan National Park officials. Some rangers went for tools and help while
others spent the night with the calves. For four hours the next day, the park staff dug away at the side of the pit to form a ramp. A Department of National Parks video shows the baby elephants climbing out of the muck and heading into the forest nearby. The last of the animals lingered just a moment, faced the rangers, and then turned to run into the jungle. Park chief Prawatsart Chantep said a herd of elephants believed to be related to the trapped youngsters was circling in the area. The elephant is Thailand’s national animal.
Cute, No?


Very Sad Indeed!

not necessary.

I dont think this is necessary for the common people. Just stick with the SamSung Galexy X7 edge thats better.
@ above thats soooo sad. mt mom neddesssssssss to renew the magazine!! i'm getting mad!!! (jk)

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Yes I saw the elephant one so sad!!!!! do you know if it is on here???????? actually I will check and let everyone know if it is I will put the link on here Ps Nadia A I thought you said you did my fathers world. Doesn't world teen come free with that?

Lily ( Thia's sister)

I do not think that the elephant one is on here but here is this Ps have not actually read yet

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Opps did not put on the link

TO above

yes I think it dose but i mean she still has to renew the magazine.

@Nadia A

The articles from the magazine are now on the website.

TO above

yes but not all off them! there are always little articles that aren't on the website. i missed them : (

Awww Maaan!

I have been waiting for the folding phone. I'm kind of bummed it's canceled...And to the people who think this phone isn't worth the money, please think about this...

That's just going back to our

That's just going back to our old flip phones, is it not?!?!

@Nadia A

If you click on Issues you can read the magazine in its original format.

TO above

Thank you so much!! that's nice!!

Oh my goodness. We could just

Oh my goodness. We could just buy an old flip phone off eBay or Amazon or something for $40! Not something that will break in a few days that's almost $2,000! I've been thinking about buying an old iPhone 6, and I found one that's only $70. I do understand that some people are excited for this phone, but there's also some people (like me) who think that it's a waste of money.

You could legit buy 2 iPhones

You could legit buy 2 iPhones and duck tape them together. That only spends about $120. (If the phones are cheap)

When I told my mom about how

When I told my mom about how they are delaying the phone, she said, "Oh, no surprise."


I'll stick to iPhones

About phones

my first hone will probably be from Kroger : \

JT H, Isabelle B, Alyssa S

JT H, Isabelle B, Alyssa S
I don't think this is really a "flip phone" You can't get apps or games on a flip phone. And it's really really hard to text using a flip phone. I think its a bit different! Although I do agree this phone is not needed??? Why waste money buying one when you could by a smartphone that doesn't flip for WAAAYYY cheaper?


The above comment was by Elsie!

@Elsie G

Yes, I know they are definitely different, and I wasn't thinking about how you can't download games on a flip phone. Lol


Fred Meyers?
They do not make a phone.
Did you mean LG?

@Jamie W.

Are you new here? If so, welcome!!

What is the point?

That is a lot of money for something that doesn't have anything else on it beside that it flips! Assuming that it lives up to those boastful pledges.


Kroger docent Make phones but the one by my home sells 25 dollar phones.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Nadia, what kind of phone??? 25$ is very cheap for a phone? Is it a smart phone or what???

cool! :)

first off 1ST COMMENT wow this is cool! second folding phone i want one of those!

my misteak

(i know what your thinking i spelled misteak wrong and just did it again but i meant to do that) i didn't mean to say first comment my bad.

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