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Cyber-Threat: Inactivity
News Bytes 04/26/2019 36 Comments

A new study finds that computer usage correlates with increased inactivity in Americans. People spend close to a third of their waking hours sitting down. Researchers analyzed health surveys from 52,000 Americans. The disheartening results were published on Tuesday in the Journal of American Medical Association.

Daily sitting time has increased over the past 10 years. American teens sit for about eight hours a day. Adults sit an average of six and a half hours. Of course, this includes work and school hours. But leisure-time computer activity is increasing.

Both younger and older Americans spend an hour or more of their free-time on a computer. Retirement-aged adults report surprising statistics. Fifteen years ago, 15% of retirees used computers for at least an hour a day. Today, that number has jumped to over 50%.

“Everything we found is concerning,” says lead author Yin Cao, a researcher at Washington University’s medical school in St. Louis. Prolonged sitting is a widespread trend.

Inactivity increases risks for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Anxiety, blood pressure, and insomnia are bi-products of a sedentary lifestyle.

What’s the goal? The U.S. activity guidelines emphasize moderate-to-rigorous activity. Adults need 150 to 300 minutes weekly of activities like brisk walking, jogging, biking, or tennis. Twice-a-week muscle conditioning is also advised. 

Kids ages seven through 17 need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. The recommendations are clear. The benefits are substantial. But who is meeting these goals?

Less than half of adults and teens get the recommended amounts of daily activity. Only about one in four U.S. adults and one in five teens get the targeted amount of exercise. It is especially hard for college students to meet these daily recommendations. Classes and homework on computers fill hours each day.

Daisy Lawing, 21, is a junior at Appalachian State University. “I always feel bad” about being inactive. “I try to walk a lot, try to work out twice a week. But sometimes I can’t because I’m too busy with school,” says Lawing.

Peter T. Katzmarzyk of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center encourages people to move even more than the guidelines recommend.

God created our bodies to move! Our bodies make our outreach possible. So protecting them is a good thing. But there’s something else even better: Physical training is valuable, but training for godliness is vital. See 1 Timothy 4:8.

(Elementary school students work on computers. A study released on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, finds that Americans are becoming increasingly sedentary. Computer use is partly to blame. AP Photo)

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First Comment

Wow...that is sad. I wonder what will happen in the future

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Wow I hope that people will learn how important being active is and go out side and just enjoyy nature. Does everyone agree? Ps if you could change one thing about your life what would it be? this question is open to everyone. My one thing that I would probably change about my self is my............... it would have to be my lifestyle. I kinda just live a weird life like take this for example, until a few weeks ago I ( with the rest of my family) had to juggle going back and forth from Indy to Ny actually to put that better I would flip that around.( going back and forth from Ny to Indy)

I don't think I meet the

I don't think I meet the recommended activity level. I do elliptical for 20 minutes M,W,F and 30 minutes of Tae-kwon-do T,Th and that is about it( sometimes I go biking on the weekends). I bet I spend over 8 hours a day sitting because most of the things I like to do are sitting activities( think read, computer, tablet, sudoku) plus I have school.

@Lily S

I would find an easy-to-do-a-lot-active activity that I really enjoy.

This article is a bit

This article is a bit depressing but doesn't surprise me. @ Lily, The one thing I would change about my life is not worrying so much. I worry a LOT, and get stressed easily. Can anyone relate?

Garrett v

I think this is a big problem especially in the USA because people have become really lazy. I always get my 60 minutes of activity in at wrestling practice most nights.

@Lena P

Here is a link to a ministry that my family does for helping stop harmful thoughts (including worry): I don't know why it won't turn blue but you can just type it in.
(as it says at the end of the video, HTK is not a substitute for professional help, but it is a tool that God can use in daily life)

so sad

Its really sad because kids don't even really know how to play the games that the kids played 100 years ago!
(no offence to anyone)

To Above

It is sad! I get a lot of excercise, I am on a volleyball team, archery team, swim team, and I ride my bike all the time!

im not surprised

i love being outside bu that is often hard to do in the colder months. but usually find some form of indoor activity to do.

Bethany H

Wow, that's sad that people are getting more and more lazy. People nowadays just keep making inventions to "make life easier" when they are really just getting lazy and trying to think of a way to get out of doing more work. Most people back in the 1800s didn't have to worry about getting enough exercise, because they already got a lot, chopping wood for the stove, walking or riding horses places, working a farm, and even walking outside to an outhouse! Now, we just hit a button or flip a switch and we have most of those things provided for us!
Thankfully a lot of people still exercise in other ways, like sports! (Track & Field practice, running, or just plain playing outside is how I get my 60+ minutes in a day!) I do also spend too much time inside though, especially this past fall/winter with school!


I'm not surprised. I am not an active person, I used to take gymnastics, but now I want to be a pole jumper. I also ride my bike every day, and there's this really steep hill in my neighborhood and I go up and down it, though it gives me a bad case of the jelly legs.

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Savannah I ride my bike too but what are jelly legs????????????????

Thanks, Bethsarah! I'll have

Thanks, Bethsarah! I'll have to remember to check the link out :-)

That's too bad

I hope Americans lack of exercise is going to decrease in the coming years. its quite disappointing. but I am very active, I ride my bike a lot and run 2 to 3 miles on most days.

@emilia and leah

it is truly sad kids not knowing how to play stuff like jumprope and yo-yo i personally love yo-yos
i am doing two hours of archery a week i run at least an hour every day and during the weekends i genrally get four hours of nerf wars per day

Yeah, this is actually a

Yeah, this is actually a problem that I have daily, especially the past three months. In those months I was working on a lace tablecloth for my mom for her birthday, and I would spend pretty much all my free time working on that while watching YouTube. In fact, I watched one channel called Royalty Soaps so much that since she (Katie Carson) had a jump in profits right about the time that I started, we joke that it was all because of me. This past week I've been more active, but I've probably still not gotten all that I need. This will probably be a recurring problem since I am planning on starting an Etsy business soon.

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Hello Lily hear just searching around so this is not huge but if you want to check it out you can!!!!!!!!

@ Warren C.

I do archery too! I shoot recurve. What kind of bow do you have? (You don't have to say, I'm just curious)

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Does anyone do fall soccer? I do and love it !!!!!!!!! I wish it was longer but all year soccer would be too much you do not do fall soccer do you do anytime of soccer

* edit I meant any type not

* edit I meant any type not anytime

hey are they pointing at me!!

No of cores not!! I agree though i sit a LOT! this is a growing problem. I don't know any boys that spend there days sitting though!

At our church, everybody is

At our church, everybody is very active!(for example, there is a 20 year old who started a construction business when he was 16!!!)

Warren C.

My brother has a PSE bow (although I have about no clue what it is=D).

TO above

At my church everyone is at least 50 up to 95! there are a few young coples in there 20's and a nother family with 3 kids that are in there 40's! there are only like 15 kids in the whole church.

@Nadia A

Your church sounds like the opposite of mine as far as age goes.

Lily ( Thia's sister)

Our church is a mix of ages Ps thia is mad at me right now for no reason

@Lily S

You don't need to post that on the internet for everyone to see.

@ Beth or Sarah

ha1 ha1 yup! completely. ps @ Lily: I don't think everyone wan'ts to know that.

My church is a huge mix of

My church is a huge mix of ages! Nadia how old are your parents? You don't have to answer if your'e not allowed

Lily ( Thia's sister)

sorry no offense to anyone also like no one has answered my question

In our church, we have about

In our church, we have about 150 or so people coming, and the last I checked, 1/3 of the whole church is made up of children 10 years or younger!!! Lily T. I don't play much soccer at all, but I do think it is fun=D

Ooops, Lily S. sorry :)

Ooops, Lily S. sorry :)


I don't do soccer but I do volleyball. You didn't offend me

@ emilia g

well i'll say this there in there 40's


I don't play much soccer but my brother...He LOVES SOCCER!!!!!! My dad is from Argentina and so if anyone likes soccer.. Its HIM!!!! my brother plays for the Plex on a travle team. and he has a really good team. he has one every game so far and he has played 7!

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